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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Top of the World (The Stratosphere)

3 Stars Squid October 06, 2015

This was our first time here at ToW. That being said, the view was what saved this place from getting a lower rating. The price certainly does not match the quality of the food served. Servers were attentive and nice though. There are many other places nearby that offer much better quality food for equal or less price. Bottom line, we enjoyed the experience but not so much the food and will not make it a place we will return to.

3 Stars Jane Public November 03, 2014

The food was great.The prices are way to much for what you get. Oscar's at the Plaza has much better prices.Dinning room very slowly rotates.The boyfriend got ill from it and the elevator ride up to get there. I hate how my ears popped. No smoking except where you can observe rides outside. You can also see the jumpers from the cables attached to building as they decent over 800 ft down.Waiter was too pushy and kept coming back too often. Its not like its going to be full on a Tuesday evening.

5 Stars John from Minnesota July 28, 2013

My wife and I had dinner at the Top of the World restaurant atop the Stratosphere. The experience of eating dinner that far above our favorite city would have been great even if the food was just okay, but the food was great. While you are eating dinner, the restaurant rotates slowly (it takes around one hour to spin 360°) so during your meal you will get amazing views of downtown, the strip and the mountains. We shared a filet mignon, Caesar salad and an amazing twice baked potato and left stuffed. I ordered beer, but my wife ordered a couple sangrias that were very tasty. If you love Las Vegas and good food, you absolutely must eat at the Top of the World.

4 Stars tinker February 10, 2013

We had the 4 course tasting with wine pairings. Food was very good - not great. Our steaks were cooked exactly the way we wanted and were tasty. Service was fantastic. Price was very expensive, but you go here for the views - we had a window seat at night - tons of fun. Had a drink at the bar after - also great views.

4 Stars Karen December 24, 2012

Top of the World has found an interesting way to pay for their new renovations--increased menu prices. Three weeks ago, a NY steak with mashed potatoes cost $29 at lunch. When I visited last week, the same steak with no potatoes at all cost $57. The burgers and sandwiches are also missing from the lunch menu. I am disappointed in the change. However, my steak was tasty, and as always, the view was great. Go early for lunch to guarantee a window seat.

5 Stars Karen November 23, 2012

Loved this place. Go at lunch to save lots of $$$. Dinner is expensive. Tennis shoes and jeans are also allowed at lunch--not dinner. View was awesome. Steak was fantastic. Great cut, cooked perfectly. Sandwiches were ok- good. Service acceptable. Go for an early lunch at 11:00 am to beat the crowd. The restaurant is currently being renovated. Looking forward to seeing the redo.

1 Star Jared May 16, 2012

way over priced food for the quality! the view was amazing, they have the best view id the strip period! if you dont like heights, like i dont, DONT GO. its beautiful view, but when i was done eating i left cash & bolted for elevator. the revolving room / kitchen doesnt move / dessert tray spins other way gave me motion sickness & 'pit of yur stomach' feeling. elevator ride is REALLY fast & yur ears pop on way up / down . save yur $$$ & find a tour of the strip

1 Star Ralph September 27, 2011

The service sucked ass

1 Star Chris September 25, 2011

Terrible service, terrible food. Ordered the prime NY strip, got sent back 3 times because they couldnt get a medium rare right. Also highly questioned whether or not the steak was actually "prime" quality. After all the issues we had manager gave us attitude and dirty looks the rest of our meal. Absolutely horrible! Do not go! Save your money! I work in the restaurant industry and this is by far the worst experience I have had in my life!!!

2 Stars John May 09, 2011

Not a heights guy. My wife wanted to go and she loved the view. The restaurant is nice-looking enough, but the service was typical Vegas bad. The food was bland and the presentations were uninspired at best.

2 Stars Tammy M April 03, 2011

The view was awesome. Service was great, but the food was just ok. Food selection was low. Prices too high for the quality of food.

5 Stars Sarah February 17, 2011

Amazing view, amazing food!

5 Stars Jessica December 27, 2010

Excellent food, view and service. I know someone had said they sat one full rotation and left for another restaurant. You waste an hour of time to miss out? Sucks for you.

5 Stars Mr&MrsCorlett September 08, 2010

WOW. Best dining experience I have ever had anywhere, and I have been to some nice places! We booked for 6pm and by the time we had turned 360 we had watched a beautiful sunset and then could see the strip all lit up in the dark- stunning view. The service was just top notch, really made you feel special and valued. I had the surf and turf with prawns and he had new York steak with dauphinoise potatoes. The steaks literally were melt in the mouth, cooked to perfection. Just delicious. Then we shared trio of creme brulees which were just the right size. After our meal we then had access to top viewing platform for breathtaking views. Cost about $ 250 for us both but worth every penny.

0 Stars Julie September 05, 2010

The absolute best place to eat in Vegas....the food is great, the atmosphere is amazing, and the view is spectacular. No one should complain about the price- since you can look at the menu beforehand! Well worth the money...just know that if you take the monorail to the end, you still have to walk a ways. It's better to catch a cab from the hotel.

0 Stars JARME August 31, 2010

Stopped in for lunch. I had low expectations, thinking that the Top was all about the view. Wrong! This place serves up great cocktails, reasonably priced wine list and a menu with a decent set of choices. Quality of the food is excellent with friendly service.

4 Stars MG London August 03, 2010

Very impressed with the food and if you want great views of Vegas there is none better. The slowly rotating restaurant gives you a panoramic view and it's entertaining watching the bungee jumpers outside falling past the window. We had a great service and a fully attentive staff. Food was of a very high standard, we had crab cakes, lobster bisque for starters which were great and the main menu of steaks were of the highest standard. Not a cheap meal, $125 a head was our bill but worth every penny.

1 Star Lou June 20, 2010

Staff were very rude! as we went in we were ignored after standing for a minute I asked the waiter should we just take a seat as nooone was attending to us. To which he replied no this is a restaurant! We just left at that!

2 Stars Salsa June 07, 2010

Beautiful setting but way too over priced. I had tasting menu which is basically a bit of everything for $85 a head. If you go just get steak, the steak is good!

5 Stars Keel June 03, 2010

As others have said, great view, great food. We had steak and lobster, service was excellent. Yes, pricey, ran about $100/person, but worth it.

5 Stars Gareth June 01, 2010

Best view around the town

5 Stars Localista May 17, 2010

Also, it takes at least an hour to make one full rotation, which is about the length of the meal without dessert :)

5 Stars Localista May 17, 2010

Spent our last night on Top of the World. The food was amazing and the view was spectacular... Thanks for recommending a reservation at sunset! Our waiter was pleasant and helpful with every question we asked. Although prices were higher than the average for Vegas, the meal included admission to the observation deck (which is $15 on it's own). We're not like all the jaded, ungrateful hacks writing poor reviews... We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and will definitely visit again!

2 Stars FrenchAero March 16, 2010

The view is great, but do not expect good food.

4 Stars Cody March 11, 2010

Excellent food, staff took great care of us. The slow moving rotation offering a complete view of the city. Had a great time.

5 Stars SHUMWAY December 14, 2009

Excellent food!!! Great lunch!!!

5 Stars Stephen November 16, 2009

Had lunch here and it was really good value. Views were amazing and it was a relaxed enjoyable no rush atmosphere unlike mist places on the strip! I would definitely go back :-)

5 Stars KnM November 05, 2009

Loved it here. Try to book a table about a half hour prior to sunset. Be prepared to ditch your jeans and drop some money. Don't venture too far off the beaten path on the menu. The bread and soups can't miss but when it comes to entrees go with what you know. These guys do steak and seafood very well, not impressed with the crispy quail. It's not bad, but for the price it's nothing special. The steak and desserts are worth every penny. We had a lovely waitress and meet and greet from the owner. Very friendly, no rush, they let you enjoy the view. Will return again!

4 Stars Dom & Denise October 28, 2009

The food, wine & service were excellent. The views were breathtaking. Not quite 5 Star in our opinion but very close. It's a perfect place for a romantic dinner.

5 Stars Greek Girl Walking September 12, 2009

As a Las Vegas resident, I've been to Top Of The World restaurant many times. The food is fabulous as are the breathtaking views & service!! After going to many upscale restaurants, this is by FAR the best!! The Fillet Mignon is the best I've ever had in my 48 years on this planet!! So "fork tender", who needs a knife???

5 Stars Anonymous September 02, 2009


5 Stars Brian VandeWalle July 31, 2009

I know people on here have complained about this restruant. I LOVED IT!!! Went here for our anniversary and was treated first class all the way. Price was high. But the food was great. Atmosphere was perfect and service.....outstanding. I made reservations and told them it was our anniversary and we got better treatment here than anywhere else we had been all week. I would love to go back again. The lobster ravioli was awesome and the filet minion was just down right amazing. Stop listening to the hatred and decide for yourselves. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. AMAzING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Star Jenny June 18, 2009

Way too expensive!!!!! We took a look at there menu, rotated around one full rotation, and then got up and went to the Italian restruant downstairs... Which by the way was awesome. Not to mention much cheaper. Thank you Top of The World, because of you we would not have found that great Italian restruant...LOL!!

2 Stars Gustas May 03, 2009

Sorry top of the world but I think people are just paying there money for first class views with third rate food. My wife and I didn't enjoy the food at all and for the price I would to elsewhere.

2 Stars AnthonyF April 18, 2009

Third time I have been and reports of then halving the staff appear to be correct. No longer a good experience despite having one of the best views of the strip. Went for a birthday celebration with 10 friends, nothing for a relativley unfussy vegetarian, has to settle for garlic mash, which was overpowering. The chef forgot my order in it's entirety, when I pointed this out, the server was very apologetic and went to find out what had happened, when she returned and told me it had been missed but they would cook it now, I politely asked for it to be left off, as 10 people were waiting to eat, and wouldn't start without me. She said ok, and ten minutes later bought the food out anyway.....my steak was raw in the middle, and uneatable. As a gesture the manager came over and served the birthday girl to a really nice dessert, which he then proceeded to mangle whilst trying to cut into portions all the while fawning over her and how cute she was, which made her partner quite uncomfortable. Sometimes u have to cut ur losses, apologize and carry on. Not a good evening.

3 Stars Roger April 02, 2009

Service was fine, food was good but not great. I had the wild caught salmon, it was juicy, but was over-cooked just slightly. Was a decent experience, just was hoping for a better time is all.

4 Stars Biyatekeela December 03, 2008

Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Great food and service. Unfortunatly other hotel staff was not as professional.

5 Stars Keith November 10, 2008

Had dinner at top of the world and it was awesome. The staff was first class took our picture with our camera. Food was unbelivable!!! And the view was breathtaking. If your in vegas you have to go.

0 Stars Aiona B. May 03, 2007

Top of the World is a nice fairly cheap "expensive" restaurant to eat at. I had done some reading of Vegas reviews and found that ones on the southern Strip were >$100/person. Top of the World, however, sounded affordable (if $60-80/person is affordable to you). It was convenient because we also stayed at the Stratosphere (one of the few hotels within my price range also). No taxi ride needed to get to the restaurant, which is convenient when you're trying to herd your party to the restaurant. I made reservations online 2 months in advance for 6:00 PM. We arrived at the elevators late (6:10 PM), but we were whisked up the tower and were seated immediately. No waiting at all. We had three people waiting on us -- we met the maitre d' I guess, and then we had one waiter and another waitress. They brought everything out in good time. We didn't wait much, and we weren't rushed at all. In fact, I was hoping we could sort of linger and catch the sunset, and we ended up catching the stars and moonlight as well. Our waiter let us know that we could share the dishes amongst ourselves, so we did! I partook of my husband's lobster ravioli, we passed around the buttery potatoes and the Kobe beef (so soft, my grandmother could chew it). My lobster bisque was creamy. I nibbled off everyone's desserts, too. I was a total pig. Online, it announces the dress code, so we dressed to the nines, because we so rarely get a chance to play dress up. We were probably the most dressed people there, but we were also the best-looking.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 19, 2006

You are definitely paying for the view here. Food wasn't bad, but should have been better for the money. I have a lot better expensive steaks.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 08, 2005

This was the best restaurant I've ever been in Vegas. The view, and the food was awesome!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 17, 2005

Love this restaurant! Everytime we vaction in Las Vegas we have to have dinner at the Top of the World. The view at night is simply to die for. If you want to time your dinner just right so you can watch the sunset, then I recommend this website. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?n=127&obj=sun&month=8&year=2004&day=1

While everything is ala carte, the food is very good. The service is impecable. Top of the World is a restaurant everyone should try at least once!

0 Stars jengee August 29, 2004

I really love this one. Beside the view being spectacular the staff works very hard to create a romantic atmosphere. The food, wine and desserts were amazing.

0 Stars faerie64 August 19, 2004

My husband and I visited this restaurant on our trip the second week in June, 2004. Everything was just fabulous! The food was excellent, the service very attentive (even though my foreign waiter..big surprise...was hard to understand) and the view was outstanding! We went for lunch because the dress code is not as strict and we had nothing but casual attire. I only rated the food an 8 because we did not receive a particular item (grilled asparagus) with the entree like described, but another item was substituted. Otherwise, it was by far the best meal we ate the 4 days we were in Vegas. Also, you have free admission to the observation tower if you eat a meal there!

0 Stars Mizzou1 March 16, 2004

My wife and I had reservations through Vegas.com for &pm on Saturday night - March 13th, 2004. We had no problems getting to "The Top" and we were seated immediately. The view, of course, was the best. We had the "Meal for Two" for $150.00. My wife had the portabella mushrooms and I had shrimp scampi for appetizers. The shrimp scampi was very tasty - but the portabella mushrooms (of course I ate of her plate) were "to die for". I had the Tower salad and she had the Lobster Bisque. A salad is a salad - it was good. My wife said the Lobster Bisque was excellent - I didn't try it. The main course - Châteaubriand - was excellent and plentiful. We had so much on our plates that my wife didn't come close to finishing her serving. It was perfectly cooked and was served with small potatoes, onions, and asparagus. Wish I had this course right now. The dessert of the Chocolate Stratosphere was excellent and fun - they pour vanilla sauce of a chocolate tower filled with chocolate mousse. The service was perfect, the setting was perfect, the food was perfect. This was a great night out and I will definitely do it again.

0 Stars nina November 02, 2003

We had 8:30 reservations did not get seated till 9:00. They have a dress code which they do not enforce. The lounge was nice but the service was unsatisfactory.The reception staff at the front desk were inexperienced and sullen . They showed a total lack of professionalism. The service in the restaurant by Lou - our server - was very good. I would not give them a 2nd chance.

0 Stars billkat March 20, 2003

great table, great view, great service, food very poor ,time we got it it was warm going on cold

0 Stars RateVegas User February 03, 2003

If your looking for a romantic view of vegas coupled with an oustanding meal, this is a great place. On the evening we went, the power went out in the tower. The restaurant turned what could have been a horrendous experience into an unforgetable one. The food was still outstanding and the restaurant first offered to comp all of our meal if we wanted to leave. When we declined and stayed the dinner, they ended up comping 1/2 our food and a bottle of wine. Even without the comp, the food would have been worth it

0 Stars RateVegas User November 05, 2002

food was pretty good not the best I have had in vegas,but the view is what your paying for it is the best view in town very romantic and relaxing , two drinks one appetizer two meals and desert $130.00

0 Stars RateVegas User May 25, 2002

Had a reservation for 8:30 on a Friday night. Arrived on time, but was
dispatched to the upstairs bar. Waited there for 40 minutes, and was
ready to leave just as we were called to our table.

Our annoyances quickly disappeared as soon as we were seated. The
server team was friendly and efficient. We ordered a prix-fixe dinner for
2 with wine (a different glass with each course). Shrimps were huge
(both in scampi and cocktail) and delicious. Their lobster bisque is
smooth and rich. Chateaubriand was perfectly cooked with a lovely
vegetable medley.

The signature tower of chocolate dessert was overkill, but very good
(The milk chocolate "tower" is hard and a bit waxy, but the mousse is
delicious). Raspberry and vanilla sauces enhance the dessert a lot.

The view, of course, cannot be topped. It's the best way short of a
helicopter ride to see the whole valley. The restaurant completes a
revolution every 80 minutes.

Would definitely return, but probably not on a weekend to avoid the long
wait for a table.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 08, 2002

To summarize: Incomparable view, pricey, but food and service that do not match.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 06, 2001

WOW! SEASONS rest. in Ballys has been my favorite...Now it's tied with TOP OF THE WORLD! Views, Views, and more! Food was outstanding and portions were large. Service top notch. WELL worth the $. Very romantic and relaxing. A Vegas MUST!

0 Stars RateVegas User February 04, 2001

Celebrated our Anniversary with our children. Wonderful view!! Service very good!! Food......much room for improvement for that price. Extremely overpriced!! Children's portions $15.00 for small dish of pasta without meat. Photographs another $32.00. Normally we don't complain about prices while dining out, however the food did not make up for the cost of the a la cart dinners.

We came, we saw, we went!

0 Stars RateVegas User August 14, 2000

What a delightful surprise. Had dinner July 4th evening (great plan, right?) Stunning view and fireworks perspective, very good meal and a pleasant staff, without the ATTITUDE of Delmonico's in the Venetian. I'll enjoy going again-even minus the fireworks.