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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews 24/7 Cafe (The Palms)

3 Stars 360 Vega Mark July 31, 2012

It's good. It's always hard to judge one cafe from another considering they all pretty much serve the same things. I had the buffalo wings and they were good. I'd get them again. Space was nice and so was the staff.

3 Stars KerenMark July 26, 2012

Don't know if I can really review, as we were recovering from the prior nights festivities when we went. I ordered the French onion soup & house salad - should have looked closer at the menu, because there were black olives on the salad. (yuck!) Overall, what I ordered was good. Wait staff was very friendly.

4 Stars Shane July 20, 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed eating here. The prices we good amd the food was excellent. A much better value for you dollar than the buffet. I would bave given it 5 stars but if you are eating alome they put you at the bar area next to strangers and it was a little close for comfort for me.

5 Stars Brittany June 05, 2010

Worth it!! So very good! Price is right 6-$90 including tip. Try the Kobe meatloaf-it's huge but it's sooooo good. I can't wait to go back next time we are in Vegas. A cab right to the palms from strip is worth it just for that restaurant.

0 Stars Warren August 14, 2007

Horrible food, terrible service, a waste of both time and money.

I stood waiting to be seated for over a minute while the cashier chatted with a busser. It took 7 minutes for a server to get to me and another 10 minutes for a simple breakfast meal. The food was beyond horrendous with soggy "hash browns" (obviously frozen, pre-sliced potatoes) and soggy toast. Dissapointed and disgruntled by this point, I was pushed past the tipping point when it took yet another 5 minutes for the server to return with the check after I requested it. While their renovation sure made the place pretty, everything else seems to have suffered.

0 Stars mike_ch October 30, 2006

The cafe has changed quite a bit since the last reviews were written. It's not something that I always look forward to but the prices are (were?) quite reasonable for a hotel of this size and prominence.

0 Stars YoungGun August 21, 2003

Amongst the best coffee shops and I've eaten in a lot of them! Not as hopelessly trendy as the Hard Rock. Really good prime rib special and also a steak special that comes with choice of beer or wine. The cheesy bread is also delicious. They have some sort of dish served in a large bowl with chopsticks. I think it might have been Pho. It seemed to be the most popular dish as that almost everytable seemed to have at least one person ordering it. Interesting story about the service. I really liked it since it was fast and the server seemed cool. My friend absolutely hated it when we first got there. It is very casual, which I was comforatable with, but my friend thought it should be more professional. Later on, we got into a conversation with the server and he turned out to be a great guy. My friend ended up leaving a huge tip, which is rare for her.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 20, 2002

Food was ok - nothing special. Portions were generous. I got a Philly Cheesesteak to help out my hangover. It worked just fine. Pretty much a standard casino coffee shop.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 22, 2002

If you like deli sandwiches, stay away from those at the coffee shop. Stale rye bread. An overabundance of 1000 island slathered a congealed mass of swiss cheese, pastrami and corned beef. The fries were oily and not crisp. My 5 year old food critic deemed the chocolate chip pancakes as not fluffy enough. I thought they were ok but not anything special. Overall, a real disappointment. Service wasn't much better with the attentiveness coming only when it was time to deliver the check. It was a surprise because we've eaten at many Vegas hotel coffee shops and the majority have been excellent. IMHO, there are some definite bugs to be worked out before the summer onslaught of guests.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 07, 2002

Stay away as far as you can from this ultra low quality wannabe cafe.
The pasta was excellent actually,but the T bone was so hard and burned it took me to days of digestion to recover.The service is one of the slowest in Las Vegas,unbelivably slow.The general feeling is pretty much unconfortable,as there is not a real separation between the gaming and the eating area,and when you get inside the casino tru the garage,the smell of cooking action from the Sunrise cafe is not a very nice welcome.