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Show Ratings & Reviews Fantasy (Luxor)

4 Stars Linda March 29, 2014

The gal who sang during the show, wow, what a voice! The gals dancing, very good! The show was very enjoyable and I would recommend. The comedian lady at the end (sorry I'm bad with names) was very funny and did a great job! Would see again !

5 Stars Scott Wolff February 19, 2013

Feb 17, 2013 10:30 pm. The show is a must see if in Vegas. The singer/mc: beautiful, funny, and a wonderful voice. The comedian was hold your belly hilarious. The girls were "hot" and the routines very good. Not a bad seat in the whole theatre. I did witness the security guards get a little over zealous with an individual using a small set of binoculars. The security guard was very aggressive and thought that the binoculars might be a video taping device. In my opinion if the customer would have not been very passive there could have been a problem. The show itself is a must see women will like it too. 👍👍

1 Star CDMA October 24, 2012

The very first time I stayed in Vegas we stayed at the Luxor and we thought it was such a great hotel, until now.

Last night my family and I decided to go see the show Fantasy as we were getting drinks and sorts for the show there is an area you can buy lingerie so as I was deciding what to buy my husband touched the mannequin and told I should buy whatever lingerie the mannequin was wearing. Not soon after one security guard called my husband over and made it a bigger issue then it was and told him not to touch the mannequin or you can leave, this is a respectable establishment, okay so it started there
So we got our drinks and headed into the show, it had already started so we were anxious and excited to get inside.
We sit down surprised by the show and everything we were seeing and started talking amongst ourselves a little about the nudity and so on and so forth. Security guard came up to us hit me in the back of the head said we need to be quiet or leave there are other people trying to watch the show. (There were also other people talking) So I thought getting hit in the back of the head was a little much but I brushed it off.

1 min later as my brother is lip syncing a song, security guard comes back flashing her light all over us saying once again be quiet or leave. I'd had enough, I left, and my family followed,

As we walked out everyone told the security guards this was out of line, there were other people talking, and we were pin pointed. I told them one of the security hit me in the back of the head ans they all looked at each dumb founded. (Some people abuse there right to protect and serve) no response. Now it's to the point where they want to escort us out of the hotel, now we are all hot, and we want our money back, nope we're told we need to leave the hotel and never come back and if you want to make a complaint go to the front desk. So I did.

As I was making my complaint to the manager he tells me "This ISN'T THE FIRST TIME WE'VE HAD THIS ISSUE WITH OUR SECRUITY" I was shocked hearing this and I wanted something done, but instead he gets me a number to call and I call instantly and no return call back.

As far as I'm concerned I will never be returning to the Luxor and I can't believe what A night we had, it was a nightmare. Some people take there power to a whole other level, and it was completely unnecessary. I'll be putting a bad name out to all family and friends and hopefully to the person in charge of this mess.

4 Stars Derek August 21, 2012

Great show. A good mix of comedy, dancing, art, and of course gorgeous women. If you have an iPhone, download the Luxor application and you can score deals on tickets. If you're in the market for a topless revue, Fantasy is a great option.

5 Stars Jk February 23, 2012

This show is awesome. Lorena Peril has such an amazing voice it's worth paying just to witness. Sean Cooper is absolutely hilarious. You won't regret this show. Great looking girls, great dancing, comedy, and an epic singer to top it all off. Don't miss out if your on the strip.

4 Stars Gregory T January 07, 2012

The show is far from a Cirque-style production. That being said, the girls are beautiful and Lorena really takes the lead. Personally, I enjoyed her style more than Celine Dion. The show is about 33% girls, 33% singing, and 33% comedy. Also, the ticket prices are very fair so you get a lot of value.

5 Stars Pete December 22, 2011

My wife and I went to see this for the second time on our past trip. It isn't a high end production, but that doesn't make it any less fun or enjoyable. Lorena Peril is an amazing singer and has a great way of interacting with the audience. Sean Cooper is the secret star of the show, an his impersonations are hilarious. One thing I've liked about this show is that the performers are very down to earth, and seem to really have fun dancing on stage.

5 Stars Mag79 December 19, 2011

It was an amazingly funny show. I got free tickets to this show and after watching it I would gladly pay the admission fee. The dancers are gorgeous, the comedian is hilarious, and the theatre is small enough that every seat let's you see the boobies perfectly

5 Stars Brendan Walsh September 03, 2011

My Wife and I went to see what all the talk was about...Girls were attractive (pay extra for better seats if you want to see some details) Singer was great and the comedian Sean E Cooper was hilarious!!!! If it wasn't for him it would be more than awkward/boring. I would go again just to see the stand up. If you want to be part of the show then a front row seat is your best chance

5 Stars Peter Bradley May 18, 2011

Saw this show twice during my 10 day trip last year. Brilliant show. Gorgeous girls, great dancing, good singing and a terrific comedian. A highly entertaining show and thoroughly recommended!

3 Stars Ashley21 April 13, 2011

Good fun show

3 Stars Biggles November 12, 2010

. I didn't want to go because frankly the thought of semi nude girls, leaving me all revved up with nowhere to go, is an entirely frustrating experience. It may also have something to do with my English reserve. I agreed to go because my friend loves looking at nude women and as a present bought me the ticket. 7 dancers, an energetic black comedian and a great Latino singer made it a thoroughly enjoyable evening, if strangely lacking in sexual charge. The girls were all great looking and very easy on the eye, for those of you interested, they get down to a very skimpy thong. They are good dancer some of whom appear to have been trained to a decent level. None of the dances with the exception of a thrilling high rise gymnastic routine were out of the ordinary. The biggest sexual charge of the night was the Latino singer who kept her clothes on, if you count a bra, stockings and thong as clothes. She had a great voice and exuded sex appeal, as well as having a wonderfully dimpled bum. The black comedian was great, his James Brown opening was superb, although some of the routine would not be tolerated in the Uk and I felt uncomfortable with some of his Indian material. To sum up, the girls were gorgeous and if I saw them anywhere my jaw would be on the ground , but nude on stage did not float my boat. The comedian was great, the singer really sexy with a voice so good she could have looked like the back of a bus and I would have still paid the admission..

0 Stars Biggles November 12, 2010

Ps, to those complaining about small boobs, you cannot dance to this standard with big boobs, nature won't let you!

3 Stars Michael October 20, 2010

Me and my wife saw this show 2 years ago. The show was okay: average dancing and average singing. Slightly erotic but not terrific.

3 Stars Deff September 10, 2010

Good show. Comedian was great. Dancers okay. Yes, small chested mostly. Great singer. Worth the $27 ticket at discount stand.

5 Stars Turbodog August 24, 2010

Nice show, you must see it.

4 Stars Derek August 20, 2010

Great show. The women are gorgeous and the singing and comedy are top-notch. If you embarrass easily, don't sit in the front row. They seem to pick one lucky (or unlucky) person out and have some fun at their expense.

5 Stars Lisa June 17, 2010

My husband says this is the most erotic show on the strip (even better than Crazy Girls). This is the second time we've seen the show; it's sensual and entertaining. Highly recommended!

4 Stars Bay-Troll June 01, 2010

I just got done watching this show and it was great, very fun to watch.

2 Stars Black October 15, 2009

Nice try... But to be honest the last time I saw that many ribs I was at a barbecue. There are some bright spots - some of the girls are very good dancers and one has some actual curves - the comedy and singing were entertaining but if I had actually paid for this show I'd be pissed.

1 Star David June 24, 2009

Wow.. Worst and corniest shownin the strip. Ladies are good looking, but way past their prime. Not worth it at all.

3 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

Boobs are average and so is the show it could have been way more sexy.

5 Stars Deana February 20, 2009

Great show, stacey can sing like am angel! 100% worth the money!

4 Stars Silvester Pucher- Phoenix Az November 15, 2008

Very nice show..

0 Stars Chris Bailey November 13, 2006

Luxor should be the best hotel on the strip but doesnt quite match the buzz and excitement of some of the more central strip hotels. However it is clear that reading most reviews people have very high expectations in the U.S. of their hotels. Don't believe the negative, it is still an amazing hotel to stay in.