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Paris Las Vegas

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Paris Las Vegas

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Show Ratings & Reviews Anthony Cools (Paris Las Vegas)

1 Star Tommy November 12, 2013

Worst show I've ever seen in Vegas, I know it's not real but at least be funny.
The people that like this show also believe wrestling is not fake.

1 Star Mike S June 04, 2013

Worst show ever! Too bad there are no half-stars.

1 Star Lorrie November 11, 2011

The seating sucks! All on the floor. Small ass theater. We bought VIP and why!? If a tall person sits in front of you you ate screwed! Don't waste your money on this crappy show!!

1 Star Jim September 09, 2010

Not worth the money.

2 Stars Jim September 09, 2010

I laughed, but it was any different then most these shows AND by far not worth the money.

5 Stars Sara July 09, 2010

Fun show!

4 Stars John June 07, 2010

Really fun!

0 Stars CJ March 22, 2010

I was in the show and I was not hypnotyzed. When he told me to audition for a role in a porn movie I refused he tried to put me to sleep and make me do it again I refused and he told me to return to my seat. It was really funny but sorry it's fake!

5 Stars Ryan March 20, 2010

Show iz amazing and funny az hell. He does a great job. I laughed start to end. Show iz awesome. Better than many of the comedy shows iv seen and I go 2 Vegas every year and catch atleast 5 shows while I'm there. This is one ov the best and funniest iv seen.

1 Star Andy September 06, 2009

Total rip off. Avoid the show at all costs.

1 Star Chaz August 06, 2009

Been in the show. Total scam. It's not worth the time or money.

4 Stars Denise May 31, 2009

Great show, lots of fun, a must see

5 Stars Niki March 18, 2009

Oh my god. I was in the show. It is not faked I can 100% guarantee you are hypnotized. I watched the DVD back. Crazy!!. You do know that you are there and can hear, just like he says! I wasn't a believer but am now. My hubby laughed so much he was nearly sick! Go watch !!!!!!!!

1 Star Steve January 21, 2009

The people on stage were in on the show. I heard them talking after the show. They told me they were not hypnotized. They were faking.

2 Stars Adam P December 13, 2008

Watching people hump chairs was kind of funny. The show was average.