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Show Ratings & Reviews Blue Man Group (Luxor)

5 Stars Timm June 06, 2015

Went for the 3rd time on May 12. The show has changed and updated since I first saw it at Luxor in 2001. It's still a good time overall. Be forewarned: if your idea of hilarity is profanity laced or anything that doesn't involve any thought, you'll be bored. The young lady next to me was so bored she kept repeating "this isn't funny" out loud and eventually she bolted for the lobby, never to return. There's a bit that they've done forever about sewer systems and how when sewage backs up into your home it's "interactive" that apparently no one thinks is amusing but me. Vegas crowds can be.... Dense. It's a shame.

4 Stars May December 30, 2014

It's overall great, staff are friendly, environment is good, my kid love it.

5 Stars Vix November 11, 2014

This show is simply epic. A visual and musical spectacular with comedy and audience participation thrown in for good measure. If you only have time to see one show, you must see this.

3 Stars Gregory T December 17, 2013

The Blue Man Group is the most bipolar show I've seen. Parts of the show were hilarious and brilliant. Other parts left me checking the time of day. With a few executive decisions it would be much improved.

2 Stars Erin November 21, 2013

Caters to an older crowd. Didn't stay once we saw the clientele

1 Star Misty October 06, 2013

I was bored the entire time...not worth the money!!

5 Stars Les May 23, 2013

Great show. Bigger than what they had at The Venetian so it loses something there. Still worth it. Good time.

2 Stars Diane November 06, 2012

Definitely disappointed with this show. They hardly played instruments . Saw a travelling version in home town few years back that was 10 times better than this. Do not waste your money best parts are what you see on tv only.

3 Stars Jason October 09, 2011

For the ticket prices this was a very average show considering the other options in Vegas. Cool to watch but nothing extraordinary.

4 Stars Anto28 September 11, 2011

Entertaining show but the very end is by far the best part.

5 Stars MH September 04, 2011

Love love love!

2 Stars Wuan August 19, 2011

My friends in Las Vegas said "Go See The Blue Man Group!" so I did. Not worth the money. Some guys painted blue speaking gibberish to a drumbeat isn't that great. I thought it was actually somewhat stupid. Venetian is a nice hotel, but I wouldn't reccomend this show.

3 Stars JoseCFR August 17, 2011

Not what I expected after reading other reviews. The show was repetitive and kind of boring. I would skip this.

5 Stars Nicole August 12, 2011

The show was amazing! I have never seen anything like it and I didn't want it to end. Best 1.5 hrs in Vegas! It's interactive with the audience and very fun, you laugh the whole time

5 Stars JC April 26, 2011

The show was great! Thought it would be rubbish but it turned out better than I thought. A definite must see whilst in Vegas!

1 Star Gloria April 17, 2011

My husband and I saw this show last time were in town. Show was boring in parts because it repeated some of the act. Spent a fortune on tickets to be near the front. Total waste of money!!!

3 Stars Lisa March 23, 2011

Show was AWESOME! I saw it years ago at The Luxor and was impressed the second time around. The reason I didn't give it five stars was because not only the first, but second man at the box office was RUDE. Horrible customer service and neither of them should be working with people! We bought tickets at the tix4less on the strip and got there over 2 hours in advance, no line but two men sitting behind the desk doing NOTHING and first told us to wait...while they sat there, then put us in seats second to the top row even though we purchased better seats--then he told us sorry it's all that's left and no refunds. Even though buying the tix early that morning was suppose to keep our seating category. Then hands me a receipt for $50 less than I paid and looked at me clueless and said that's what you get.

4 Stars Bill Foster February 20, 2011

If you think it was too loud YOU ARE TOO OLD and I am 63. It turned me on to some different form of music. Yes it was loud\but it made sense. Bought a DVD and a CD that night and I am going back to buy another.

5 Stars Chris D February 19, 2011

What an amazing show, total fun, awesome sound system! I've seen it 3 times now & will be watching it again when i go back in October! Can't wait!

3 Stars Fortydeuce January 01, 2011

If u have hearing issues or sensitivity to noise in ur ears, it will be uncomfortable for u. This show is incredibly too loud. I wish I had my ear plugs. Ear plugs will save ur hearing and u will still be able to hear the show real good with them in. That's how loud the show is.

2 Stars NRF December 31, 2010

Slow moving. Each sketch took too long. They took like 10 minutes once to get an audience volunteer (and I think she was a plant). Many parts were funny but I've got a strange sense of humor which came in handy here.

4 Stars Amz November 23, 2010

A fantastic show with a mix of music, colours and comedy. It was very funny and visually stunning. My only issue is I'm terrified of being pulled up on stage and there's of of audience participation but other than that a great show

5 Stars LAURENCE AUNG October 26, 2010

I loved the show and got to take a picture with one blue man.

2 Stars Mason August 14, 2010

Watch it once to see what the hype is all about. One word to describe the show: random. I didn't really enjoy the show because I was expecting it to be more about music rather than "that."

5 Stars JamieB June 28, 2010

Excellent show but you have to really like their brand of humor... It is kind of subtle humor mixed with being silly. Think drums and captain Crunch. If you are familiar with their humor and style you know what I mean. They are very energetic and entertaining. I loved it and would see it again.

2 Stars Capri Vegas June 14, 2010

Saw Nov 2009. I was expecting an explosion of light and sound, like you see in the commercial. It is really just a mime show with a rock band. Like mimes? Go for it. The "Free Bird!" joke just never gets old though.

2 Stars Nancy June 11, 2010

This show is obviously expensive to put on and although I can appreciate the theatrics I didn't really enjoy it. Some parts were mildly funny but most of the time I was thinking "I spent $75 on this?" I'd rather see a standup show next time.

5 Stars Mark April 15, 2010

Great show exciting to watch! Fun, the kids will love it. Awesome family show!

4 Stars SEJerome March 26, 2010

Good stuff. Had heard some of the music before and enjoyed seeing the visuals that went along with it. Lots of fun with obtical illusions in thsi show, if you're into that kind of thing

4 Stars Kayng March 16, 2010

Great show. Went to the 10pm show and was a great spectacle to watch, they make the show interactive so u don't fall asleep. One of Vegas's great show to watch, must see.

1 Star Vic February 25, 2010

Not a very good show, boring at times; kids may like it.

1 Star Jon dobson October 11, 2009

Terrible show. All the best bits are on the trailers. Go and see carrot top for a truly entertaining show!

1 Star Jon dobson September 06, 2009

Average show at best. Only came to life in the last ten minutes. Go and see any cirque if you want to see a great production show.

5 Stars One Love August 16, 2009

Best show I have seen by far!

4 Stars (null) June 17, 2009

My husband and I went tonight. The show was clever, interactive and fun! What performers! Worth every penny! My husband wanted to hear more music but over all enjoyable from start to finish! Poncho seats are great but if u want to get pulled up on stage aim for an aisle seat!

5 Stars Vicky Ball May 23, 2009

This show was brilliant, I would definetly go see this again.

4 Stars Christina April 26, 2009

So much fun, completely entertaining. Definately go see this show!

4 Stars Mike March 15, 2009

It is a good show. I had seen it in Chicago and Orlando and it is essentially the same exact material but still very cool. I think I will wait to see irmt again until they get new material.

5 Stars Hope March 12, 2009


4 Stars Mike February 17, 2009

So much fun!

1 Star Amber February 09, 2009

Waste of money. Each skit was too drawn out. The drums in the back are the best part of the show.

5 Stars chris g December 27, 2008

Such a cool show... enjoyed it a lot more than I thought we would. It's very funny and the music is great. Even my mom and her friend loved it. If you're in the mood for good music plus something different, go see this one. I'd like to see it again.

4 Stars Klayna Guzman October 25, 2008

Just Awesome! A must SEE!

0 Stars Mrs M. October 08, 2007

A must see if you have never experienced BMG in the past. We had seen the New York show, and the LV show is almost identical. Still enjoyable, although the jokes were the same and we knew what was coming most of the time.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 01, 2006

This is the third time we have seen the show. The first two times at Luxor. Only reason for not giving a 5 rating, is we had hoped for more new routines during the show. Still a must see.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 04, 2005

Fun, humourous, show with great music and hysterical "audience participation" ending. Warning to the "older" crowd - music is very loud but artisically wonderful. Saw BMG in NY, LV is by far superior music wise and visually stunning.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 30, 2005

We have been twice to see the show. We are
55 years old if that matters to any one. And plan on going to see it again next year. Well, worth the price of the ticket.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 01, 2004

We saw Blue Man Group and had a great time. Except for one slow, quiet part, the show was energetic and very entertaining. Definitely a unique experience, I recommend it for all...unless you have a fear of paper!

0 Stars nomad5234 April 20, 2004

Blue Man Group is an incredible show! They have the ability to pull fun and imagination out of anything. The ticket prices are a little steep, but definately worth every penny. Easily one of the best shows on the Strip.

0 Stars lori October 06, 2003

My husband and I were very disappointed in the show. If we had brought children with us, I feel they would have been scared to death. The music was too loud, the lighting too extreme. The small skits were slightly amusing, but most times just plain stupid. We really expected more for the money we spent for two way too expensive tickets!

0 Stars Arkarch August 19, 2003

A discovery of human sense and sensibility by three curious Blue Men who act as one. Funny skit humor, truths, and dynamic percussive music punctuate this presentation. Its amazing how much is said in a show where not a single word is spoken. Go early and enjoy the preshow - and the bathroom soundtrack. After three viewings, I think the best seats are in rows 5 through about row 12, but you wont fare too bad anywhere in the theatre... Just make sure you remove your hats and glasses before the finale - its wild!

0 Stars unified May 21, 2003

I didn't find it as funny or entertaining as others, in fact it was like watching the old intel commercial for 90 minutes instead of 3.

0 Stars drbertz February 28, 2003

Visually distinctive, with an element of humor and psychedelic lighting and paint effects. Amazing rhythm and instruments. Good Times for all!

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

These guys are GREAT. Funny and witty, I couldn't stop laughing. They just raised their ticket price again but I still say this show is one of the better shows in Las Vegas.