Show Ratings & Reviews Le Reve (Wynn Las Vegas)

5 Stars Stuart November 17, 2013

This is the best show I have seen in Las Vegas. The music is stirring, and the cirque-like performance is visually awesome. The circular staging means everyone has a great view and the hydraulics involved in raising and lowering aspects of the stage above and below the massive water tank are just mind blowing. If you see nothing else in Las Vegas, see this show. Loved it.

5 Stars Pokerbucketlist August 11, 2013

Amazing. Comfy seats, great light, sound and visual effects. The use of water is incredible. Hats off to the performers.

2 Stars Carol Miknenas May 31, 2013

We had a VIP seat with champagne and chocolate strawberries! That made the night. The show was very colourful and entertaining to begin with but did feel repetitive throughout. There were a couple of gasps as some of the artists performed daring stunts from a great height which were cool and some very interesting colourful water formations and stage settings but the champagne and strawberries were the best part of the night for me personally!

2 Stars Stuart Poyner May 06, 2013

Aptly named. I saw quite a few people having a dream during the show. Nice visual spectacle for 10 mins or so, then quickly repeats itself. I had no idea whether there was any story or narrative holding it together, and frankly didn't care. Great lighting though, but once they had used up all the colours of the rainbow i got bored.

5 Stars Brian February 09, 2013

My wife and I saw the show on February 2. Our seats were approximately half way up, but really you could sit anywhere as there's not a bad seat in the house. It was my wife who insisted that we needed to see this show and now I'm glad we did as it was fantastic! Kudos to the performers. We hope to bring our niece to this show during the summer.

5 Stars Brandon June 02, 2012

Great show, good value, love the venue

4 Stars Julie Cooney April 29, 2012

Really enjoyed this show, we had VIP seats which are top row with plush chairs, a tv screen showing behind the scenes footage, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries :) well why not its not everyweek your in Vegas

5 Stars Justin January 01, 2012

Absolutely breathtaking and visually the most stunning display I've ever seen!!!

3 Stars Thomas November 04, 2011

Beautiful show, but just not my bag. Fell asleep and afterword wished I had gone to see Garth. That said, while it is not cirque, it was certainly Cirque-ish. Right down to the two man comic relief team. Very pretty showroom and comfy seats. Worth seeing, I suppose, if you go in wide awake and have a c-note and a half that you don't mind blowing.

5 Stars Cheri November 02, 2011

Simply fabulous!

1 Star David October 26, 2011

This was a lot of money for a lot of people jumping and splashing in water. The theatre is very beautiful and the acrobats do some spectacular stuff; however, there is no plot I could follow and the theme was repetitive. Almost fell asleep after the first 30 minutes. The Europeans in the audience seemed to like it and gave it a standing ovation. I wanted to ask for my money back.

5 Stars Leisha May 24, 2011

Gorgeous and awe-inspiring performances. The dancing, swimming, acrobatics, effects, sound, lights and stage were all impressive. Totally worth every penny.

1 Star Pierre-Luc January 24, 2011

It was the worst evening show I've seen on the Strip. Not really impressive, boring, only a few characters, always the same. Go see O instead!!

2 Stars Gd January 11, 2011

Interesting. Not as good as O. Don't buy the VIP seat for $100 extra you get some bad champagne, 1 chocolate covered strawberry (they have the nerve to charge $4 for each additional one) & 3 pcs of chocolate. Plus the seat are the farthest away from the stage.

Get seats in row K for just about the same effect........better yet go to the Bellagio and see O !

5 Stars Steven W December 07, 2010

Went to the show for a second time on Dec. 6. Normally I don't see a show more than once but I had been given tickets and then the hotel upgraded them to the VIP package, so we went again. The technical aspects of the show are amazing! The story lacks depth, which I normally find in similar shows in the strip. With VIP, you get a server to serve your Champ and chocolate covered strawberries. The server was very friendly, helpful, and attentive. Also with VIP, you have a TV that shows live behind the scenes things like under water, in the roof, and closeups of the performance. It was cool to see how the underwater stuff is executed with such precision. I would recommend seeing the show if you've already seen several similar shows and are looking for another of the same type.

5 Stars Chris October 04, 2010

Bring a little pillow for your jaw! This is a beautiful and romantic show, with masterful technical execution by the artists and athletes. It's presented in the round, so there isn't a bad seat in the house. We had a view ten rows up and it was perfect. I was a little concerned about the show's fairly short length, but there is so much to see here that it didn't feel short at all. It's a shame this show suffers from not having the 'Cirque' name formally attached to it, because it's one of the best shows I've ever seen, and certainly one of the best in Vegas. It gives 'O' serious competition, which is high praise. I can't wait to see it again.

4 Stars Bill Crumbakerr August 15, 2010

We bought some of the most affordable tickets located in the splash wife was a little reluctant to buy these tickets thinking she would get splattered with water.She only got one drop on her. One of the high lights was just before the show started a lady decided to take a picture of what looked like a giant lizard submerged in the water. Just as she took the picture the lizard like creature jumped out of the water towards her which was hilarious as she let out a scream and almost dropped her camera in the water. Being right next to the water was great I would definitely buy tickets in the splash zone again. The show was very good.

5 Stars San Diego resident July 06, 2010

We attended the show last night purchasing VIP tickets. This visually stimulating spectacle was a beautiful example of water and land choreography. Being able to see what was happening backstage and underwater made the ticket upgrade worth the expense.

5 Stars Cendrine July 06, 2010

The most amazing show, performers are incredible, not a bad seat, except for mayb the splash zone as you may get a little wet! Overall tho one of the best shows I have seen in Vegas!

5 Stars Keel June 05, 2010

After the rework, top notch show. We first saw it soon after opening, and thought it was ok but lackluster. We saw it tonight, and loved it. Comparable to a good cirque show.

5 Stars MikeE May 04, 2010

A fantastic show made even better should you choose to indulge in the VIP package. A solid choice for a "cirque" show even though it technically isn't "cirque".

5 Stars Feank April 04, 2010

Le rêve was a great show. All the back flips into the water were cool. But you need to pay a little more $$ and get VIP seats with free drinks and sweet. But it was one of the best shows in Vegas

5 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

We had section D row E seats 1 & 2 for Le Reve and grabbed some good popcorn and average cookies with a couple of waters for $23. As it is a theater in the round, there are no bad seas in the house. Well, unless you are sitting by some chatter boxes who have to comment on every molecule that makes a movement or a sound in the theater. Luckily, the music was loud enough to drown out the chatty ladies so we could not hear their running commentary (I am not a snob, but I think we need some remedial theater etiquette training beginning with 4th grade social studies).

I spent most of the show with my mouth hanging open partially because of the amazing acrobatic and artistic tableaus that were being performed, and partially because my two biggest fears are falling and drowning - this makes everything the actors did more impressive. As with most shows of this genre, the “plot” is merely an excuse to show some amazing athleticism and artistry, not to make you think philosophically about your morals or the sate of society. It is entertainment that makes you think, “wow” and then makes you feel like you need to hit the gym.

The VIP seats were at the top of the theater and you get champagne, chocolate, and a view of what is going on underwater. We may see the show again and if we do, this package would be primo!

5 Stars Dr. Dukes March 10, 2010

Awesome! Not a single bad seat. Small theater. Big thrills!

3 Stars Jeffrey Reid January 25, 2010


I have seen this show a few times.

The theater this time smelled funny, a bit moldy and musty, I have never smelled that before.

The show was fine, the flowers blooming at the end was nice.

But you would think that when they made that show and called it a dream, the would have thought of some more interesting sets, or acts. It is all fine. just looks pieced together.

Too many cirque style shows on the strip.

Dark and weird, getting boring.

5 Stars Jon January 06, 2010

Fabulous show!

5 Stars Mr & Mrs Vegas October 22, 2009

Amazing what people can do in these style of shows. Le Reve comes highly recommended just falling short of 'O' at Bellagio, to be fair I would recommend seeing both as they are both beyond brilliant! Great theatre too, not a bad seat in the house so sit anywhere you won't be disappointed. 5 Stars easy.

5 Stars Nick October 12, 2009

Best Cirque show out there! Even tops Mystere and Ka. The stage is awesome and the performers are the best I've seen yet. Great show!

5 Stars Zander October 05, 2009

Ba-nanas!!! Incredible. I sat with with my mouth open the whole time! It got better and better! The performers were amazing and the effects spectatular! See this show if you are in town

4 Stars Mel H. August 03, 2009

Found parts of it wonderful with other parts being repetitive and a bit boring at times. Alot of dancing and jumping/diving in the water. I have seen 3 Cirque shows and I liked them all better than this show. It's hard to beat Mystere. Sat in the champagne circle, pricey but great service and loved the behind the scenes cameras.

4 Stars Mel June 17, 2009

Amazing! Dance, acrobatics, synchronized swimming, these performers were chiseled and so talented! It was truly beautiful! I could have done without the humor as it seemed disjointed from the rest of the show. But, overall Loved it! Really set the bar high for Vegas shows! You need to see this, it is an incredible experience!

5 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

Sat in the Champaign circle and the whole night was amazing. The show will blow your mind. It's the ultimate wet dream!! Go and see I to beleive it.

5 Stars Shelano April 26, 2009

Fabulous!!! Unbelievable!!

4 Stars Http:// March 23, 2009

Good show. Viewing is a bit difficult from 2nd and 3rd sections back. Have had several viewings of La Reve. This production isn't the best of Cirques 10-15 shows but it is still one of the top 5. It is a dream sequence throughout that is a bit jerky and difficult to understand for most but the visuals and choregraphy are astounding. Still a must see.

5 Stars Melanie & Jason February 04, 2009

My husband & I enjoyed the show. It's the only show we've seen in vegas, but now feel we wouldn't need to see any other shows of this style (cirque shows). We got our tickets through ticketmaster for $93 a piece (saved about $50!!) and sat in row G in section D. Seats were perfect! I imagine any seat in this place has a great view, the performers and stage surround you. I would recommend this show to anyone really, especially 1st timers and people who haven't seen any cirque shows (especially O, heard it's similar, but more expensive!).

5 Stars Hoffert Nicolas January 13, 2009

Magnifique !! Le rêve...

5 Stars Silvester Pucher- Phoenix Az November 15, 2008

Wonderful show!!

0 Stars Bill Williams August 27, 2007

Le Reve was decent (great music) but it seemed like a sophmoric version of O at the Bellagio (I saw both the same weekend). They are both water-based performances, but O has a much grander stage, better acts, better costumes, and much more diversity vs. Le Reve. If you have seen neither, one would probably like Le Reve...but if I could chose, I would do Ka and O. Again, Le Reve is just too much like O but not as good...

0 Stars corey July 30, 2007

I have been meaning to write this review since early June. I came to see Le Reve in May and I must say that I was absolutely impressed!

Before I came to see this show I was skeptical because of the articles I had read from some of you on this site, about stinky water and so on, but I must say I have thought about seeing it again since I last saw it.

Fantastic show and highly recommend it. One last helpful piece of advice, you don't need the best tickets to see the show. They are all fantastic. In fact I sat in the best seats with the champagne and the chocolate covered strawberries and when I go and see this again I will get closer seats so I can get even closer then every seat is already.

0 Stars Brian June 30, 2007

Hands down best show in Vegas. I can't wait to see it again this fall.

0 Stars Andrew March 03, 2007

Seen it 4 times and it still is an amazing show. Gets better every time. I can't wait to see it after the theater is remodeled.

0 Stars zaz January 29, 2007

To those people who said O was better than Le Reve: Are you kidding? I've watched all the Cirque du Soleil shows including O and I preferred Le Reve by far!! O got kind of slow and redundant with the whole "my body is a rubber band" thing...Le Reve had more going on and it was just magical...the falling angels scene is unforgettable.

0 Stars Dr. Robin Jones November 13, 2006

The rave reviews posted are probably posted by individuals paid by Drago and Wynn. I guess if you've never seen any theatre in you life, Le Reve could possibly appear exceptional. But I saw this act when it was on the ground, long before it came to Vegas - and it was much better then. Now it is confined to the small circle shape of the theatre. Performers cannot swing above you in your seat, for insurance reasons, so the acts are limited to a monotoney of simply raising and lowering from the water.
By the way, every time the performers came out of the water, the faint smell of mold or something musty filled the theatre. The older couple next to us walked out. Others were holding their hands over their mouths and noses.
Save your money for "O." Le Reve just can't compare at all. Boring acts with forced, non-conceptual sex scenes.

0 Stars Drew November 02, 2006

Wonderful show. One of the best shows I've seen in vegas in a long time.

0 Stars CR October 12, 2006

Absolutely one of the best shows on the strip - go see it. Sit in the front row if you can, the performers will come up right next to you, its like you're part of the show. You'll only get a few drops of water here and there.
I liked the show itself, the theatre was like no other and very intimate, and the performers did an excellent job.
The acrobatics done while wet is amazing, with their strength, balance, coordination, and not to mention how good all these guys and girls look in swimwear! The sequence of skits is really artistic and whimsical, but well thought out. Fun show, lots going on and quite a feast for your senses.

0 Stars User July 28, 2006

Great Show thats all i have to say

0 Stars User July 28, 2006

Le Rêve is one of the best shows I've seen on the strip. Apparently the guys below just like to complain a lot. The theater does not get hot, the fire only last 10 seconds at the most. And tickets don't cost $150, they actually start at $88 for front row! I've seen the show more than once and I would have to say it is better than O at Bellagio.

0 Stars User July 17, 2006

This show is wonderful and it truely is a dream. I've seen it 4 times and I will see it again when I return to Vegas.

0 Stars User June 19, 2006

Go see "O" before you see this show, and hopefully you will not go see this show. It is really no comparison to any Cirque show I've ever seen, and I hate to say one of the most miserable hour and a half's I have ever spent. No air flow whatsoever in the huge theater, so bring a hand fan or your own AC because it gets HOT...oh and there is fire involved so it heats up even more. The use of slapstick comedy becomes tired after the 2nd time....and there are more than 2 times that it appears. The performers did a wonderful job, but overall it was a very sub par performance, and I've been to almost every Cirque show. The muic is ear piercing as well. Save your change and go see "O" or something else, just not this.

0 Stars User June 19, 2006

Thank Goodness I did not have to pay actual money to see this show (comp). It was 90 minutes long and it was so boring that our entire group of 7 almost fell asleep. Major disappointment. Do not waste you $150 on this show. Go to O at will be glad you did.

0 Stars User May 05, 2006

Of all the shows i've seen in vegas, this was the best. Technically and visually brilliant, this was artistry at it's finest.

0 Stars User April 18, 2006

Amazing! Incredible. We sat in the first row and got wet. Thrilliing and worth it! get there early. we didn't know there was a pre-show that starts 15 minutes early- can take photos during the preshow. Super value for the money!

0 Stars User April 08, 2006

This show is GREAT. The content of the show is great and the live soundtrack is one of the best I have ever heard. It's also a great value for your money, you can sit in the first 3 rows for $88. The show has even taken on a new look since it first opened. I saw it when it first opened and I saw it recently and I would say the show was 50% different. AND NO THE THEATER DOES NOT STINK, IT DOESN'T EVEN SMELL LIKE ANY TYPE OF POOL CHEMICALS. I would see this show over any other in Vegas...

0 Stars User April 01, 2006

Not as good as Mystere, but overall a very good show. Liked this show better than "O" or "KA".

0 Stars User March 17, 2006

I didn't like this show. While there are some strikingly gorgeous images throughout the performance there are also some horrifying ones. Devils, vampires and pregnant girls with whips are not my thing. Also, the clowns were annoying. The music is wonderful but money is better spent watching other Cirque du Soleil shows down the street. Oh yeah and don't sit in the first row unless you want to get soaked.

0 Stars User November 22, 2005

Seemed like a good idea, theater layout, these reviews, BUT, the show stank, literally. What was that smell anyways? Some kind of plumbing problem? Ruined my experience, but what experience, anyways? By the way, where were the costumes? Don't expect to see any acrobatics or theatrics people expect to see at a Cirque show..., and forget the costumes you are used to seeing in shows like "O", or "Mystere" . Seemed like "La Reve" was put together in a hurry, i.e. concept is missing. Maybe that's why they thought to throw in a few insulting sex scenes. Not that sex, or sexiness is insulting, but are you kidding me ? !! Can't believe people in these reviews said o.k. for kids.
Were the simulated humping scenes necessary? Glad my parents got to see the side preformances of the male actors with their faces down between the girls' legs, pretending to be "eating them out"...for a couple of painfully slow minutes while the main act was going on. Neat-O. Is that the part O.K. for kids? Not sure how that or the prolonged lesbian scenes along the sidelines fit into the theme of the show...unless we are to believe that dreaming about having oral sex, or giving lesbanism a try, or humping with the girl on top will lead to pregnancy. That's how the show ends, the main female character, the one with the whip, ending the show with her stomach appearring pregnant. That's so special. Some people laughed, but I am not sure at what. I was still choking on the fouled-water smell. Couldn't have been more disappointed. Makes me feel GREAT about the money spent.
How about you see for yourself, eh? OR, Instead, buy a $14 cocktail, wait for 23 minutes to get it, watch the dozen or so hookers stroll into the bar area, or sit outside by the water "show". The giant head that pops up out of the water will make you fall out of your chair! No kidding. I suppose if you never saw ANY kind of show, then you would be impressed by "La Reve", maybe. Don't forget to bring something, a scarf, anything /something perfumed so you can tolerate that smell, whatever it was... P.S. Was that topless performer a man or woman, or a He/She?

0 Stars User November 21, 2005

Breathtaking - easily the most spectacular thing I have seen in my life - I left Las Vegas 2 weeks ago and cannot stop thinking about it - I agree with the previous review about The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch being a reminder of the show - I actually cried during it - you become so involved in the show you lose yourself completely for 90 minutes - would recommend it to anyone

0 Stars User November 21, 2005

It's like a cheap version of "O", a bit pointless

0 Stars User August 11, 2005

Great show. The musical score was great. This show is up there with "O" for my favorite Las Vegas show. It's better than Zumanity, Ka, and Mystere, and is on par with "O".

0 Stars User August 06, 2005

If you seen O and liked it, you'll love this show.

0 Stars User August 04, 2005

Great show

0 Stars User August 04, 2005

Great show

0 Stars User August 04, 2005

Great show

0 Stars User July 25, 2005

LeReve is incredible!
This is easily the best Cirque de Solei show. I saw the "O" the night before and this show blows the "O" away! The Theatre is magnificent and the performers do some of the most incredible acts that you will ever see!! I would definately see this show again!

0 Stars User June 24, 2005

A week after I left Vegas, I was still thinking about Le Reve. It's artistic, enjoyable, and well worth the price. The theatre itself is extremely cool, and my buddy and I were constantly pointing at all the things that were going on at the same time. Read the notice about getting wet: a front row seat will definitely soak you.

0 Stars User June 19, 2005

This is the best show in Las Vegas. I have seen such shows as "O", A New Day, and Blue Man Group, and this was by far the most enjoyable, creative, and visually magnificient show of all. Don't pay any attention to the critics who say this show is not worth your time. It most definitely is.

0 Stars User June 10, 2005

I highly recomend this show. I just don't understand why such a great show is getting bad press. All the seats in the theater were no more than 40 feet from the stage... so it didn't matter where you sat because every seat was a good seat. Le Reve is very similar to 'O' at Bellagio because it invovles water as the stage.

0 Stars User June 03, 2005

What a great show, perfect from start to finish, as i heard it has improved alot and changed from it's opening night.

0 Stars User June 02, 2005

For the life of me I cant understand why there is not a long wait for tickets for this show. Its one of the best vegas shows I have ever seen, and I have seen them all. The show itself is breath taking and the theater, in general, is much nicer than the 'O" theater. I plan to see the show a second time this fall when I return.

0 Stars User June 01, 2005

Don't know why the show is getting such bad press I found it to be breathtaking. I didn't see any depressing or dark parts, there are not as many acts as in say "O" but "Le Reve" is just as thrilling if not more so. Everything was perfect I was ready to see it again. The only depressing thing was that it was over way too soon. The show is standard length but time sure does fly when you are totally into the performance. Very very emotional journey that has to be seen. Don't go expecting a storyline, it is not that type of show it is following a man through his dreams/nightmares and how many of your dreams make sense? I highly recomend the show and can't wait to see it again and again. Thanks Steve and Dragone for another great thing to do in LV.

0 Stars User May 30, 2005

Le Reve was the most incredible show I have ever seen. What talented people. The theatre was beautiful and just the perfect size. I would highly recommend seeing this great show!!!!

0 Stars User May 15, 2005

Great show, spectucular set. Dragone out does Cirque with this one. I really liked the show. I've seen all the Cirque shows in Vegas, and this is my favorite.

0 Stars User May 15, 2005

Spectacularly depressing! Technically and athlitically, this is a tour deforce. Imagery is dark and disturbing. I was reminded of the painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights
by Hieronymus Bosch".

Several people in my row walked out. Is is possible to acquire post traumatic stress syndrome from a show? I don't think so, but this comes close.

0 Stars User May 11, 2005


Enough said.

0 Stars User May 07, 2005

This show is a shame. A Huge Waste of Money!
It is very Sad, because I really wanted this to be a WOW...but instead we all walked away with a Big "What the Hell was that".

0 Stars User May 04, 2005

This show has the intimacy of Mystere with the spectacular effects of O. Franco Dragone is the master showman, who has done it again!