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Show Ratings & Reviews CRISS ANGEL Believe (Luxor)

1 Star Jane Public March 20, 2014

BAHAHAHA!!!! I can see why the Luxor is just trying to give away tickets because this show is so bad. I have had people literally throw these tickets at me the last 4 years out here as a local. Me and my bf left 45 min into show, yes it started late by 20 min. Chris is better at street magic while things are on the fly, not a planned choreographed staged show like cirque forces him to do. Well honey that's what happens when u sign up front w/ cirque, they give u $$$$ up front and then they own you. Next time listen to your management, the ones who advised you in the past

1 Star Carol November 13, 2013

We saw this show last week and it was unbelievably the worst performance I have ever seen. He started late and the performance was a little over an hour. He did so much talking about all his accomplishments it was unreal. Don't waste your money on this "show". 11/13/13

1 Star Bwilliams October 08, 2013

Absolutely the worst show I've ever seen. I felt like the joke was on me and that he was mocking the crowd because his show was so unbelievably bad. We could see the wires and he did not perform anything seemlessly. We walked out early and felt so jilted and stolen from (money and time). Any positive reviews here should be considered highly suspicious!!

5 Stars Vanessa June 14, 2012

My fiancé and I really enjoyed the show! The tickets were free for staying at the Luxor so we figured why not check it out. I was not really looking forward to the show because of all the bad reviews I read but I thought it was great.

4 Stars Rysev May 25, 2012

Loved it. Wife got pulled up on stage at the beginning. It was hysterical. The guys were great to her. Only downside, couldn't take a picture of her on stage. That would have been nice. They are real strict about no photography or phones.

1 Star Darren L. May 16, 2012

This is not a Cirque Show, but a Chris Angel show and rubbish. Penn and Teller is 100 times better as an illusion show. Don't waste your money

4 Stars Jenn/Corey February 22, 2012

Show was pretty good. Even better that the tickets were free!! Criss Angel did very well, its just too bad the audience didnt seem to think so. A little too much adult humour for the kids but still good.

5 Stars Briana January 28, 2012

Amazing!! After much feedback he changed the show and its fantastic! Had my jaw dropping so many times, lots of audience interaction. Happy that its not like the other cirque shows- too many of them in Vegas. A must see if your a fan of mindfreak.

3 Stars Gussie January 05, 2012

He put on a good show but I expected more. He hardly was even in it it was mainly videos of himself and his employees. I found it very funny though if I'm in the mood I will go again

0 Stars Jane Public October 14, 2011

This show is not even worth rating, it's a joke...got free tickets from a friend, I can see now why they pushed them off on me....

1 Star MH September 04, 2011

AWFUL!!! We received free tickets with our package and still felt robbed! Cirque de Soleil should seriously be ashamed of themselves.

1 Star Lissa August 27, 2011

HORRIBLE!!! Some of the comments overheard at the end of the show were " i hope there's a meet and beat," "The best trick he did was when he made my money disappear.,". "Cirque du Soleil should be ashamed of itself for partnering up with a notalent magician,", "without TV editing, this freak is no better than my 8 year son," and "that was not a Mind Freak tjat was a colossal Mind Fu$&". In short don't waste your money on this horrible show.

1 Star Larry August 19, 2011

I've seen KIDS that have performed better illusions than Criss Angel. After spending $340.00 a ticket, I expected a great show. This was the dumbest thing I ever saw. Criss angel and a guy in a rabbit suit jumping on a stage. Cirque De Soilel should be very disappointed of themselves for hiring this idiot.

2 Stars Mel July 10, 2011

Was I entertained? Yes. Was it what one would expect from a high price, Cirque du Soleil-backed show? Nope. I'm not a Criss Angel fan but I've seen many of the illusions he's capable of. I'd read the horrible reviews, having no intention of seeing this show until my relatives coaxed me into going. I braced myself for the worst. It wasn't as bad as I had expected. The music, the banter, & the stage were all fine. I laughed several times & some of the illusions were decent but you don't want decent in Vegas. You want spectacular. You don't want more of the same which is what you get here. Many of the illusions have been done to death by other magicians. If you get free tix & have nothing better to do, ok but don't waste your money or time on this one. It's mediocre. Mildly entertaining at best.

0 Stars Misslo June 24, 2011

What a piece of crap. The kids wanted to go, so we got tickets. Turns out that it's a fairly open secret by every employee in Vegas how awful this show really is. We found that out afterwards. I have never seen a performer so openly hate his audience as Criss Angel does. It is glaringly obvious he would rather be anywhere except on that stage. The jokes were tired and the magic was bad. To really make the night complete, an emergency alarm went off in the theatre for 20 minutes - loudly. 20 minutes. Half the audience left, and if they were lucky, they got their money back. Cirque should be ashamed of themselves to be involved with this disaster. The kids were also disappointed (tough for a 10 year old who worshipped Angel).

3 Stars Ben April 21, 2011

Everyone said this was a horrible show. But I brought my two teenage sons and was pleasantly surprised. If you like criss angel then it's not bad. If you have never seen mindfreak then it's probably a two star event for you. But happy we went and all the horrible warnings were not accurate. It's not great but it's funny and we all ha a good time.

4 Stars Lisa February 10, 2011

We just saw this show for the second time and was pleasantly surprised! Our first viewing was last June (2010) and it seemed choppy as a show; though Criss' illusions were very good. Now (2011) the flow is much better and integrates the fantastic sets in with the great musical score. I do recommend this show now with a note that it's not a typical Cirque performance. It's enjoyable and fun!

4 Stars Pierre-Luc January 24, 2011

Excellent show! It is not an acrobatic show like the other Cirque, but really enjoyable!

0 Stars Toni January 07, 2011

Save your money. The show is bad.

0 Stars Steve Cooper January 02, 2011

Truly truly poor. So surprising that it is on as a Vegas headline show. Do not waste your money. No rating from me

4 Stars Mike December 11, 2010

Really good show. Had low expectations going in from all the bad reviews so that helped thinking it'd be awful. Not as dark as it used to be it seems. More comedy in it and criss is there just kind of hanging out. Some of the tricks were weak but still overall especially if you are a fan and not a hater. He should drop the cirque name because there is not a lot in the show then change the name to wipe the slate clean. Give it a shot, it is a cheaper show.

0 Stars Amz November 23, 2010

I wouldn't even give this a star coz that's how bad it really is. This should never be see and NEVER be paid for, I'm amazed he's still in Vegas. It was all about his huge ego and the illusions were crap and I'm shocked Cirque put there name to this crap

0 Stars BRIAN MARCUS October 27, 2010


1 Star Jay September 28, 2010

Ooh i was so excited to see this show, only to find out that it was stupidest show in vegas. On our next trip, our cab driver told us that there are to things never to do in vegas, walk the strip barefoot, and go and see chris angel. Every illusion was to obvious there was no mystery. And to quote a sign a seen on the way out of the show' " chris angel and his rabbit sucks!"

1 Star Bo September 19, 2010

Horrible. Stunningly bad. He has to use hulk hogan hand to ear gestures just to ge people to clap. I paid $340 for this torture. I'm convinced now having seen him live that the tv show works only because it's so heavily edited Jesus the show was just awful.

3 Stars Cody September 01, 2010

Not the same excitement as on TV and I must admit for a Cirque production it did lack the flair and mind blowing acrobatic and dances you might be used to but all the same I did enjoy the show. Chris has an interesting style and a sense of humor that translated nicely to the audience. Engaging and charismatic and a few tricks did have me going hummmmmm. Good show no matter what the haters say.

5 Stars BrettPC August 06, 2010

A must see. Have gotten mixed reviews from others .But I tought is was very entertaining . Remember it a magic show not a circus , if your expecting acrobats ,stay away.

3 Stars Geo July 07, 2010

I've seen the show twice; once when it first opened then again almost a year later. It was much better the first time. It reminds me of the Alice Cooper shows of the 1970's.

0 Stars Corey June 28, 2010

Anyone posting a great review of this show is full of shit!!! This show sucks so bad. Do not waste your time in Vegas . Do not waste your money!!!! You will regret it I promise !!!!!

1 Star Al from San Diego June 28, 2010

Painful. The illusions are terrible. Don't do this to yourself.

4 Stars Scaramanga007 June 17, 2010

A good show for an evenings entertainment. It doesn't have the complexity of other Cirque shows or the excitement of Mind Freak, but knowing this in advance, the show is fun. The music is great and I do plan on getting the CD when it's available later this summer.

1 Star Capri Vegas June 14, 2010

Lots of people like to rag on Criss Angel, so I was skeptical of the bad reviews. I can't believe they pass this off as a magic show, or a Cirque show. If you go, having a tongue-in-cheek perspective may get you through. You can't take it seriously.

1 Star Mike June 13, 2010

The worst show I've seen in my life

0 Stars KURT May 29, 2010


0 Stars Katherine May 18, 2010

Boring. Save your money. I love Chris Angel but honestly I was very disapointed by his show.

3 Stars Tito San May 13, 2010

If you aren't already a fan of Criss Angel, you will probably not like the show too much. He does some pretty cool things, but if you are a fairly saavy magic watcher, there are only a few gags that might leave you scratching your head. He does 10 performances a week, and it shows. It lacks much of the energy and charisma of his A&E show. The crowd just wasn't that into it. The one VERY COOL thing they do is look out for younger guests, and try to get them upgraded seats if available. We were originally seated towards the back, and we ended up in the third row! The only down side was seeing all of the telegraphed tricks. Mostly a PG13 show, but our seven year old enjoyed it (though certain parts were a bit loud/scary for him).

1 Star Austin April 27, 2010

This show was an absolute disaster. I have been a faithful Cirque du Soleil fan for over 10 years beginning with Mystere, and seeing this really made me feel sorry for them. Criss Angel had zero charisma, which is one of the show's fatal flaws (of which there are many). He is presented as the "hero" of the "story," both terms used loosely. Without any reason to root for him, I felt very ambivalent.

The "magic" was cringeworthy, at best. With enough smoke and wires, I can walk down a vertical wall too.

The music might have been OK, and I understand that Criss used to rock out at the end to his Mindfreak theme song. Luckily, that got removed, because by the time the show ends, I really didn't need another reason for wanting to punch him in the face.

I even got to see it for free by using esort credits, and I still felt ripped off.

2 Stars Doug April 17, 2010

It's cool but not epic. Wait a few years till they figure it all out and touch it up a bit... Chris Angels show on tv was way cooler.

2 Stars Jim April 15, 2010

Very poor and laboured.

2 Stars Nick March 30, 2010

The best part about the show were the dancers. His "tricks" would of been better on the street. They looked to fake, not to say some of them still blew my mind. For the price of the show it would be better to see it on tv.

0 Stars April March 28, 2010

We went and saw this last night and I fell asleep! Horrible! A few of the tricks left me guessing, but a couple of them were blatantly obvious! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

1 Star Vipgeoff March 26, 2010

The only thing he made disappear was the money from my wallet! What a ripoff worst show ever

5 Stars Luke March 14, 2010

Best show ever!!!!

2 Stars Frankiespankme March 06, 2010

Pretty bad. I feel sorry for Criss as I love him on mindfreak but fails on delivering to a live audience. Go see Copperfield! I've seen him 3 times here in Ottawa Canada and he is the king of magic. And for a real treat while in Vegas, Mac King at Harrah's will leave wanting more. Sorry Criss:( Looking forward to some more Mindfreak!!!

2 Stars Frankiespankme February 17, 2010

Pretty bad. I feel sorry for Criss as I love him on mindfreak but fails on delivering to a live audience. Go see Copperfield! I've seen him 3 times here in Ottawa Canada and he is the king of magic. And for a real treat while in Vegas, Mac King at Harrah's will leave wanting more. Sorry Criss:( Looking forward to some more Mindfreak!!!

0 Stars Johanna February 13, 2010

We saw this show in July we took our 16 year old she loved it we on the other hand thought it was horrible!!!! I spent over $600.00 on realy good seats for 4 of us would have been beter off flushing it down the toilet!! At least we would have had a good laugh insted of 2 wasted hours that we will never get back although my daughter did have a good time and that's why we went if your not 16 stay away

0 Stars Andrea February 01, 2010

Loves it! Greek power!!

5 Stars Joe December 13, 2009

Love this show! Of course it's not gonna be like his show on a&e. He already told everyone that it isn't. I for one, will go back to see this every year!

5 Stars James November 08, 2009

Terrific show!

1 Star CA November 04, 2009

Saw the show in march and thought it was ok. Came back with friends last night, paid $$$ for tickets to see failed tricks and sit in the dark until they figured out what to do next. The show seemed to lack the flow of the story we saw in March...as if they just wanted it to end asap. Very disappointing. Your money is better spent on KA-a real Cirque.

1 Star Matt October 23, 2009

This show is horrible ... Plain and simple .... And hearing the people leaving the show speaking horribly about the show, simply means that any good recommendation would have an alteriative motion.

5 Stars Mark October 20, 2009

I don't know why this show is getting bad reviews. It's the best magic and Cirque show on the strip!! I'm going to go and see this show every year!

1 Star Tom October 12, 2009

Nothing like his show on a&e. He is on stage for only 20% of the show with the circque clowns babbling throughout the performance. Take a pass on this show and go see a real circque show. Mindfreak is a tipoff. Very disappointing.

1 Star Nick October 11, 2009

The only people that like this show are people who have never seen a Cirque show and don't know what they're normally like. This is not a Cirque show, this is straight crap. Don't waste your money go see Le Reve or Mystere.

0 Stars Chasou October 07, 2009

Para el publico de habla hispana... No pierdan ni su tiempo ni su dinero, es el peor show que he visto en toda mi vida!

0 Stars Chasp October 07, 2009

Please DO NOT waste your time!! It is the worst show I've seen in my adult life! Sucks!

5 Stars David G October 01, 2009

My wife and I saw the show Tuesday night and we thought it was great. We are both fans of the show and were very much entertained. Not sure why all the bad reviews. Go to tickets 4 tonight, we paid $138 for two tickets online they were $175 each. If u like criss angel you'll like the show.

5 Stars Cindy September 22, 2009

Best show in the city!!!!! A must see!!!!

1 Star Brad C. September 17, 2009

Horrible show! Love watching the Mindfreak show on A&E, but this show was way below my expectations for Criss Angel. For the cost, spend your money on another show like The Blue Man Group or a Cirque show.

5 Stars Chris September 14, 2009

What the fuck is up with you people?!? This show is amazing! It was so great, I'm going to see it every year because he adds new illusions every time. This deserves a million stars. **********+*****************************************************************

5 Stars Ryan September 09, 2009

This show is great just what to expect from mr angel's dark mind and the talent of cirque. The magic could be beter but it not call the criss angel magic show. If you want a strickly insane mind blowing magic go see lance Burton. This is a good show to see if your not expecting cross angel mind freak.

1 Star Jon dobson September 06, 2009

A disaster from start to finish. This is the worst cirque show on the strip. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

3 Stars Bill August 29, 2009

His tricks were okay and not really anything special but the cirque part of the show was pretty good. If you do pay close attention they do use cables to make him levitate and you'll see his assistants take it off. Lots of use of trap doors and you can kind of tell. Bit it's more artsy and if you just let yourself get lost in the show you'll still have a great time. I did but then again we did get the tix for free.

1 Star Quincy August 22, 2009

In support of the previous author, after the show I went back to my hotel room and Mindfreaked in the toilet. I then cleaned myself with the ticket stub. Because I wasn't feelng well after the show, the ticket stub wasn't enough. If I had only bought one of those Mindfreak wrist bands.... but I was glad not to have given him any more of my money (even though the tickets were comped). I really like the Mindfreak show on A&E. He is an amazing magician out on the street and would have gladly given him $50 if I saw him out on the sidewalk. It doesn't translate to the stage. I guess the money is too good. Well that's about it, I need to head off to the bathroom. I feel another Mindfreak coming...

0 Stars Leo August 21, 2009

This show has added a new verb to the english language. After the show I had to take a big mindfreak in the bathroom! Awful doesn't describe the poor magician skills that angel delivers to the audience! I would rather hand out the hooker cards on the strip than sit through another show of beLIEve!

4 Stars Ct August 15, 2009

Very good show. I don't really care for Chriss angel but I really enjoyed it. It has a variety of things and although he is arrogant he can put on a good show. I strongly recomend it.

2 Stars Mr. Sandman August 13, 2009

Saw show last night; too much talking by Angel. How many times do we have to see the cast fake that they are not hooking him up to a cable to float in the air. Only gave it this score because I got tickets at half price.

1 Star Mstazzle August 02, 2009

Don't see!! Sucks!!

5 Stars Carrie July 22, 2009

I saw this show a couple of weeks ago and wow! It was fantastic!!! 5 stars!!!

1 Star Mark June 18, 2009

Heavy on the arrogance, light on the content. Very few good illusions, lots of histrionics.

1 Star Jennifer June 10, 2009

Horrible Horrible show. My daughter dances better then these dancers, the "magic" was stuff I saw in the 5th grade, hugely disapointing!! I couldn't find one good review, now I know why! Don't waste your money!

1 Star Tx traveler May 28, 2009

I love mind freak, and sorry Chris I do like you as a person. But this was no mind freak , I was even embarassed for Chris Angel it was a poor show for even the discount tickets we got! I know the quality of Chris Angel and I know the quality of cirque du soleil this was neither

1 Star Matt May 22, 2009

Horrible show .... Can't believe they charge for an absolute disaster !!!!!!

1 Star Danger May 12, 2009

DON'T just DON'T. We actually got given two tickets for this show by someone who couldn't make it herself, face valued at $138 each. If I ever see her again I will slap her, this was possibly the worst two hours of my life. Only good bit was when a dude in the front row tried to storm the stage and attack Angel and was dragged off by security. It was closed down last Sunday for review but if it ever reopens AVOID it like the plague. Criss Angel is a clown. Carrot Top upstairs was superb and I was never a fan, there is only one headliner at the Luxor

1 Star Perez Hilton April 19, 2009

Why are they still paying this douchebag??? The show was the worst Cirque show we've ever seen! All the other ones on the strip are spectacular! But this show is a joke. Why is MGM/Mirage paying him? Buy him out of his contract and retool the show to be a dark/nightmare/halloween show. People would go to that because it'd be fun.

1 Star Big Time April 16, 2009

I would give this a negative rating if I could... I took my fiancé to see this on a recent trip and we left about half way through because it sucked so bad. We saw Ka at the MGM Grand and that was great... This isn't worth your money, trust me, I predict he will be bought out of his contract by Luxor because there is no way this show can make this will make it 10 years in vegas.

1 Star Big Time April 15, 2009

I would give this a negative rating if I could... I took my fiancé to see this on a recent trip and we left about half way through because it sucked so bad. We saw Ka at the MGM Grand and that was great... This isn't worth your money, trust me, I predict he will be bought out of his contract by Luxor because there is no way this show can make this will make it 10 years in vegas.

1 Star Steve C March 13, 2009

I can't Believe I paid hard earned money to watch this train wreck. How many times can one man float in the same exact spot on the stage with giving the trick away. And the assistants running up to him every time he lands to unhook the cables doesn't help the illusion either.

5 Stars Deana B-Florida February 21, 2009

I enjoyed it a lot, my husband and I had front row seats. Worth every penny to us, some tricks were lame but overall very happy!

1 Star Matt and Kathy February 15, 2009

This is possibly the worst show ever imaginable. First, the show was 60 % full and they decided to move up all the people from the lowest price category to the beat seats. This meant you only had to get the cheapest ticket to get the best seats. We were both put off by this but hoped it would at least be a good show. NOPE ... The show stunk!!!!!!!!!!! It was a complete failure in every way. Too bad as well as we are both Chris Angel fans and huge fans of Cirque de Soleil. I am so shocked that this show was as terrible as it was and thought it couldn't possibly be as bad as the reviews we read prior to giving it the benefit of the doubt but NO ... It was actually worse than the bad reviews we read.

4 Stars Brad January 21, 2009

Fantastic show! Don't be scared away by the early reviews. Most of the initial reviews were due to the show's soft opening. They have since worked out a lot of the kinks. You do have to remember though, this is not your typical stage magic show. If you are going just to see Criss stand up on stage and perform tricks, you may be disappointed. However, if you are looking for something completely different than other "magic" shows on the strip, you will be pleasently suprised. Don't sit too close to the stage. Although there really aren't any bad seats, 5 to 10 rows back will offer a great vantage point.

5 Stars Jenny January 20, 2009

Best show ever!!!!!!!

1 Star Hoffert Nicolas January 13, 2009

Pour ceux quo parlent francais, j'ai vu le Show ende Debut janvier,NUL !! Ne Laissez pas votre argent pour cette arnaque !! Ne vaut même pas 1 point, mais c'est le minimum...et c'est domage de souiller le cirque du soleil a chris angel, c'est le CDS qui sauve le show un peu.

1 Star donnymac66 January 11, 2009

Saw BeLIEve in November. The show as a whole is a disaster. Criss' "illusions" were the worst part of the show. The cirque part and the costumes were as inventive and interesting as every CDS show. I would like to meet the execs who saw this show in pre-production and decided to let it be performed nightly in it's current state. I hear people compare the opening of BeLIEve to the opening of Zumanity. With Zumanity CDS kept tweaking and improving the show to it's current form, however with BeLIEve I cannot see how they could do the same unless they could somehow make Criss a believable stage actor. Now that would be a good trick!

1 Star Rodney January 02, 2009

Please don't waste your time or money!!!

1 Star CirqueLVR December 31, 2008

Worst show ever! Penn & Teller have better magic.Save your money and hit the casino floor. I will never get these two hours back in my life!

2 Stars Christopher gast December 25, 2008

I went into this show not knowing anything about it, except that it received some poor reviews. They're definitely warranted, as you'll be sorry you paid to see this mess. Criss Angel is in the show quite a lot, and his magic and stunts are the best parts. But if you're expecting Cirque du Soleil's trademark acrobatic feats or general beauty you'll be disappointed. The other performers are limited mainly to dancing that resembles Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video. It has a choppy flow, and is downright boring in some parts. This show will have to be revamped significantly if it wants to make it for just a year, never mind the ten that Criss mentions he's contracted for. I was riding the elevator at the Mirage when a lady said to me, unprovoked, "Whatever you do, don't go see the Criss Angel show at the Luxor." That about says it.

2 Stars ROBERT December 19, 2008


1 Star Kevin December 15, 2008

If you feel like throwing away money, do it gambling instead of wasting 2 hours on this mess. At least then you may get a small amount of happiness in winning your bets on occasion.

My major problems with this production:
-Criss Angel REALLY loves himself, and expects you to as well.
-He constantly refers to tricks he did in "Season 2" or "Season 4", like we know the significance.
-He plays up how dangerous and cool the "Tesla Coil" trick he's about to do is, and has a video intro with testimonials from doctors and even his mother about how they worry about him performing the trick... then HE NEVER DOES IT.
-He only performs 7 or 8 tricks the whole show, and 5 of them involve him disappearing or reappearing and/or producing doves from handkerchiefs. The others are him getting sawed in half, getting out of a straightjacket and changing costumes quickly behind a video screen. How 'bout some originality? Oh wait, that's Penn & Teller that do that.

Aside from Criss himself, the lighting designer insists on blinding the audience by flashing very bright spotlights and strobes directly at them the entire time.

To sum up, Criss Angel Believe sucks.

1 Star Adam P December 13, 2008

Went to see the show as Mindfreak fans. Left totally disappointed. Went to the box office and asked for a refund. They gave he tickets to "O" to calm us down. The following night we went to see "The Mentalist" show. It was a much better magic show.

1 Star Steve December 04, 2008

Worst show in Vegas!!!

1 Star (null) December 03, 2008

Are you kidding? The Luxor gave this a &10 year contract.

1 Star Ted C November 13, 2008

We were extremely dissappointed. The show sucked! If you are expecting mind freak it's not that. More like revenge of the bunnies with magic tricks anyone can do with good assistants! The best part of the show was the preentertainment. "Christo oh Christo" as shouted by the characters was the highlight. Save your money but even more so your time

1 Star Greg November 08, 2008

Rip off is the only desciption you can give believe. Cris angel needs to handout acid ,because that's not a mind freak . It's a wallet rip off. Buyer beware

1 Star Phillip October 21, 2008

Do not waste your money!!!!! There is no illusion when you can see wires!!!! Put your money on red even if you lose you will still have more fun.