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Show Ratings & Reviews Donny and Marie (The Flamingo)

3 Stars Carol Miknenas May 30, 2013

A very energetic show and comical banter between Donny and Marie. The voices were good but I do think it is more for the fans and did come across as cheesy in parts. Donny still has it but Marie attempts an opera song! Great effort but not a great voice. Why did she do it? It did not fit in with the show at all. But it was a good night out. Not one of the top shows as rated in my opinion.

3 Stars Stuart Poyner May 06, 2013

A nostalgia trip. There are better singers and better shows but no-one else can relive your teenage years quite like donny and marie. That is, if you are 45 or older!

1 Star Peter Machon May 15, 2012

Bought tix to show for last night of our trip for wife's birthday, but show was cancelled! Bummer!

5 Stars Laurie September 05, 2011

Awesome show! Must see!!

5 Stars Sharron August 23, 2011

This is the best show in Las Vegas, since the golden days
of Elvis, Dean & Frank. What a talented act they have. I
want to fly my mother across the country just to see them.
I saw them a year ago and I cannot wait to see them again!
Fabulous entertainers!!!! Worth the money and I can't say
that about most of the shows in Las Vegas.

5 Stars Steve Cooper May 09, 2011

Excellent entertainment. Worth the extra few bucks to sit at the tables in the front. Enjoy

5 Stars Wendy October 19, 2010

Loved the show! Donny was my teen idol in the 70's - still love him today!

5 Stars Tom July 03, 2010

Friends wanted to go and I seriously thought about skipping this show. Decided to go with them and am so glad I did. This show was AWESOME!! They sang, danced, showed footage from their tv shows and tribute to the military. It was honestly one of the best live shows I have ever seen!!

3 Stars Capri Vegas June 14, 2010

A perfectly acceptable entertaining show, and as you may expect, add two stars if you love Donny and Marie and subtract two stars if you hate them...you know who you are.

4 Stars Bill Crumbaker August 28, 2009

This was a very entertaing show , we sat in the balcony and still could see the show real well. Donny challenged Marie to a dance contest and I think he may have a very good chance of winning Dancing with the stars. I would highly recommend this show.

0 Stars Ace August 13, 2009

A fantastic show. Little comedy, dancing and oh course singing. They still have it and the ending is great. Takes me back. Please don't pass up the chance to see

5 Stars Karen August 10, 2009

Took me back to my early teens when I used to gaze at my posters of Donny Osmond while listening to his singles over & over & over....sorry, where was I? He's still got it & Marie's not bad either!!! Go see!!!