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Show Ratings & Reviews Carrot Top (Luxor)

5 Stars Cathie November 02, 2014

Saw Carrot Top a year ago when we were there saw him again this time he is hilarious and we will definitely make him a regular show on all our trips!

5 Stars Andrew August 20, 2014

Being from the UK I feared his humour might not translate but by and large it did with only the odd American reference I didn't know. A small theatre which benefits his prop led act. I must admit Mr Top "bought" an extra star in this review as, mid-act, a bottle of whiskey made an appearance which was shared with the audience, me included!

4 Stars Cody May 25, 2014

Got a bogo from MyVegas (Facebook game, play it) and went in with not a lot of high hopes but found myself pleasantly surprised. He was funny, energetic, and even though the show may have run about 20 mins longer that I felt it should, I truly enjoyed myself. Wouldn't say a must see but definitely worth a look.

5 Stars Linda March 29, 2014

We just arrived home from Vegas. A friend highly recommended seeing Carrot Top. She was so right on! I laughed so hard and thoroughly loved his show plus enjoyed the DJ (sorry forgot your name) who started out the evening show! next trip to Vegas I will certainly see the show again. Great evening!

5 Stars D April 24, 2013

Just went and saw Carrot Top for the 2nd time. This time I convinced 7 others to reluctantly join me. After the show all 8 of us still had tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. They all said it was the best show they ever saw and best money they've spent. Just as funny the 2nd time. I would see him every time I visit Vegas. I love this show. You laugh within seconds of him hitting the stage and don't stop until long after the show is over.

5 Stars Rich March 15, 2013

Always go to this show when I'm in Vegas. Content is always current and hilarious. Best show deal in Vegas as far as comedy is concerned. You will laugh from start to finish.

5 Stars Frederick Y January 15, 2013

Remove your doubts. Carrot Top is a blast.

5 Stars Dale Musick June 13, 2012

Awesome. Laughed til I couldn't breathe almost. Don't go by what you see on tv. 100 times better in person

5 Stars Harry March 15, 2012

Best thing we did in Vegas! Show was awesome!

4 Stars Salvegas24 February 26, 2012

Loved this show. Cirque Love is my favorite and I've been to many of the shows on the strip and Carrot Top is great. Well priced show with lots of laughs, Vegas jokes and the topical references in the show are current and relevant. Highly recommend the show. Carrot Top has been on the strip or a long time and will probably stay there for a while more. He's a Vegas staples and will be a legend if he continues working.

5 Stars Jeff January 28, 2012

Best comedy show in Vegas. Carrot Top had us laughing from start to finish. He's great.

5 Stars Angiefr/Calgary October 29, 2011

Holy cow! I just giggled or outright laughed through the entire show. It was money well spent and it's too bad that this comedian is so disrespected. Carrot Top is a really funny guy! See this show.

5 Stars Korry October 18, 2011

Hilarious. I laughed from start to finish. Even his jokes that flop are saved by his brilliant recoveries. Carrot Top doesn't get the credit he deserves. I highly recommend this show. I took 2 friends who didn't really want to see him, and they loved it too.

5 Stars Kim Barlow September 23, 2011

Without question. One of the funniest comedians I have ever seen. Now been twice and the content of the show is always fresh. Yes there are some old jokes but there was a lot of new stuff. Highly recommended for anyone coming to Vegas!!

5 Stars Rich September 05, 2011

LMFAO, he had me crying from start to finish. He doesn't get the credit that he deserves as a top comedian. I would recommend everyone see Carrot Top.

5 Stars Rm September 04, 2011

It was so funny from start to finish. I would put this at the top of the show list for every trip to Vegas.

5 Stars Jsheets July 11, 2011

This show was awesome. Easily the best comedian I have ever seen. Don't miss this show.

4 Stars Kkenn June 20, 2011

Very funny. Small auditorium allows you to be very close. Bought tickets on bestofvegas.com. Definatley got a deal!

5 Stars Harry April 23, 2011

Are you ready. Best show ever!

3 Stars Jeffrey April 22, 2011

Loved this, best show in Vegas. I would walk 500 miles to see it haha

5 Stars William March 25, 2011

Off the hook. Would see it every night!!! Most hilarious shit in Vegas!!!

5 Stars Joe D. January 30, 2011

Very funny. Offends lots of people so you know it's good!

5 Stars D January 10, 2011

This is the best show in Vegas. Saw him a couple years ago and still nothing compares for the $. Never had I had to go to the restroom as bad as when I saw C.T. Because I didn't want to miss anything I held it longer than I should have. Love him or hate him, you HAVE to check out his show. Piss your pants funny.

5 Stars Brandon January 06, 2011

Awesome show. Small, nice theater and a good value for a Vegas show

5 Stars Chris October 04, 2010

I always found Carrot Top pretty hacky, so I was surprised he had such a long-running Vegas gig. Well, there's a reason for that: he's hilarious. He starts in on the props pretty much immediately, and he had me laughing almost the whole time. Some of the jokes fell flat but he recovers brilliantly. If you plan to see a comedy show in Vegas you should see Carrot Top. I can't wait to see him again.

5 Stars Wasuuuup June 26, 2010

Saw Carrot Top a couple of nights ago. I don't think there was ever a moment when I didn't laugh. He will have you crying laughter, and even the openening comedian was hilarious! This show is definately worth seeing!!!!!

5 Stars Scaramanga007 June 17, 2010

Laughed so hard I couldn't breath! This was a great show and I highly recommend it!!

4 Stars Capri Vegas June 14, 2010

Saw in Feb 2010. He isn't cutting edge, but He is surprisingly vulgar and at times gutbustingly funny. I doubt he will be funny for anyone with an already negative impression of him butvI think he will win you over if you are undecided or only somewhat skeptical.

5 Stars Jay May 23, 2010

He is one of the best comics I've ever seen go go go go especially if you go to tix for tnite and get disc tickets it def worth it

4 Stars Bw May 05, 2010

Hilarious! Was looking for a show at one if the discount ticket booths during my last visit and decided on Carrottop. Got great seats, but thought it strange when the people seated directly to my left were briefly spoken to and then lead to other seats by an usher. Moments later, the reason became clear as Vinnie Paul (former Pantera drummer) an his entourage were lead to the recently vacated seats. Great jokes and props-especially the rock & roll segment that carrottop dedicated to Vinnie Paul. I definitely recommend this show.

4 Stars Russell Sauve March 27, 2010

I've never understood why CT is the butt of so many jokes. I've seen him three times and each time his performance was fresh and hysterical. I'd see him again any time!

5 Stars Brad March 25, 2010

Great show. A must see if you are in Vegas.

5 Stars MontanaVike March 05, 2010

We thought this would be awful but boy were we wrong! Great show! We will be back.

0 Stars T January 06, 2010

Awesome! Well worth the money. Laughed the whole show.

5 Stars Jon dobson October 11, 2009

Fabulous show worth every penny. A must see if you can.

5 Stars MandevilleMike October 06, 2009

Funny as hell. Go see it.

5 Stars Jon dobson September 06, 2009

Best show for the money in vegas. Funny and topical, even he takes the p*** out of the awfull criss angel show.

5 Stars Mstazzle August 02, 2009

I think I went wanting to hate him. But he sure changed my mind. Seems like a cool dude. the show had some duds but he's good at recovering. For the length of the show I was impressed. Made me a fan of one liners. Go see it!!

4 Stars Sean July 24, 2009

Funny as hell!!!

4 Stars Blair June 25, 2009

For the price and pace this is easily the funniest show on the strip. Great new material- saw him years ago and still made me laugh myself sick.

4 Stars Eric June 05, 2009

Saw Carrot Top in 2008 in December while at my timeshare in Vegas. He didn't disappoint at all. Topical, as usual, funny and fast paced. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed him.

5 Stars Joel Luna May 29, 2009

Must see while in vegas. Well worth the money, very funny.

5 Stars Jprincess May 20, 2009

This is my 2nd time seeing Carrot Top and it was just as funny if not funnier than the 1st time. He had added new material since last time so he always keeps it fresh. Audience involvement makes everyone feel they are a part of the show but he never makes fun of you like some other comedians where you would regret going to the show. Make sure you hit the bathroom first though, you will laugh so hard that you may pee yourself!

5 Stars Danger May 12, 2009

Never rated this guy before, but his act here was brilliant. Very funny and worth every penny. Avoid Criss Angel like plague this is only show to see at Luxor

5 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

Way funny and I did not expect him to deliever the goods. I would reccomend him to anyone. Give him a chance he is really funny.

5 Stars Hailey April 21, 2009

Soooooo funny!!!

5 Stars Deana February 20, 2009

Great show so funny! Go get tickets half off! It's worth it!

4 Stars Adam P December 13, 2008

Funniest show in Vegas once you get past the scary steroid monster face on Carrot Top.