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Restaurant Ratings & Reviews Zeffirino (The Venetian)

2 Stars Haynes February 18, 2013

Had reservations for 5:30 to make 8PM show, we were rushed and my wife's price fixe meal was terrible. What do you expect for $49.50/ person? Won't be recommending or going back anytime soon.

3 Stars Restaurant Mike July 17, 2012

Nice ambiance. Compliments to the chef, food was very good. Service is slow at a non busy hour. Staff is not attentive and it showed with other tables as well.

5 Stars James S May 31, 2012

We enjoyed a pleasant meal overlooking the canal. Food was great, nice atmosphere.

4 Stars Piperdash September 10, 2011

A very pleasant experience. Attentive service, delicious pasta, great wine and ambience. This is a place with a reputation for being patronized by the likes of Sinatra, Pavarotti, and Pope John Paul II. We stumbled upon this restaurant and were very happy we had dinner here. Reasonably priced for a classy Italian meal.

5 Stars Steven H April 21, 2010

Had dinner there on 4/14/10. Food and service was excellent.

2 Stars Stacy April 04, 2010

Nice restaurant and gorgeous location!

0 Stars James February 06, 2010

Excellent Sunday brunch, best on the Strip and worth every cent

3 Stars Sara January 04, 2010

Not as good as other Mario Batali restaurants in LV.

3 Stars Ryan November 07, 2009

Service was exceptinally slow but the food and atmopshere were great

5 Stars Bobcattk September 21, 2009

Best Sunday Champagne Brunch buffet in Vegas. Lobster! Food quality, service, & gondola views are amazing.

0 Stars Denise Morrow August 25, 2008

We were celebrating our 25th anniversary and ate at Zeffirino's. The food was fabulous, service was great and the atmosphere was very romantic. Absolutely loved their homemade breads! They made our evening so special by not only giving us a free desert,but also an Italian chocolate laqueur drink that was fabulous! They will always be apart of our anniversary memories.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 18, 2001

The service was nice, but for the price I really thought the food should be better. I had a meal twice as good at the Grand Lux Cafe!

0 Stars RateVegas User May 14, 2001

The Sunday Brunch at $49.99 is a bargain. Lobsters,shrimp,beef wellington,pasta,oysters,crab,unlimited champagne, and the excellent Italian trained staff make this a memorable event. We went 2 weeks in a row and we believe there is no finer brunch.

Dean Hughson,Las Vegas local

0 Stars RateVegas User April 30, 2001

We ate at Zefferino's about a year and a half ago. Everything reminded us of Italy, from the decor, the atmosphere, and the people that worked there. They have the most wonderful people working there, the host Lucciano nows everyone that comes in the restuarant famous or not. We really love this place because of the food, service, price, atmosphere, and the people that work at the restuarant. Everyone makes sure you are taken care of, you have atleast 4 diffrent people serving you, you dont run out of anything or if you need something when one or three of your servers are busy someone is always there, you get real itialian food, because the cooks are all from Italy. They dont charge you extra for bottled water, unless you want a Panini bottled water, they do have salt and pepper shakers at every table, believe me, ever since the first time we ate there we have been eating there ever since. They prefer to give you an option of fresh ground pepper or pre ground thats all. We recommend this restuarant if you have'nt been to Italy, it has the same effect. We can't say enough about this restuarant, it's nice to know when we do come there to eat it's like going to a friend's house.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 22, 2001

The food was good,and the pasta was cooked just right, but drastically overpriced when compared to other restaurants of the same caliber. Even the wine list was way overpriced. The service was terrible!!! There is a seperate person to do every little thing from grinding pepper on your salad to opening your wine, but they had a problem coordinating it all, leaving you with very little service, and confused as to who to ask for anything. Not once did somebody ask how our meal was, or refill our wine glasses, or offer us pepper. There were no salt & pepper shakers on any of the tables. I felt like if I would have asked for better service that my food would have been spit on. Oh, if you ask for plain tap water, they seem irritated that you did not spend money on bottled water. I eat at many different upscale establishments, and I would try to deter anyone from wasting their money to eat a place where you are made to feel like you need to do your waiter a personal favour to get any service,or if you do not order the most expensive wine ,appetizer, and entree, you are scowled at for the rest of your meal. There was nobody with any sort of healthy personality serving you. NO friendly atmosphere here! After dinner, we went down to one of the bars in the hotel and expressed ourselves to the bartender, and he told us that we were the 4th couple to complain about that resaurant that night! To top things off, there is only one bathroom stall for each gender, and it is not a small restaurant. The line-up for the bathroom was too long to even bother waiting to go. They should have had a number machine, where you pick a number and you sit and wait until your number has been called. If you want great Italian food with a better price and better service, eat at the restaurant at the New York New York Hotel. We ate there twice in 24hours and it was not even our hotel. Please do not eat at Zeffirino's. It will only disappoint you.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 29, 2001

A ripoff. Food at slightly better than Olive Garden quality at 3x the price. Service was adequate, but not exceptional. Atmosphere: fun, but noisy
One other minor flaw:only 1 bathroom for either sex necessitated long lines, both for the mens and the ladies room.
Summary: OK but go only if someone else pays.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 27, 2001

Last year (March) I needed to make reservation for dinner with guests joining us who are from Italy. Taking a chance on going to an Italian Rest. here in the states I was taking a chance. The good news is our Italian guest were shocked to find such wonderful food and serve by Italians from Northern Italy who knew what real Italian dinning is all about. I'll be back this March.