Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas



Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Va Bene Caffè (Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

5 Stars Hank and Jr December 05, 2013

Good to go, great java!

3 Stars Mac78130 November 02, 2012

Sticky buns and coffee were great. The service, not so much.

4 Stars Bluestorm2000 June 30, 2012

A good quality latte is served here, at prices slightly higher than Starbucks casino locations. A convenient location to pick up that DIY breakfast to take back to your room and soak up the view from your balcony. For a cheaper option, just walk across the footbridge to the Walgreens where there is a good food selection and coffee (albeit not in the same league as a coffee shop)

5 Stars Planderson April 16, 2011

Very high quality coffee drinks, also have pastries and pre-made sandwiches that are nice to grab if you are in a hurry. This is better for breakfast vs the Henry, where our service was not very good.