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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Tony Roma's Ribs (Fremont)

4 Stars Howard July 31, 2011

Really enjoyed this good food and service. Recommended.

4 Stars Ryan April 05, 2011

Good, enjoyed the steak and lobster special, it's not big but it's solid for the price.

2 Stars Jay May 23, 2010

Service is great, playing keno while you eat was fun, but the steak and lobster special inbetween 9-11 is not worth it at all. For 11.99 I would rather go to mcdonalds. I hate sounding picky but the steak was puny and nothing but grissle and the lobster was more of a crayfish. Go to binions for the steak instead. If you do go don't say I didn't warn you. Hahaha

0 Stars Celia May 07, 2010

Food was ok service was great and clean but we could have gotten the food anywhere. However the dollar margaritas are a must. Recomended if your on a budget but want a good burger.

3 Stars Bw May 05, 2010

Although part of a chain, there are no locations near my hometown, so we decided to give it a try. Had about a 45 minute in the smoky Fremont. Had the iceburg wedge and the ribs. Both were good, but service was just so-so.

2 Stars Cody April 01, 2010

Came in for the 9:00pm steak and lobster tail special. Golden Coral style food except without the fresh rolls. If they charged more than $10.00 I would say not worth it. Staff very nice but with all the volume going through there don't expect alot of attention. Can't really say I'd return.

2 Stars Anonymous January 09, 2010

Tony Roma's...

4 Stars Chia January 07, 2009

What a great value! The $8.95 prime rib special (I think Friday nights) was a great deal. Everything else was reasonably priced as well, 6 of us had dinner & drinks for under $100 & everything was tasty.

0 Stars kevin reilly October 08, 2007

had one of our best meals in tony roma,s ribs and chicken combo , and ribs were great , wish i had wnet here more often , will be back ,,def!

0 Stars tielgal February 14, 2004

Service was slightly better than the food. Ordered the steak and lobster special and the steak came overcooked as did the lobster. The baked potato was bigger than both the steak and the lobster - with all the places to eat in LV, this should be the last on your list.

0 Stars lfegan May 31, 2003

We are big fans of Tony Roma's here in Texas, but were disappointed with the Tony Roma's in the Fremont. Service was hit-and-miss, and although the ribs were good as usual, the appetizers, soups, and sides were a disappointment.

0 Stars Wiggy April 01, 2003

Nice food and value for money. The jalapeno pepper starter is fantastic.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 18, 2001

Steak and Lobster special was a steal! Food and service very good.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 26, 2001

No, I do not own stock in Tony Romas. My wife and I look forward to eating there on every trip to Las Vegas. We have also visited their resturants in Reno, Nashville and Nassau in the Bahamas. Always a great meal at a reasonivle price.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 05, 2001

I've eaten at Tony Roma's at the Fremont the past 3 trips to Vegas and each time was pleased with my meal and the service. Add the casino perks 2 for 1 coupon and this is an absolute steal. The ribs are to die for.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 02, 2000

Food is great, and they've got some smaller portions and lighter stuff if you're with a heavy meat eater but you want something less.

Hint: If the line is too long, go to the Tony Roma's on Sahara east of Paradise. Never seen a major line there.