Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Wynn Buffet (Wynn Las Vegas)

3 Stars @HugePopcorn September 15, 2014

I had lunch. Solid upscale choice but I was not super impressed. Nothing delicious. Maybe eggplant parm was best. Tried eight deserts no favorites. Got full fast. Would try again.

3 Stars Coasterphil November 20, 2013

Solid buffet but was not blown away by any of the lunch offerings. There was not a single item that stood out and had me rushing back for another serving. Staff seemed slow to restock items on the line and many stations were regularly empty. Desserts were beautifully presented but much like the rest of the food did not impress. With so many high end buffets on the strip now I don't see a reason to go back.

4 Stars MarkFTL September 20, 2013

Solid choice among the upscale buffets. Pricey with many gourmet choices. If you go at breakfast/lunch turnover you can save a few bucks by paying breakfast rates. I don't find the decor that trendy, but this is Wynn.

4 Stars Brian February 09, 2013

My wife and I came here for dinner on February 4 and while it was expensive we both agreed it was worth it. First of all we walked right in which was a plus as I dislike waiting. The dining area is very nice, not a hint of it being an assembly line. Our server and I wish I could pronounce his name (started with an "S") was outstanding. We very much liked the selection of food and desserts. We will return.

1 Star Wilhelmina February 07, 2013

I was really excited to try this buffet. I'd heard so many great things. My girlfriend and I ate breakfast, it was very expensive for breakfast...and we were very disappointed. The food was stale and cold and there weren't a lot of options. And it just wasn't good.

4 Stars Brendan Dentino November 18, 2012

Came here for dinner buffet and I will say it is a solid four stars but not better than Bellagio. Variety is great and desserts are unreal, but a lot of the items that looked great actually lacked the flavor I looked for. The dining room, though, was fantastic and probably worth a star for itself.

5 Stars BordFan September 05, 2012

OMFG. This has got to be one of the best buffets on the Strip. Make sure you scope it out well before even grabbing a plate, tons of choices and a fabulous selection. We went for lunch and they still had a bunch of breakfast selections available. I really mean this, save room for dessert!

5 Stars Noahnator July 26, 2012

Been to about 4 buffets in my vegas life and this is by far the best one and its not bat priced and food is great fresh and i will not go to another again even if the other is free i would pay and eat here

4 Stars Tboneoh June 28, 2012

We ate breakfast & champagne brunch. Waited in line for the brunch for an hour. A little longer than we planned. Service was good. Plates cleared & drinks refilled promptly. Prices reflect the fact that you are in a five diamond hotel in Vegas. Food selection good & desserts to die for. Would recommend & will definitely be back.

4 Stars Hanif June 22, 2012

Great breakfast- good choice- desserts were awesome

4 Stars Darren L. May 16, 2012

Great buffet. At $ 20 for breakfast worth it. For dinner or weekend brunch prices not worth the high prices and long wait.

4 Stars Dan February 18, 2012

$40 for Sunday Brunch? It wasn't $40 great! Food and service was great, no complaints. Just wasn't worth $40 for breakfast.

5 Stars Mark January 20, 2012

Awesome Buffett , a must stop when visiting Vegas. Great selection and great food. Nice staff and on point with keeping up with your drinks. Overall one of the best buffets in vegas if not the best.

5 Stars Chris November 20, 2011

Amazing breakfast and amazing selection. I make sure I got to the buffet at Wynn Las Vegas every time I visit

5 Stars Jason October 09, 2011

Easily the best buffet in Vegas - food selection comparable to other major buffets, with expection of the dessert selection which was by far the best I've seen. Food quality is unmatched. If you go to one buffet, this should be the one.

5 Stars Anto28 September 11, 2011

Still the best buffet in Las Vegas. Yes, it's more expensive. Yes, it's worth it. Not the average, dumbed-down options. Save room for the desserts which are also the best in town.

1 Star Danny August 16, 2011

Not good and too damn expensive, yes ima redneck

4 Stars Howard July 31, 2011

Excellent food...average service.

4 Stars Alex July 25, 2011

One of the best buffet on the strip. We went for breakfast, there was a nice choice and everything i try tasted better then expected. 20$ by person. At 11h00 sharp, they switch the menu to lunch.

1 Star Redcivilian June 30, 2011

Wynn seems to be going down in selection. Lunch starts "promptly" at 11. I came in at 11:03 and they charged someone breakfast and by 11:05 I was at the register, i was charged a lunch price. I figured it wouldn't be a problem due to them putting new items on the lunch menu. We left at 12:30 and all they added to their lunch menu was kolbe steak and cut turkey. They were still serving omelets and all other original breakfast items when we left! On top of this our service was lousy. Plates piled up at our small table, drinks ran low, and the waitress left me to eat each plate with my egged stained fork and knife. I don't understand why buffets do this. Might as well make me use the same plate too. I remember this used to be one of the best buffet on the strip that stood out above the rest. Now it seems just like any other, but with just some slightly better food. It's not as special as it used to be but maybe dinner is where it's at because I have not been disappointed by that in the past.

5 Stars Tim A. April 23, 2011

It really is as good as all the reviews all say. Everything is fresh, a lot of unique items and ingredients from around the world, and, of course, all the crab legs you can eat. Worth the price to go at least once. don't pass up the pizza because it's pizza. It's some of the best pizza I've ever eaten!

4 Stars Cody March 31, 2011

Touring the Wynn/Encore and decides to stop in for brunch. Very glad we did. Selection were very good and had a great variety. First class!!

5 Stars FV February 27, 2011

Best buffet in Vegas!

5 Stars Darren L. December 25, 2010

Awesome as ever. Only issue was a 45 line to get in. Victim of it's own success.

5 Stars LVSPARKY November 02, 2010

The best buffet in Vegas! Enough said.

5 Stars Tara October 24, 2010

We had a dinner and a breakfast here. We did have a short wait to be seated but the buffet was worth it. Food was good, flavorful and so many choices. The quality was much better than I expected from reading the previous reviews. I think it was reasonably priced when you consider just how much you can eat and the variety they offer. It's pretty hard to eat dinner out in Vegas for under $35. and get soup, salads, main course and dessert. And all you can eat!! I would recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars Tara October 24, 2010

We had a dinner and a breakfast here. We did have a short wait to be seated but the buffet was worth it. Food was good, flavorful and so many choices. The quality was much better than I expected from reading the previous reviews. I think it was reasonably priced when you consider just how much you can eat and the variety they offer. It's pretty hard to eat dinner out in Vegas for under $35. and get soup, salads, main course and dessert. And all you can eat!! I would recommend it to anyone.

2 Stars jen September 12, 2010

We went to the sterling brunch on Saturday where we paid dinner prices to eat average breakfast fair.

The sterling brunch price is $31.95 each but was not worth the huge inflated price!

They had way too many vegan items. They give you loads of different kinds of Rice and beans and yet you are paying lobster and crab leg prices.

Everything was pretty tasteless and nothing special.

Their only redeeming quality is their deserts.

They have some unique and yummy deserts. But that was it.

I would not waste my money going here again. save some cash and get the same meal at Golden coral.

1 Star Kevin from UK August 22, 2010

I am staying at the Wynn and I am very impressed, but the buffet was really bad. After waiting for over 35mins to be seated we then had to wait quite a while for our drinks orders to be taken and half way through our first helping they arrived. At that time we asked for some milk which arrived at the table 5mins before we left! Dirty cutlery was left on our table when clearing the plates, just left laying in a mess when we arrived back with our desserts. The food was ok, nothing special considering it's twice the price of other excellent buffets. I will not go back and recommend Ti or Mirage. Sorry Wynn Buffet you were a real let down.

5 Stars Gerry August 16, 2010


0 Stars Ohioan in Vegas August 13, 2010

Tasty, but you never forget it is still just a buffet. I was not disappointed by service, food, or anything else, but it still had that "cafeteria" feel of a buffet. Try to sit in outer garden area for a better atmosphere. Hostess outfits here look like they were designed from leftover hot pink draperies? Totally unlike all other lovely uniforms we saw at Wynn.

2 Stars Butterbean August 06, 2010

Maybe things have improved since the last time we were there but I wasn't really impressed. Four of us decided to try the buffet for an early dinner to beat the usual lines. We were seated promptly by our hostess but next to a dirty table that unfortunately stayed that way during the entire meal. The food was decent but not as outstanding as I had heard from all the other reviews.

We ordered sangrias for the table from our server and proceeded to try and enjoy our food. Our server was basically non-existent and we were forced to place our dirty plates with the other piles of dirty plates on the surrounding tables. To make matters worse, when our server finally came around he asked us to pay as soon as possible because he was getting off and needed to clear his checks out.

Overall, it was just an OK experience and we definitely feel for the price it should have been a little more enjoyable. My advice....skip this one and head to the M Resort south of town if you want a good buffet.

5 Stars Wennykilson August 06, 2010

Enjoyed brunch in July at the Wynn Buffet. Incredible variety and delicious food, even for a picky eater like myself. Wynn quality decor and atmosphere as well, of course.

0 Stars Kelly July 10, 2010

Went for Sunday champagne brunch. Line was long when we got there at 11:00, but moved at a decent pace, I think we stood in line for 30 min, not bad, really. I really expected more food choices, food was great don't get me wrong but for the price I expected to be overwhelmed with choices. If you're a dessert person like me hit the desserts first, pan au chocolate was amazing. Our server was awesome with the mimosa refills, he must have filled my glass 5 times without asking!

5 Stars Bob July 05, 2010

Any high end buffet with candy apples is great. Food was very good, decent and wide selection. Desserts are wonderful. Not the vest crab legs, but good. Expensive, but if you want cheap then why are you at Wynn?

5 Stars Shawn July 04, 2010

One of the absolute best buffets for one of the finest hotels on the planet.

2 Stars JohnStryker June 30, 2010

Wynn dinner buffet is $38. The crab legs are the highlight but very little else was appealing. I wish these buffets served crab legs hot and offered more "normal" dishes.

5 Stars Juan June 24, 2010

Lunch was great, best so far

0 Stars Pritch June 09, 2010

Buffet was quite expensive but nice, paid extra to upgrade to unlimited champagne but was quite surprised to see it served from a frexinet bottle, would have paid the same for unlimited frexinet but a little honesty goes a long way. Beef was beautiful and so many desserts I couldn't choose, so I had several. Did breakfast and dinner, not on the same day of course, preferred breakfast, hmmm feeling hungry just thinking about it.

5 Stars Sarah June 04, 2010

One of the best!!

0 Stars Jay May 17, 2010

Ok lost alot of money to get my Buffett for free but if I had to pay the money for it then It would be worth it so in my opinion it gets . Oh and if you are a smoked salmon and capers fan def go.

4 Stars Chelsea H May 15, 2010

Went for brunch on a Saturday and it was great! Everything I had was so good but I was too full to get seconds! It's $32 for brunch which is a bit much but it's the Wynn; everything is pricey there. The lines to be seated are long so be prepared to wait, Disney World style.

5 Stars RobC May 10, 2010

Great 5 Star buffet.

3 Stars Bw May 06, 2010

Expenive, even for breakfast. Had to visit what many have billed as one of the best buffets in town. The food and selections were very good, but I think I just expected a little more based on the hype.

1 Star MC951 April 25, 2010

Not worth the money selection is limited, RIO or Bell has the best buffet

3 Stars MikeE April 23, 2010

Probably the best buffet in the city which isn't saying much. The room is very pretty and the service generally good, but unless it's comped, the only meal I'd pay out of pocket for is breakfast.

5 Stars Susan April 04, 2010

One of the best!

4 Stars Brandon April 02, 2010

Its good for what it is, a buffet, Buffets are only great for curing my hangover from the night before in my opinion. Lots of options, selection is as good as it gets in vegas. Price is high, but this is my idea of what a Vegas buffet should be.

0 Stars Tammy mosbrucker March 31, 2010

My husband and I ate at the Wynn buffet in February. The selection was amazing! Quality was like no other. I found myself going back for more over and over. Simply the best dining experience I have experienced to date!

4 Stars Michelle March 30, 2010

Food was very good but I prefer the Bellagio buffet.

5 Stars Sarah Louise March 29, 2010

Amazing food, location a real Sunday brunch treat!!

4 Stars FrenchAero March 16, 2010

Very good buffet. Not really expensive! Very good deal.

5 Stars Tammy mosbrucker March 04, 2010

I loved this buffet! Food was amazing. Great variety, dessert bar was fabulous!

5 Stars Tony Bates January 11, 2010

Best buffet in. Vegas superb selection fresh great ambience

5 Stars Jon January 06, 2010

Super high end for a buffet. Great!

4 Stars Patrick OBrien December 07, 2009

Great quality and variety. Unexpected fav was the sliced bacon. Not too bad of a wait. Save room for the amazing dessert bar & try the Bailey's Irish Creme cups!

5 Stars Anonymous September 06, 2009

Impeccable!! Everything was prepared fresh and delicious.

5 Stars Ace MacGregor August 28, 2009

Alex was our waiter and he was awesome. We did the VIP buffet to skip the line and got a unlimited stream of champagne poured by the fine gentleman for 2 hours! He made sure to top off our glasses before we left and we tipped him nicely. He made dinner fantastic and the $45 price absolutely worth it especially since it was a joint birthday. Amazing international cuisine and king crab legs. Dessert was very ample and had a wide variety

1 Star Bob from Houston June 23, 2009

Too expensive for average quality food. Not many people in line, but still waited 20 minutes for a table. I had to take silverware from another table because the busboy was too busy. Ate half of my Neal before ever getting a drink, and never got a refill. Disappointed.

1 Star Bill June 23, 2009

Modest price, but amazing eating experience. I can not remember the last time that I had that good a meal for two for under 73$.

5 Stars MS June 17, 2009

Breakfast was pricy ($19) but was delicious!

5 Stars Shelano April 26, 2009

Fabulous!!! Everything wonderful and delicious!

4 Stars Mike Roman March 20, 2009

Even with the lowering of menu selections resulting from the recesion this is still the best buffet in Las Vegas.

2 Stars Marianne December 29, 2008

Just ok. The lines for everything were too long. There were lots of seafood selections but not enough "regular" food and everything kept running out. The desserts were very chic ... too chic for my tastes. Not impressed.

4 Stars Chris G December 27, 2008

The Wynn has the second-best buffet behind Bellagio. The food is high-quality with lots of variety, although you do pay for it. If you love crablegs, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven: they split 'em laterally down the length of the leg so you can enjoy the crab without having to do any work cracking them yourself. Great service, too.

0 Stars mscmkr February 20, 2008

I have been to the Wynn buffet once so far. With out a doubt this is the best buffet in Vegas. I have no idea which buffet the people who complained ate but it definitely was not the Wynn. The food is fantastic as well as the service and the atmosphere. I have been to the majority of the buffet's in Vegas including the Belagio and this is BY FAR the best.

They have a very good selection of food and the meat is incredible. They had lamb, steak, ribs, and beef that was out of this world. I went up over and over again to fill my plate and never had to wait. They also have the biggest crab legs in town. I do wish however that the crab legs were hot as well as cold but they were fantastic. And the shrimp is huge as well.

I had no problem with the seating because to me it made it feel more like an upper end dining experience.
I do think the deserts could be a bit better. They were very good but not up to the Belagio.

As far as the price, go price out a pound of Alaskan King crab legs. Your going to pay $14.99 per lbs on sale. So dont bitch when you pay $41 with tax for the crab legs and huge shrimp and some of the best Meats you will ever have. And of course they are all you can eat. Price out a high end place. A half pound of crab legs and a small steak is $65. I think I will pick the Wynn buffet myself. Stop complaining and enjoy the excellent food. If you dont like the Wynn you can always go to the Excalibur. Its less than half the price but you will end up sick in your room the rest of the night.

0 Stars Andrew August 26, 2007

Not cheap ($35-37/dinner), but worth every penny! The Alaskan King Crab is phenomenal. Every one I've gone here with agrees it is the best buffet they've ever been to. Several of the dishes are the best I've ever eaten. Plenty of variety, including a huge sushi assortment.

Service is decent; much better elsewhere at the Wynn. As of 8/07, you can sign up for a Wynn Red Card as a new player, run $300 through a slot machine, and get 2 freebies. I doubt you'd lose $80 doing that.

0 Stars sandy Tarant May 12, 2007

Calling this a buffet is almost insulting! Food like this at a price like this is the only time you can steal something in this city covered by security cameras! Best buffet in Vegas--beats out Bellagio, I think.

0 Stars adz April 01, 2007

I've expereinced two lunch and one breakfast buffet at Wynn, and enjoyed each..Lunch is one of the best values in Vegas at around $20..great BBQ ribs..excellent Jerk Free Range Chicken..wonderful salads and is bright and colorful with lots of natural light..

0 Stars User April 26, 2006

This is the best buffet I have ever been to in Las Vegas or otherwise. The food is so fresh, largest shrimp, excellent sushi with real crab meat, with a huge choice of foods for lunch and dinner. 5 different choices of gelato in the dessert area. Steve Wynn has outdone the Bellagio Buffet with this place. Very nice decor with a pretty atrium area.

0 Stars User February 11, 2006

I don't know what the last guy is talking about, he probably wasn't even at the right hotel. But I've came to Vegas twice with a group of friends and we tried other buffets on the strip especially Bellagio and nothing compares to the Wynn. It is a bit crowded in the dining area but the huge crab legs make up for it. Definataly worth $45.

0 Stars User December 10, 2005

I'm hoping Mr. Wynn reads these reviews.
The food in the buffet was the worst I've
had in Vegas. Mr. Wynn please do something!

0 Stars User October 17, 2005

Service was great, but the food was terrible. We left hungry and were so upset about it, we decided not to gamble. They already took our money as far as we were concerned. Way over priced. Not enough selection and the quality was very poor. The service was very good, but we still left hungry.

0 Stars josh32 August 20, 2005

For the price ($34 on weekends) absolutely the worst buffet in Las Vegas. If you want to eat crab legs and sushi under chandeliers decorated with red cabbage you might like it. There were literally only three pasta's in the Italian section, and two rice dishes in Chinese, and some dried up tandoori chicken in the nearly non-existent Indian food section. The two salad bars were only a few feet across (at this rate Sweet Tomatoes should charge $100 for it's buffet). Wynn apparently doesn't like kids, they can't gamble, so he charges 3 year olds and above the full $34 for the week-end dinner buffet.
A 'Comp' (red plastic card encoded with a meal pass, given to gamblers) is the 'magic word' that gets you past the glacially slow little line of suckers waiting for a table. The Wynn sells Ferrari cars off the casino. The Wynn buffet is like the Ferrari, good for those who think they are somebody because of the high prices they pay for where they eat, or what they drive.

0 Stars User August 16, 2005

During our week stay at the Wynn, my wife and I ate one dinner and several breakfasts at the Buffet. The variety of food was better than the new Mirage Cravings buffet but not quite as expansive as the Bellagio. The quality was excellent; we particularly liked the hand cut bacon at the breakfast. My wife and I had omelets at all of our breakfasts and never waited more than a couple minutes. We especially enjoyed the variety of fresh squeezed juices. We liked the self serve juice concept because we could sample a variety without having to make our waiter make several trips.

There was no prime rib at the dinner, but there was a great rack of lamb that was perfectly seasoned and generously portioned. The seafood, salads, fruits, vegetables, breads, and desserts were all of excellent quality. The service was prompt and friendly.

Our only criticism was the dining room. The seating is too closely packed and the chairs are difficult to move. The décor is not up to Bellagio standards; too much painted MDF. Much better than the Mirage Cravings buffet though which is a chromed architectural atrocity that clashes with the rest of the Mirage. What was MGM thinking?

If you’re staying at the Wynn, the Buffet is the best choice for breakfast and a great value for dinner.

0 Stars User August 07, 2005

This is the worst buffet in Vegas. I know that it is less than 6 months old and is suffering growing pains but then why charge the highest prices in Vegas for a buffet that has such poor quality food? One omelette chef so you will wait in line for a half hour for eggs! The only buffet in town that did not serve prime rib. Instead the chose the cheapest cut of flank steak to serve to their guests. Turkey and ham were the other meats offered on the carving station. The seating is far away from the buffet line. The plates are ice cold. There is air blowing right down on the food. You don't have a chance of eating warm food by the time you get back to your table. The presentation is sad. Instead of serving in big bowl or large heated trays, they present the foods in these tiny serving plates so by the time you get to the food you want it is usually empty or picked over. And the biggest blow.....they put mirrors everywhere. People do not want to be reminded that they are overdoing it at the buffet. I think Steve is using ways to charge the most money and save the most food. The way it is set up now is that you come back to your table with poor quality, cold food and get to watch yourself eat it in all the mirrors. Worst buffet in Vegas and yet the most expensive. Go to the Spice Market Buffet, voted number one for the food and the price!

0 Stars User August 02, 2005


0 Stars Mikeynla June 28, 2005

While right now it's not totally up-to-par with Bellagio, I'd say it's not going to be a problem at all for Wynn's Buffet to reach that level. Thew layout is beautiful, with 4 or five different dining rooms. The most stunning aspect of it is the conservatory-type atrium upon entering the buffet, allowing for gorgeous plants in a natural-light setting. Simply stunning. We were there for Sunday Champagne Brunch, and at $29/person thought it to be a great deal.

0 Stars Hunter June 24, 2005

The buffet isn't as good as it should be for the price. It's not at all bad, but Bellagio is still a better choice.

0 Stars User May 10, 2005

Great service, However the food compares to a stateline buffet. I can only speak for breakfast, though. The people working there definitely created a bonus point for the lack of quality in the food. With this being a Steve Wynn property, I do expect this to eventually change and become one of the best in town.

0 Stars User May 10, 2005

First of all why do people always compare this property to Bellagio? I have tried many buffets in Vegas, and this is one of the top 5 on my list.

0 Stars User May 09, 2005

This buffet is the best in Vegas... a little better than Bellagio. The line was an hour and a half wait, but it was worth the wait and the price ( $64 dollars for 2 @ dinner time).

0 Stars User April 30, 2005

It is unfair to review any restaurant during its first six months. But it is no Bellagio.

The food and approach similiar to the Orleans or SunCoast at over twice the price. The serving stations included Italian, Asian, American, Sushi, Salad and Desert. The limited carving station had Prime Rib, Turkey, Lamb - well prepared by nothing extraordinary like the Bellagio or Paris. The only fresh fruit was whole apples and oranges; no sliced cantalope, watermelon, hardly a tomato. Most other food was in trays. Almost non-existant fresh bread selection. In talking with a server, the available menu is a limited starter menu.

The line was *very* slow. Not long - slow. Likely caused by a limited staff, as most tables were empty.

The front seating areas were like a nice cafe.
Further back, the main seating and serving area reminded me of Gold Coast's converted ballroom.

I would pay the extra few bucks to dine at one of the top buffets. If you are looking for this quality, with a better selection, I might recommend the SunCoast at less than half the price.