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Show Ratings & Reviews Jabbawockeez (MGM Grand)

5 Stars Andy April 12, 2014

These guys were beyond great. Energy and the show is second to none. I will check out this show whenever I come to vegas.

5 Stars Jessica November 24, 2013

I love this show. I'd see them again for sure.

3 Stars Darren April 29, 2012

I've seen better dancing on talent shows in the UK. Was ok, but got a bit bored watching after a while. Wouldn't rush back or buy the DVD (if there was one).

5 Stars Tracey B October 31, 2011

Awesome!!! Blew my mind! Highlight of the trip!!!

5 Stars Ks October 24, 2011

I love them .. I saw them yesterday and can't stop taking the music out of my mind .. They are awesome

4 Stars Keren W September 03, 2011

I was looking forward to the show - and I wanted to love, but I can only say that I liked it. I watched ABDC and love the Jabbawokeez - they're an incredible dance group. I'm thrilled that they landed in Vegas, and think they're great for Monte Carlo. The challenge they face is trying to carry their high-energy style for 90 minutes. Even adding members (I counted 13 +1 vs the original 8) and the mime portions of the show, it was tough to cover the breaks they needed to catch their breath. (which I completely understand). The most confusing parts for me were when there was only 1 person dancing. Jabbawokeez are based on being a group that looks identical and dances as one - they are at their best when they do exactly that. The montage of dance styles was fantastic, but the story they were trying to tell was muddled. It's a great family show, lots of audience participation and I hope they continue to grow and develop their show. Would I go see it again? I honestly can't say either way, but I still love the Jabbawokeez.

4 Stars 360 Vegas Mark September 03, 2011

I liked this show but it suffered from what I feared it would, pacing.

I think the Jabbawockeez is a great show for Monte Carlo. I thought it brought youth to a property that previously felt far older than it actually is.

I like the Jabbawockeez. I think they are very talented and I love to watch them dance.

When I heard they had a show in Vegas, I was immediately concerned about their ability to dance, the way they dance, for 90 minutes. They can’t, or at least they don’t in this show. They do exactly what I feared they were going to do so they can entertain while attempting to catch their breath, act like mimes. When they dance, this show is great. When they act like mimes, they are amusing for a time but just like all mimes, the shtick gets old, quick.

That being said, the music is awesome and the dancing is amazing. I would recommend this show to people who are big fans of the Jabbawockeez, ABDC or the various bad “You Got Served” type films. This show is outstanding for families. I really liked the way they interact with kids in the audience.

Finally, if you can get these tickets at a discount or comped, as we did, you should go see it. The last 3rd of the show is worth paying a discounted price to see alone.

I really wanted to love this show but unless they can somehow pull off the amazing dancing they do for at least 80-85 minutes, I can only say, the Jabbawockeez are an incredibly talented dance crew and I really enjoy watching them dance.

5 Stars Mrs Thornton April 22, 2011

Great show a must see!!! Great for all ages fun upbeat well worth the money

3 Stars Squid April 10, 2011

Not bad for the price. Maybe the other reviewers saw a different show than I did... My wife liked it better than I did, but still she said it would not be a show she would see a second time. If you like thumping music from the 80's to present, that aspect alone will make the show somewhat enjoyable. To say this is the best show ever though is quite a stretch as there are many other Vegas shows that have more to offer.

5 Stars Heather April 06, 2011

Best show ever!! Funny, good music and great dancing. Way better than expected!

5 Stars Isacc April 01, 2011

Great show money well spent

5 Stars Abby March 07, 2011

This was definitely one of the best shows I've ever seen. Super funny and entertaining. The dancing is absolutely unbelievable. I would recommend it for anyone, especially music and dance lovers.

5 Stars Taylor December 04, 2010

The best live performance show ive EVER seen! Anyone, of any age can appreciate the dancing, not to mention the frequent comic relief, which always resulted in side splitting laughter from the crowd. If u see any show the next time u r in vegas, see this one!