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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Yellowtail (Bellagio)

5 Stars Brandon July 18, 2012

This was our favorite meal of our stay. Great spicy crab meso soup. Great sushi and tempura veggies. Will definitely return

5 Stars Chris May 12, 2012

By far, the best meal i have ever had

4 Stars Cody June 27, 2011

Popped in for a quick bite on my wedding day. To nervous for anything more traditional I guess. :-) small plate of tuna and a beer took the butterflies away. Food was quite tasty and well prepared. Service was excellent and very much appreciated. Recommend and will return.

5 Stars Vegasbab November 18, 2010

I was skeptical because of the less than stellar reviews but forget them!!! Wow! One of my new favorites for sushi (fine dining style). The Tuna pizza pie & crab with pop rocks are an absolute must. I have yet to find better yellowtail than what Social House at TI (NOT the new one) served, but this comes close. All in all a great meal, great service... Definitely going back

5 Stars SEJerome March 25, 2010

So good, but be prepared for high prices and small portions - Par for the course for high end sushi. Haven't tried nobu so I can't compare, but it's certainly the best sushi I've had so far

1 Star Angelatn March 08, 2010

All I can say is... Don't go if u are hungry. Very pricey. Great atmosphere but we left feeling like we just wasted $150. The sushi is the only thing I would order from here. Maybe for a little snack. The entrees & platters are only about 3 bites and about $35. Don't waste your $.

1 Star Jalexalison March 08, 2010

Portions are tiny! spent $160 and left starving!

5 Stars Anon January 20, 2010

Ate there with several friends in Aug 2009. Made reservations online a week or so in advance, which was very easy to use. We had a blast! Beautiful decor with a wonderful view of the fountains. Great wait staff--helpful, friendly, and very knowledgable about the menu. We had great speciality cocktails before dinner--all very unique and fresh. For dinner we shared edamame, tempura crab, and several different sushi rolls. The 'popping crab' was our favorite--complete with pop rocks. For dessert, we had great saki and shared a decedant chocolate creation. Everything was wonderful. Fresh well thought out combinations of flavors and beautiful presentation. Overall a fabulous dinner experience! We had expected it to be one of our most expensive meals, but were surprised at how reasonable our bill was in the end.

5 Stars Sarah December 20, 2009

Awesome in all aspects! Sushi is continuously fresh and delicious.

5 Stars Sarah December 20, 2009

Awesome in all aspects! Sushi is continuously fresh and delicious.

1 Star Mousespotter September 19, 2009

Ridiculously small portions for very high prices. Snotty, impersonal staff.

5 Stars Anonymous September 02, 2009

Fantastic sushi in a hip atmosphere.

1 Star Dorian August 15, 2009

My outrageous bill at Yellowtail was comped and I still felt duped. Ridiculously small portions and average sushi. You can get better at a dozen other places in Las Vegas.

1 Star Sup August 15, 2009

Small portions and very slow service. Don't recommend.

5 Stars Steven209 August 13, 2009

I like it. The service was really awsome. And the food was to die for. I highly reccommend the strawberry roll and the kobi steak. It was by far the best steak I have ever put in my mouth. It was melt in your mouth and perfectly cook. The next time I'm in las Vegas I will be returning to yellowtail.

2 Stars Sam November 26, 2008

I am a big sushi fan, being, Geisha House in Hollywood is my favorite restaurant, so I am willing to pay big bucks for exceptional sushi. I get the whole Vegas is expensive bit, but Yellowtail, was WAY over priced, and the food was sub par. They did have a exceptional Saki list, which were excellent, but once again over priced by far. I was really excited to try this restaurant but after paying $400 for 4 people and still eating at another restaurant right after, I would not recommend this place at all. There are much better places on the strip to try for sushi.