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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Wazuzu (Encore at Wynn Las Vegas)

4 Stars NavinR October 08, 2013

It was really good. The food was really good, service was really good, atmosphere was... You get the point. Not excellent, but... Now I know why Wynn categorizes this as a "casual dining" restaurant instead of a "fine dining" one. An order of sushi rolls and drunken noodles and the bill was just under $40 for one... Not bad.

5 Stars Mike Roman April 01, 2013

No question about it, this restaurant has outstanding service, food, and hospitality. From simple things like steamed pork buns that are out of this world to more sophisticated dishes like their famous drunken noodles. I will return to this restaurant each time I go to Vegas whether I'm staying at this hotel or not.

4 Stars Danny Ocean December 26, 2012

Saw on food network Giada's favorite thing to eat we're the drunken noodles at Wazuzu. Great casual place with very good food. Started with Potstickers, my wife and I are Potsticker lovers, these are right there with the best we have ever eaten. We then shared the drunken noodles with chicken and Mongolian Beef. Both were excellent. I don't think the drunken noodles were as good as Giada thought, but if I hadn't seen that show, I wouldn't have had them built up that high in my mind. Highly recommend !!

4 Stars Darren L. May 16, 2012

Great food. Great surroundings. Drunken noodles are a must.

3 Stars Bob November 24, 2011

Nice food but uninspiring service. Crowded and noisy at times despite beautiful decor.

5 Stars Julie July 16, 2011

Absolutely loved it!! Amazing food!

4 Stars Steve Wynn March 19, 2011

Pretty good food. Had the sweet and sour chicken. Not worth $107 for 3 people would not recommend.

5 Stars Darren L. December 30, 2010

Still as good as ever. Excellent service. Drunken noodles are superb..... as is all the food here!

5 Stars Happy Cajun December 12, 2010

The food was incredible. Black cod and salt &pepper prawn where delicious.. But desert was worth the visit. Thai crepe was awesome. Strongly recommend this dining experience

4 Stars Hunter December 09, 2010

Great lunch, as usual. The curry is really really quite good.

5 Stars Andrew July 27, 2010

I'd recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Vegas! Perfect sushi and excellent salt and pepper shrimp! Ask your waiter for recommendations you won't be disappointed...

5 Stars Bob July 05, 2010

Great sushi, very good noodle soup dishes. Try the soup with either the roast duck or the pork, both very different and wonderful.

4 Stars Vegasbab June 20, 2010

Great food. Spectacular, fast service. We had sushi & short ribs. The lobster roll was delicious and had some different flavors that made it even better.

5 Stars Darren L. June 06, 2010

Stunning. Spectacular. Best Asian food in Vegas without a doubt. The black cod is to die for. Don't miss out on one of the Strips best kept secrets.

5 Stars MikeE April 24, 2010

I seem to hit Wazuzu every trip and for good reason. The selections are excellent, the room is great, and a table overlooking the casino makes for great people watching. Make sure not to order your dishes too spicy. They will ask you how you like your dishes on a scale of 1 to 5 and unless you're used to spicy foods, you'll be breathing fire at 3.

4 Stars Mike Roman March 19, 2009

Creative menu. Solid service.

4 Stars Hunter December 24, 2008

Wazuzu includes Asian dishes from China, Thailand and Japan - you can mix and match from the entrees and the sushi with stunning results.

Open for lunch and dinner, Wazuzu is more casual than some of the other restaurants at Encore but the food was still fabulous. Really tasty.

I'd especially recommend the mixed BBQ platter - the crispy skin on the duck was to die for.