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5 Stars Tom November 15, 2015

A must see. Jaw dropping from the beginning of show. The vertical fight is back. I teach theatre for a living and this has everything. I've seen "O" and "LOVE" this takes one step above. Check the MGM website for deals. We got our second ticket for $10. Not a typo. $10.

4 Stars Cody June 13, 2014

Very artistic and visually, one of the best I've seen. The stage use is amazing and the stunts and choreography are hair raising. I liked the way the audience is made to feel part of the show. Bit hard to follow as a story and can be long in some portions but overall extremely entertaining. Add to your list of must see shows.

5 Stars Norbert Quatro January 05, 2014

Must see! The best what we saw! Great artistic!

4 Stars Gregory T December 18, 2013

KA is one of the most inspiring, artistic, and technically impressive shows on the planet. The performers are simply brilliant in their talents. If it weren't for KA having to turn the vertical fight scene into a bad projector movie, it would be a flawless masterpiece.

3 Stars KSP8 July 03, 2013

Went to see KA in feb 2013.. It was awesome with great stage production but it was very long and some parts bored me. Great ending however. Seats were comped so good show for the price.

4 Stars Carol June 29, 2013

Saw KA on June 6, 2013. It started out a little slow for about 30 minutes and then it really took off. The acrobats were great. Amazing agility on the vertical wall, the rope and the guys in the wheels were really great. Takes your breath away to watch the danger they expose themselves to on those wheels. I really liked KA, but would rate it behind the Beatles Cirque du Soleil which I saw in 2012.

1 Star Andrew April 18, 2013

Awful. Boring. Complete waste of time. I fell asleep for a while.

4 Stars Scott Wolff February 19, 2013

Feb 15, 2013. We got our tickets at a tix 4 tonight booth so the $175.00 tickets cost us $140.00 we were in the 4th row back from the stage and quite a bit stage right these are supposed to be great seats but there is so much happening around the whole theatre I think this may have been too close to the stage. I would recommend seats in the exact middle of the theatre from the middle to the back of the theatre for closeness to the stage. The show was amazing it is a combination of circus, opera and musical the stage is a mechanical marvel

2 Stars Stuart Poyner January 06, 2013

I loved this on my first viewing a couple of years ago, but on second viewing it did not hold up. Unlike most cirque shows this ostensibly has a story, although a bit confused. The 'clown' acts were not very clownish (mystere is the best for that). Quite a few small scale acts, such as baton twirling and hand shadow puppets. These were entertaining but not as these prices! Plus a guy skipping, admittedly on a drum high in the air. Theatre not very full. Best thing was the closing indoor fireworks.

4 Stars Karen December 22, 2012

Ka is a fun show to see. We got two great tickets for free from the MyVegas Facebook game allowing us to sit in the most expensive section (besides the VIP gold circle seats). Tickets are normally $175 each for this section and I would have gladly paid full price to see this show. The stunts are impressive but the stage is the real star. It is constantly moving and evolving. The show also has quite a few special effects. There are a few slow moments--for example, the many mock fighting scenes--but there are also fast-paced, heart stopping moments. Ka is memorable and exciting for people of any age. It is different than Mystere and O in the sense that it focuses more on plot. However, I wouldn't say that it is any better than the other two shows. The music is cool but louder than the music at any cirque show I have ever been to. It was like being at a small arena concert--almost too loud. The line at the box office can be long so get your tickets early in the day--waiting until right before the show guarantees that you wait in line. Also, give yourself enough time to get to the showroom; MGM Grand is huge and the theater is nowhere near the commonly used entrances.

5 Stars Pokerbucketlist November 03, 2012


5 Stars BordFan September 04, 2012

Great show! Five stars not enough, IMHO. If you know what Cirque shows are about, GO, if you don't then you may want to reconsider as some other reviewers have stated they didn't care for the show.

4 Stars Chris June 26, 2012

There is no doubt some review trolls after reading the poor reviews. The show was great. Some of the staff taking tickets were high schoolish, but once the show began, I quickly forgot about them. Very entertaining...as long as you can score tickets for about $80 you are doing well.

1 Star Kim May 19, 2012

If you can get cheap tickets go so you can say you went but if you have to pay a decent amount don't bother.

5 Stars Thomas November 04, 2011

Went to see the show solo after buying cheap tix on the strip. Scored front row seats at the box office when I went to pick up the tix. Guess being solo paid off there. The front row was an incredible experience. Cast a few inches away at times. I felt as if I was in the show. And what a show! I was in tears several times during the performance, it was so beautiful. And the music was rhapsodic. When the show was over, I simply sat there, stunned, for several minutes. My wife and I are returning to see the show again on Nov. 18th. Second row, center. Worth every penny twice over. See it.

1 Star Wes October 31, 2011

Looked great but boring!!!!!! Really boring. Looked at watch four times.

3 Stars GHL October 07, 2011

I guess not a bad experience if its your first cirque du soleil but it is the worst i have seen. The athletes and the stage are worth a 10 out of 5 stars, simply amazing. As far as the show itself goes, its a 1 out of 5, not enough action. My favorite is O at the bellagio by far

1 Star Gloria September 30, 2011

Don't waste your money! This was the most expensive show we saw and it was horrible!!!

5 Stars MH September 04, 2011

Amazing experience! We received free tickets with our package and would definitely pay to see again!

2 Stars Crash June 12, 2011

It was a big flashy production. When it ends you will see plenty of people asleep in their seats. Do not worry if you pass out watching this show. They have some helpful pipers to wake you.

5 Stars Emandem June 09, 2011

INCREDIBLE. The stunts are breathtaking and at times death-defying. The artistry of the costumes is gorgeous and the music is just as good. I saw blue man group too and I much much preferred Ka. Easily the best money I've spent in Vegas so far!

5 Stars Nicole May 26, 2011

This show was absolutely amazing. Not sure how you could not like this show. Best show I have ever seen. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

5 Stars Vegasboi May 20, 2011

Vest cirque ever!

5 Stars Wow May 13, 2011

Wow the show was a 5 star for sure. Would see it again. I was on edge it was artistic and exciting!

1 Star Gloria April 17, 2011

Worst show I have ever seen!! Boring, boring, boring. Total waste of money!! Have seen better cirque du soleil shows.

4 Stars Liza April 08, 2011

Enjoyed this show. Very entertaining, very interactive, funny.

5 Stars Josh April 05, 2011

What a fun and entertaining show . Definatly a must see show. Loved it

5 Stars Tammy M April 03, 2011

Best show in Vegas! Seen it twice and would go over and over!

5 Stars Josh March 31, 2011

Wow enough said

5 Stars Lisa March 27, 2011

The best cirque show I have seen! Definitely worth paying more for a good seat, you're going to pay more for this compared to other cirques on the strip anyway. I definitely recommend getting your tix in advance, we got lucky waiting in standby but both performances were sold out for the week and we went on a Wednesday. I would also recommend doing the dinner and tix package (again order in advance) we could have got the expensive tix and a decent three course meal for the same price we paid just for the tickets had we booked it in advance.

5 Stars Michael March 18, 2011

I love any and everything Cirque, but this was my favorite. The moving stage blew my mind. I paid twice the price for "O" and loved KA much more. The pricing should be reversed.

4 Stars Stacey March 17, 2011

We loved the show- it was our first cirque experience and it was amazing to day the least! The stage truly is technical magic and amazing. We went to the 930 show started at 950 but were told to be in our seats at 9-- on a two hour time difference from home we were fighting sleep at parts. Some parts are slower than others but in all we saw some amazing feats and dramatics! Looking forward to another cirque show soon.

5 Stars Equisuz March 15, 2011

Best Cirque show in Vegas. Hands down.

4 Stars Angela March 12, 2011

Great show! Loved the stage! The show had a spooky feel to it, which kept me on my toes. It was more theatrical than other Cirque shows. I got 25% discount on tickets and feel it was worth the money. Would go again just to see the stage!

3 Stars Bob March 02, 2011

Amazing stage, but after a while I yearned for the variety of other Cirque shows. Somewhat repetitive and monotonous. I'd recommend for the technology, but enjoyed Love and Viva Elvis more.

1 Star Kathy February 13, 2011

I have seen a lot of shows in Vegas, this was the worst. Very boring, both my husband and I fell asleep

5 Stars Pierre-Luc January 24, 2011

I've seen 11 different shows of the Cirque Du Soleil and this one is my favorite! I saw it twice!

5 Stars Tracie Harrington January 13, 2011

Me and my friends first time in Vegas, this show was well worth the wait , highly recommend this show to anybody, wether you are a cirque fan or not, awesome!! Hope to make it back this year to see it again!!!

4 Stars Adolfo December 25, 2010

Confieso que aun cuando no soy fan del Cirque du Soleil, la puesta en escena de Ka es impresionante. Compramos los puestos de adelante, pero recomendaría mas los del medio. Definitivamente un "must see" en Las Vegas. I confess that although I am no fan of Cirque du Soleil, Ka staging is impressive. We were in forward positions, but I would recommend more the middle. Definitely a "must see" in Vegas

5 Stars Matthew Lambert December 11, 2010

I have seen this twice and am ready for a third time. I have also seen Mystre and O, but prefer KA. I need to see a few if the others ( love, Elvis, ect) to be able to compared the entire line-up.

4 Stars Mike December 11, 2010

Slow parts. Storyline is ok still reaching. The stage itself is awesome. Still a good show wouldnt want to pay full price.

5 Stars Graham December 10, 2010

I've been lucky enough to see many different Cirque shows over the years - they're all impressive but can be much of a muchness. Ka, however, really stands out. Not only is it technologically amazing (the stage and theatre) but sequences like the rescue from the depths are truly beautiful. A must see.

5 Stars Amz November 23, 2010

One word - Amazing. The most amazing this I've ever seen. The best Cirque show in Vegas and I've seen most of them.

5 Stars The predicament October 20, 2010

Absolutely amazing!!! U have got to see this!

4 Stars Michael Dutterer October 20, 2010

Fourht best Cirque show on strip (after O, Mystere, and Love). Half of the show was visually amazing. The action sequences were awesome and very enjoyable. But the remaining half (mostly the parts trying to tell the story which is very hard to follow) are boring and sometimes unwatchable.

5 Stars Brian October 16, 2010

Ka was AMAZING. More action adventure than a typical Cirque show. We had seats further back, which was great. Many things are happening on the sides of the theater throughout the show that we would have missed if we were closer.

3 Stars Mr&MrsCorlett September 06, 2010

This was our first cirque show and our first show of our Vegas holiday. After Reading some other reviews I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who was fighting sleep! The show was good and there were done stunning moments but I don't think it lived up to the hype/expectations. Perhaps because we have seen spectacular acrobatic shows elsewhere. Will probably try and see another cirque show though as I'm sure there must be one that is breathtaking.

1 Star Johanna August 21, 2010

Was looking forward to the show, it just didn't do it for me! Should have went to mystre !! The cool parts you see before hand are the only cool parts I realy wanted to like it but I was realy bored!! My husband. Slept through the whole show!!

5 Stars Dallas Rose August 08, 2010

Loved this show it was so energetic and kept you at the edge of your chair! I would recommend it to anyone who likes action packed events!

5 Stars Eric July 04, 2010

This is a must see!! Don't listen to the negative. This is one of the best shows to see ever!! Worth the money, but there are ways to get discounts!!! So SEE IT!!!

5 Stars johnnyK July 04, 2010

Id give this show six stars if I could. Best stage show ever!!

5 Stars G&J UK June 24, 2010

This is the first cirque show we have seen so cannot compare with others but we both thought it was fantastic. The stage, the performers and the special effects were out of this world.

5 Stars Brittany June 03, 2010

Very awesome. Well worth it andeven though the drinks are expensive well worth that too

5 Stars Gabriel y Beatriz May 21, 2010

El mejor show que he visto en mi vida... Impresionante, mágico

5 Stars J&S April 18, 2010

Amazing, amazing, amazing! Fantastic acrobatics, really creative, lots going on, well worth the money. Try & find one of the staff giving out 2for1 vouchers in the daytime (near/outside main entrance)!

5 Stars Dianne April 17, 2010

The best part of our trip to Vegas was seeing this show. It was brilliant. Cannot recommend thissjow enough - worth every penny!

5 Stars Doug April 17, 2010

Great show!!! If you have the money this is worth spending it!

5 Stars Rev Ross April 16, 2010

Amazing! People wouldn't believe you if you started to tell them! Just go see it, I doubted this show for years and wish I had seen it first, look out for MGM staff in daytime with 2 for 1 vouchers so your budget can stretch to great seats!

3 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

We bought the Ka tickets for 50% off though the cirque web offer in section 201 row cc the first three seats closest to the aisle. The ushers win the award for best costumes and commitment to character. As you enter the lobby, there is some eerie string music being played by musicians above your head. I realize I am a Star Trek geek, but the theater seriously reminded me of a Borg cube. Pre-show activities included a lot of cool flying tricks around the theater and scaring audience members as they were walking in.

On our first trip to Vegas together we were on a tight budget and wishing we had the cash to see Ka. So after 4 years of buildup we were a bit disappointed. I had expected to see something like a dark Shaw Brothers movie given the Cirque treatment with lots of cool martial arts and a story of honor, redemption, betrayal and what not. What we got was fine – good music, amazing stage, some really touching moments (the drowning rescue and shadow puppets being my 2 favorites), but it didn’t come together for me. My brother took a nap and my husband wanted to, although this is partially because he said some of the music was really soothing.

I think the stage, while amazing, took away from the acrobatics – there was some incredible stuff going on but I don’t think I appreciated it because it all looked too easy. There were some gasping moments in there, but not as many as I had expected. So Ka is on the one and done list.

4 Stars John g April 02, 2010

Amazing! Got tickets off half price tickets booth located on the strip and paid $78. Great show! Can't wait to watch them all!

5 Stars Gareth March 31, 2010

Absolutely blown away by the acrobatics and the ever changing stage. The way the stage and castembers surrounded the audience really made you feel part of the show. Go see it for yourself

5 Stars ALSanDiego March 26, 2010

The best cirque show for kids (teenagers) with action popping out all over the stage. Anime-familiar story line in a $150 million dollar facility. Exciting show with an amazing finale.

4 Stars Russell Sauve March 26, 2010

A solid "Cirque" production and probably the one you get your boyfriend to take you too if he's squeamish about bring seen at the ballet or a broadway show. Lots of action including the wheel of death.

5 Stars Roseerose March 16, 2010

My boyfriend and I went! We were both amazed. I definitely wished that we got better seats though! Such a cute love story!  it was fun! Glad I did it!

3 Stars Kris March 13, 2010

I wasn't that impressed. But I had never been and wasn't sure what to expect.

2 Stars Jonathan March 11, 2010

Not that great. See Zumanity instead- that show is amazing!

0 Stars Angelatn March 08, 2010

Wow! This was amazing. Truly worth the $. Some awesome stunts. This show truly completed our Vegas trip!

5 Stars Vince February 21, 2010

Great show. Althought we paid for VIP seats, the best seats are in the back. There were so many things going on that we could not see.

5 Stars Guilhermo November 10, 2009

Great show!We saw the "O" at bellagio and we have no expectation for "Ka" but was great!!!

5 Stars Josh Carp November 05, 2009

Spellbinding! If you go see one show while Sin City make sure this is it! The stage alone is a magnificent piece of machenery that compliments the mind-blowing acrobatic thrills and wonderment we've come to expect from Cirque du Soleil. The Martial Arts have been introduced in this production with a story of the separation of a brother and sister who fight to be reunited in the far East. Ka will leave you blissfully gasping for air without a care for the impending pluminary ademia about to claim your last breaths.

5 Stars Black October 16, 2009

One word - AMAZING! If you are not completely amazed and moved by this production it's probably just too cerebral for you and you'd be just as happy seeing something simple. Carrot Top's at the Luxor - have fun. Meanwhile, I was dumbfounded by the scale and depth of the story involved in KA. If nothing else you'll be impressed by the engineering involved. Paid about 60% of face value but would gladly pay double. If you're wondering if you should see KA the answer is unequivocally yes!

5 Stars Ericpascale September 14, 2009

A ne pas manquer! Vraiment vraiment surprenant. Du vrai Lepage! Merci!

5 Stars Sean July 24, 2009


5 Stars Outoftowner June 17, 2009

Let the show consume you & you'll walk out speechless. An amazing production. I'm cheap, but this was worth every penny! Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!

5 Stars Tx traveler May 28, 2009

I felt I as almost part of the show! Great visual effects! The flames were felt so much I improved my tan. It was like the she was all around me and almost in my lap! Great show work seeing, worth the price! Tx traveler

5 Stars Maxc May 23, 2009

I saw this show 3 times! I think this is the best show of cirque du soleil in Vegas! I saw all cirque du soleil!

5 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

The how will blow your mind. What they do in this show is like nothing you've ever seen. I have only seen two Circ shows this one and Zoomanity and it's the best one out of those two. It's not really fair to review them together because they are different.

5 Stars Big Time April 16, 2009

This is the best vegas show I have seen to date... My fiancé and I had a blast, this show is for anyone, the story is pretty good but they really do some mind blowing physical feats, and the stage is made with a hydrolic system which allows the stage to move and the scenery literally changes before your eyes... Amazing! If you only see one show in vegas, make it this one... You won't regret it!

5 Stars (null) April 02, 2009

Loved it. I would watch it all over. A+

5 Stars Aaron March 31, 2009

Awesome show for eveyone of all ages to see. Saw KA on March 25, 2008. We got great seats in section 103 at a discounted rate thru MGM's website...guess Vegas isn't as busy as usual. Well worth the money. The best of the vegas cirque shows in my opinion. The physical stage itself is a marvel on it's own. I think every seat in the theater is a good seat..try to get one towards the middle though. I'm sure you'll enjoy KA!!!

4 Stars Http://Www.Sunseatours.com March 23, 2009

Absolutely fabulous. Great show. Do NOT attend This show if you are tired or exhausted. You will fall asleep with all the great trance music. You may be awoken by a heartattack explosion or two as well! Great show just a warning about the 10pm late show!

2 Stars Mike February 17, 2009

Bizarre and disappointing. Weakest of the Cirque shows...see Mystere instead.

5 Stars Amy February 06, 2009

My favorite Cirque show!

5 Stars Bob from Houston January 01, 2009

Amazing set and theater. This show follows a story line that is a little hard to follow. However, the story is just a vehicle for tying together some awesome stunts. Worth every penny.

5 Stars Amy December 13, 2008

Pretty awesome show!!!! Try to attend at least one cirque show!

5 Stars Herblpnai October 29, 2008

The show was amazing! No need to stress about where the best seats are. The stage is huge. Sitting too close can make u miss the whole picture!

0 Stars stephanie priest castellano December 30, 2006

Awesome! A magical experience words cannot describe. I would like to see it again and be willing to pay for the best seats in the house. Outstanding!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 04, 2006

I could try to explain why this show was so great, but I would never do it justice. Let me put it this way: I would come back to see it again every time I had a chance. This was simply a feast for the eyes.

Unlike anything else I have ever seen. Just simply beautiful.

Go see it now. Yes, it's worth every penny. And i have no idea why all the negative rap: 5-star all the way.

0 Stars syntax3k@yahoo.com June 02, 2006

Having see almost all of Cirque shows, I have tio say this one blows them away. It is great if you like movies and epic stories. Everyone here seems to love Mystere but to me that is no more different than Quidam or Varekai, although all of them pretty amazing shows by themselves. But KA is different. Especially the war scene, just incredible.

The music? Incredible. Better than any movie soundtrack in 2005/06.

I'd say go and see a Cirque show whenever you can, they never disappoint.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 29, 2006

I loved the show...again, I don't understand why it is receiving so much negative feedback. I thought the show was beautiful from start to finish. It is a definite must see...and well worth the price!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 11, 2006

I was disappointed with the show. I had heard such great things about the Cirque shows that I was expecting a mind-blowing experience. It just didn't happen. The story line lost me a couple of times... I actually found myself nodding off a couple of times during the performance. The acrobatic abilities of the artists didn't seem to be utilized to their full potential. At times it seemed that they expected us to be impressed by the technology used in the show rather than focusing on the visuals expectd of a cirque show. Skip this one. Try "O" at Bellagio or La Reve at the Wynn.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 23, 2006

My parents wanted to see Ka so bad they bought a ticket for me too.It was my second time.It's been really a painful torture.This show is extremely boring.I really made a big effort trying not to fall asleep this time.
The production saved some money by using the flying platform previously used by another production starred with Tommy Tune.The prices are still high.The worst way to spend $150.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 03, 2005

Having previously seen Mystere, I had great expectations for Ka. I was disappointed. Mystere focused more on the performers' abilities and the overall "wow" factor whereas Ka seemed to be more about the storyline. Granted, the performers are talented and all, but there were times during the performance where I almost nodded off due to sheer repetition of a mundane series of movements.

We were a group of 12 people - those that loved Ka to the point of gushing over it were Cirque du Soleil first-timers. Those that had seen another of Cirque's shows were so-so about it.

If I had to recommend a show I'd definitely point people in Mystere's direction rather than Ka.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 04, 2005

I attended this performance with extremely high expectations. I heard it was based around fire like O is based around water. I've seen most of the Cirque shows in Las Vegas, which unfortunately lead me to believe this show was to be equally spectacular. This show does do something different than the others – it adds a plot - a somewhat weak one, narrated. To me, it had little depth, and would have been better off without the narration, and perhaps even with out the story. The performers clearly have unbelievable talent, yet it seems they weren't used to their capacity. The performance had uncanny similarities to a cheap soft porn movie trying to add a plot in between long hokey sex scenes. Each portion of the show was drawn out, and many were incredibly boring. What about the fire? there was hardly any. A few flaming arrows, but little else. By far the most amazing aspect of KA was the set. It is a 365º set that puts the viewer in a whole new world. If this theater was actually used to the extent in which it COULD be used, there would be no doubt that the performance would be absolutely spectacular. After all the criticism, I must say that it was still a good show - the ocean scene was spectacular, but it honestly doesn't hold a candle - scratch that - a match - to the other cirque shows in Las Vegas.

0 Stars Hunter October 04, 2005

I liked it but my wife wasn't a fan. The theater feels immense and very industrial. Even though I did think it was a cool show, I would still rank it behind 'O' and 'Mystere'. I think this show should mark the end of the Cirque era - no more of these shows, we've covered the bases.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 02, 2005

'Ka' is a bit of a departure from the typical Cirque show. They have focused less on the acrobatics (although the feats are still a big part of the show) and concentrated more on a coherent story. The production was very operatic. I was able to follow it and understand the journey, but I was also aware of the story before seeing the show. The twins are separated during an attack in the very beginning. An evil group takes one of the twins. That twin eventually escapes and the show follows the life and journey of both twins back to each other.

Even though the production was operatic, the music was not as memorable as that of the other Cirque shows. It was OK, but not great. The stage and the staging were incredible. You need to be at the theater at least 15 minutes before the show in order to get the full experience and see the characters running and flying from the catwalks which surround the audience. The preshow announcement was very well done. Nothing was spoken. It was acted out by a few of the characters on the railing at the front of the stage. I was disappointed that the surround staging was lost once the actual show started. The seats a very comfy and have speakers built into the headrests so everyone gets their own surround sound experience. I did find myself paying more attention to the technical elements than the story from time to time, but I think that is true of all the Cirque shows. Part of the spectacle is the use of technology.

0 Stars mesa June 17, 2005

Great show,as always a very well done Cirque show

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 03, 2005

I dont see why some of the bad reviews are all about, it was spectacular show a beatiful stage and wonderful performers.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 23, 2005

$125 a ticket brought many yawns to our group of 10. I thought the show was very boring! Not in the league of Mystere.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 29, 2005

Overall I enjoyed the performance very much. I do sympathize with many of the criticisms others have mentioned, but I guess I am just less passionate about them.

Of course I have always been a huge fan of the juxposition of duality and was just waiting for the day a band of martial artsy dancing puppeters would bring it to life on a stage that is an engineering marvel in its own right.. :)

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 22, 2005

This show was amazing! The performers did everything with such grace it made everything look effortless.We actually held our breath during some of the stunts. We are recommending it to all our friends!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 22, 2005

I agree that the show was very dissapointing. I've seen mystere 3 times and love it. Took some friends to see this and I should have taken them to mystere. I almost fell asleep during the first half. A guy next to me leaned over and asked if I though it was boring. I said yes. He later said he has seen myster and O and both were much better. I agree. Nice arena, incredible staging, some good points but not worth $150. Go see Mystere!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 15, 2005

A very dissapointing show experience. It just did not work. The performance, while not without highlights, features an off the wall montge of baton twirling, Mexican circus performers, and an oddly nonsequitor ice camping seen that was remincent of a bad high school play. At $150 bucks a seat, they can and should do better!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 15, 2005

On February 13th I finally got to see KA, the latest show from Cirque. I’ve seen just about all of Cirque’s shows over the years and was eagerly awaiting this event. My reaction? – A huge disappointment. It is without a doubt the most lavish staging of any of the Cirque shows – it comes across as a mix of grand Chinese Opera and the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Technically it looks incredibly difficult and complex, even more so than “O”. But scenes seemed to go on and on, long after the amazement began to dissipate. The tossing ship went on forever, the battle scenes morphed from one version to another and all of it way too long. And the music, much of it pre-recorded for the first time, was ponderous and unrelenting, never giving the ears of the audience a chance to recover. I thought the cleverest and most appealing components of the show were the animals that appeared out of the sand; in general it was the only scene with any wit or hint of subtlety. The audience at my show seemed to think so as well as the sand crabs got the biggest applause of the night. And the audience in general seemed overwhelmed, most scenes ended without drawing much applause and most of the audience stayed seated at the end of the showing rather than rising as one to applaud as has happened at most of the Cirque shows I’ve seen.

It’s a shame. The new stage built for the show is impressive in its versatility and some of the staging of the scenes showed great potential. But the show feels like a 45 minute story that someone stretched to twice that; not by adding real meat but by simply doubling the portions of everything – and that left me feeling completely unsatisfied. Guy needs to send this back for a massive overhaul.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 01, 2005

Great show. We had seats in row L left center and some of the stunts swung out over our heads. We were amazed at the things these entertainers could do. They made it all look so easy. The scenes just flowed into each other and you hardly knew that the scene was changing.The sound was terrific. If you really want to see everything that goes on (some of the scenes originate in the audience), seats a little further back than we were would be better.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 29, 2004

I've seen both O and Mystere, and KA blows them both out of the water. This is the most amazing Cirque with an actual storyline and no cheesy/obnoxious clowns. The staging left us in awe, and although the human stunts are not as intense as Mystere, the show alltogther is far more enjoyable. It could be the coolest thing I've ever seen. I can't wait to see it again.