Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Wing Lei (Wynn Las Vegas)

3 Stars Chris, UK February 14, 2012

Used to love this place but sad to say it has gone downhill. Service slow, food not that hot when it arrives. Has been outdone by Red8 in my opinion.

3 Stars Navin R May 04, 2011

I had been meaning to try wing lei since opening in 2005. Now I am glad I stayed away so long! The atmosphere was nice, as you'd expect from Wynn--much nicer than your average chinese food restaurant. But the service was extremely slow and unusually unfriendly. The food was ok--not great, and certainly not worth the prices they charge. I can check this off the list of restaurants I've tried and I won't be going back.

4 Stars Chris Yeh April 27, 2010

What does a Michelin-rated Chinese restaurant like? It would be like this:

Fancy plates, gold chopstick holders, good service and an impressive wine list. The food was well cooked, but never was it mind blowing. $30 dollars for a plate of Mongolian Beef? In my opinion, the food wasn't worth the 200% mark up in price.

Sadly, I was dining alone so I could not try the tasting menus.

5 Stars MikeE April 23, 2010

Unabashadely palatial, but not gaudy in the least. It's like dining in a Chinese emperor's home. Food and service are tops. Enjoy the truly fine china and gold chopsticks. At any given moment, it's loaded with Wynn tower suites' top Asian high rollers--a testament to the authenticity of the food.

5 Stars Hunter July 08, 2009

A near flawless meal. Wing Lei never disappoints. If you can, make sure you try the duck. Amazing. The spare ribs are also amazing. One of the very best restaurants at Wynn.

5 Stars Abed Nader March 21, 2009

Beat Asian food I have ever had. The chairs are beyond comfortable, they are worth every dime. The rumor is the chairs costs 1500-2000 each. We got a table near the pomagranite trees. Best seats in house make sure you get a table near window. Make sure to be dressed appropiatly because if you are not they will send you away. A must because it is the only chinese restaurant to get Michelin star rating, and it deserved it.

0 Stars Dale May 28, 2007

Wing Lei offers a beautiful room, work-of-art chairs, and a view of a large black buddah creating the perfect setting for a great chionese food experience. The menu was a bit of a disappointment as it contained dishes that one would find in any hometown chinese joint around the country. For the most part the food was well-prepared, tasty, but not exceptional in any way. The two exceptions being a first line selection of real chinese teas and well-crafted, original desserts.

Service was good but fell short of entertaining in any way - a lost opportunity perhaps.

You will not be disappointed at Wing Lei as long as someone else is paying.

0 Stars User August 16, 2005

My wife and I dined here our first night at the Wynn. We were promptly seated at the window near the pomegranate trees. And what seats they were! Comfortably upholstered, the chairs were yet another example of attention to detail we’ve come to expect from past and present restaurants at the Mirage and Bellagio operated by Mr. Wynn. The menu has the familiar traditional Chinese and Americanized Chinese items plus some intriguingly unfamiliar dishes. We asked for and received our waiter’s guidance. The variety and quality of the food was excellent. The tableside service was friendly and attentive. We will definitely be back.

0 Stars Hunter May 04, 2005

I used to tell folks that Jasmine at Bellagio was the best Chinese food in Las Vegas. Now that honor goes to Wing Lei at Wynn Las Vegas.