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Show Ratings & Reviews LOVE w/The Beatles (The Mirage)

5 Stars Elliot Tait June 30, 2015

The best show I've ever seen absolutely breathtaking, worth every penny. DO IT!

3 Stars Timm August 19, 2014

I was decidedly underwhelmed. Honestly, I just don't get the fuss. It's 90 min of Beatles tunes accompanied by people swinging through the air and dancing across the stage. And the moves are not that exciting, except for one sequence halfway through when a guy does an extended balancing act high above center stage. Save your money, or go see Blue Man.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 05, 2014

The best show in Vegas, hands down. This was our 5th or 6th time seeing it and its been amazing every time.

This time we opted for a closer experience and grabbed 2nd row seats. Couldn't believe we were able to get them 2 hours before the show and for the cost of the cheap seats because we were a basic Mlife member.

We expected the seating might make the experience unique from our previous viewings but never thought it would feel so different and familiar at the same time. While the show is great at emoting no matter where you sit in the theater, being that close gave depth and greater context to the emotions and vignettes. Seeing it as many times as we have helped to know where to focus our attention and savor those moments.

I actually think the higher up you are the better because there is so much going on that you miss that close. However odds are we will elect for the intimate experience again...at least 1 or 2 more times.

5 Stars Coasterphil November 18, 2013

Definitely disappointed in the show after hearing such rave reviews from friends. We are fans of The Beatles but clearly not big enough ones to really be moved by the show solely for that reason. We went into the show knowing it was going to be much different than Cirque's classic "circus/street performance" inspired shows and that it wasn't big on acrobatics, but still disappointed by the reliance on dancing/trippy visuals. There were really only 2-3 notable acts in the entire show. We also really missed the live music, though the remastered/remixed versions of songs and sound quality were great it just didn't match the power of watching live performers and hearing new music. As always for Cirque, theater design was great and there is no reason to spend the extra money on a top category ticket. Overall glad we gave it a shot but of the 5 resident/touring CDS shows I've seen I'd rate it at the bottom. I'd much rather take the classic offerings like Mystere at TI or La Nouba in Orlando any day.

5 Stars Cody April 14, 2013

Everything I expected and more. Exciting, confusing, funny and leaves you fully entertained. Amazing stunts and dance. Here's to another amazing 5 years!!!!

4 Stars Kire October 23, 2012

Got tickets from travelzoo. Got the section over one of the entrances, was like a private booth. Show was better than I was expecting. Tons going on even if you aren't a Beatles fan.

5 Stars Chris October 18, 2012

2nd time I've seen it albeit 3 years apart but still as magical the 2nd time around. Such as slick production with so much going on. Avoid the front section if possible. We sat in row O in section 201 and it was perfect to see everything going on.

5 Stars Sion Parry July 23, 2012

I have been to see O, KA and now Love. All are good but Love is by far the best in my opinion.

5 Stars James S May 31, 2012

This was really fun to see. Never seen a Cirque show before, so cannot compare to others. I was amazed at what some of the performers could do and there were many things going on at the same time. My wife kept trying to guess which Beatles song was about to be played, she was never right.

5 Stars C.Gittens May 13, 2012

I saw Love and it was simply amazing. Anyone who says less, is too cynical for words. Well worth the money and I look forward to seeing it again.

5 Stars Mike April 19, 2012

One of the best shows in Vegas (especially for a Beatles fan) very moving for some one who's a die hard fan. Drinks and concession was cool, tasty drinks with a nice Beatles cup. Great songs and story line and the acrobats were top notch. Tickets are pricy but if your a Beatles fan, worth every penny. I'd see it again any time.

5 Stars Esucmdr March 12, 2012

As a cirque fan, this is one of there better shows. Combined with the music of the Bestles akes it an enjoyable night

5 Stars Dan March 07, 2012

I really enjoyed the show as a casual Beatles fan. Lots to see in this 'theatre in the round' style presentation. A loose story framed in the music of the Beatles with great acrobatics and choreography.

5 Stars Ryan R February 23, 2012


5 Stars Luke February 03, 2012

Most beautiful show I've ever seen! I'll admit, if you're not a Beatles fan then a different Cirque show might suit you better. But if you are, SEE THIS!

5 Stars Jessie January 07, 2012

Speechless! From beginning to end I was amazed. Love love love Beatles LOVE!

3 Stars Gregory T January 06, 2012

It was a "good" show so I don't mean to diminish the performers in any way. My comments are more geared to the producers. In every other Cirque production, I would see at least one unique trick or feature I've never seen before. Beatles has none. Also, the layout of the theater is such where you will miss parts of the show, regardless of where you sit, and that can be frustrating.

4 Stars Jason January 01, 2012

Fantastic show. Extremely well done. Second only to O for Cirque shows in Vegas.

2 Stars Trey October 26, 2011

Just saw this last night! Not quite sure what the big to do over this show is all about. I had to lean over and ask the girl I was with if I am suppose to be high to enjoy this show! Not as much acrobats and cool routines as other cirque shows! More slow and boring parts of the show than I could ever believe! The stunts, acrobatics, and dancing was average at best!

5 Stars D October 17, 2011

2nd time seeing Love and felt like it was my first. Simply amazing. Better the 2nd time. Went with 2 friends who have been to Vegas numerous times but have yet to see a show. After seeing Love, they now want to see a show every time they visit.

5 Stars Dorian October 11, 2011

Cirque plus the Beatles. Match made in heaven. It totally works on every level. A Vegas must see!!

5 Stars Ellie October 11, 2011

Hands down, best show in town!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Amazing acrobatics & best music ever! Even non Beatle fans will be converted. Can't wait to see it again.

5 Stars Dan October 10, 2011

Spectacular, intimate, acrobatic, and immersive. This was a great show, ranging from chaos across the entire stage to tender moments. Performed as theatre in the round, the central stage seems to have something similar, yet unique for each section's perspective. Definitely on my must see list!

4 Stars Will W October 05, 2011

This was an amazing show. If you like the Beatles, it's a definite must. My wife loves them so it was her anniversary present to go and see this. Great show, great visuals, great music. Also, go ahead and grab the cheap tickets. The views were actually a lot better from the cheap seats than from the front rows.

5 Stars Dan September 07, 2011

Stunning. Obviously a must see for Beatles fans and a seriously emotional experience if you know your Beatle history. But even casual fans will see one of the best Cirque performances, heavier on dance than most. Get seats toward the back for best views of the spectacle.

5 Stars Rich September 05, 2011

One word WOW

5 Stars Pox September 03, 2011

El mejor espectáculo del mundo , sumale tres estrellas si eres como yo un fan del mejor grupo de música popular de la historia

5 Stars Dustin July 17, 2011

Totally immersive experience and extraordinary talent + The Beatles = best show in Las Vegas!

5 Stars JamieB July 17, 2011

LOVED Love!! I am not a Beatles fan but still enjoyed the heck out if this show!! Highly recommended!!!!

5 Stars El in AZ May 21, 2011

I've seen this twice and would go again tonight! total sensory overload. Amazingly talented performers and the best. Music. Ever. The only downside is I'm ruined now for other shows. I fear nothing else would stack up.

5 Stars Steve hinkle May 07, 2011

Spectacular show! Sit at least halfway up for the best experience. Would see this show again before any others.

5 Stars Sean April 10, 2011

LOVE was such a great show, we were second row from the stage. Might have had a better view if a little higher, but overall the show was AMAZING!!!!! will see it again my next time in Vegas.

5 Stars Rob February 13, 2011

This show was AMAZING!! This was the first show I have seen and this show will definitely not disappoint you. I took my wife to Vegas for her first time this weekend, it is also her birthday weekend. We sat on the upper balcony section 303 in the AA section and honestly these were the best seats in the house! There was a part in the show that a huge sheet was draped over everyone on the lower level and since we were on the upper level we got to see everything that was happening! To my wife and I we would not have wanted to be on the lower level. The thing about being on the balcony was that we could see everything happening all over the stage. Being in the lower section...especially close to the stage you would not be able to see over the people.

5 Stars Lotso January 11, 2011

Very good show! Couple of technical glitches stopped performance but was still well worth the money.

2 Stars Mike December 11, 2010

Falling asleep. Not a lot of poppy beatles way more acid beatles. Most of it was twitchy dancing.

5 Stars mikev@dpat.com December 02, 2010

This is first cirqe show i have seen. The show was great and the music fantastic.

5 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

Hands down best show on the strip. Was absolutely amazed the first time I saw it and have been back 4 times since. If you have seen once, try it again from a different seat. Can be a totally different experience. By far Cirque's best effort. Well worth the $$.

4 Stars Jril September 28, 2010

Crazy acid trip performance. Entertained. 100 min long

5 Stars Anto28 September 16, 2010

A great show top to bottom. The acoustics in the theater are amazing and really add to the performance. A must for any Beatles fan.

0 Stars Jdog September 16, 2010

Seen it four timesand i still wanna go back again.. No bad seats and it's a different point of view everytime I see it!

5 Stars Aj September 12, 2010

One of the best shows, it will take yor breath away.

5 Stars Robert August 14, 2010

Best show in Vegas

5 Stars Royce July 30, 2010

One of the best shows I have ever seen. Non-stop excitement and entertainment.

5 Stars Chris July 19, 2010

This is one of the first Cirque shows I've seen and it's still one of my favorites. You don't have to be a Beatles fan but if you are you're in for a treat, start to finish. More than any other Cirque show, there's action happening all around you, and it can be tough to take it all in. As some others have said, there isn't a bad seat in the house, as it's a small theater-in-the-round. Unfortunately, there's also not a cheap seat in the house, and the show still sells out months in advance. This is the best visual interpretation yet of the Beatles' music and it's really one of the must-see shows in Vegas. I hope the Cirque people and U2 get together someday...

5 Stars Joy July 02, 2010

Ultimate in CDS productions! Have seen it a dozen times, & can't wait to see again! Love, love, LOVE...

5 Stars June June 24, 2010

Fabulous show and very entertaining!

5 Stars Capri Vegas June 14, 2010

Saw in Oct 2006.The best production show I have seen in Vegas. Had the second to last row from the top and still thought we had the best seats in the house. I am not at all a Beatles fan but was completely won over by the color , the music, the acrobatics and theatrics. The show is expensive...doesn't matter. See this one show instead of two medocre ones; you come out ahead!

5 Stars Bob June 13, 2010

Best show in Vegas. I've seen LOVE three times, looking forward to a fourth in a few weeks.

5 Stars Betty June 04, 2010

This was the best money I've ever spent! The show was amazing. The best seats (I think) are balcony seats... U get a better view of the whole stage and don't miss out on the special effects. But there really isnt any bad seats in the house. Even if ur not a beatles fan this is a must see show when ur in Vegas. I'm even thinking about going again before I leave... There's just so much to absorb. Loved it!

5 Stars Mel May 21, 2010

Just saw this last night with my husband. We absolutely loved it! We are both huge Beatles fans, and the interpetation of their songs by Cirque was amazing. It's a stirring performance, a beautiful spectacle. It was like something out of a dream. Just a wonderful tribute to the Beatles and their music. Definitely see this! And as another reviewer said, don't be too concerned with getting the closest seat. You'll get the full effect sitting further away.

5 Stars Doug J April 22, 2010

Awesome show! Not a bad seat in the house so don't pay for front row seats you will miss some things. I will definitely go again

5 Stars Bobby April 17, 2010

It was freaking awesome!! I can't wait to see it again this summer. I wasn't really a Beatles fan before I saw the show and now, I am obsessed with them! I definitely recommend this show. You won't be disappointed.

5 Stars Eric April 13, 2010

My wife and I saw LOVE in December 2007. This show was amazing. I won't describe it, as it wouldn't do much good, anyway. You have to see it to believe it. The first Cirque show we've ever seen, but now I want to see the rest.

Highly recommended. Don't worry too much about getting expensive tickets; from what I could see, and what I've heard, there really isn't a bad seat in the house.

5 Stars Bill April 10, 2010

We have taken our family to this show twice & we'll go again on our next trip to Vegas. If you are a Beatles fan then this is certainly a must see show! The best seats in the house are the ones further away from the stage because there are so many things taking place at one time that it's hard to take it all in if you're to close to the front.

5 Stars Luke April 08, 2010

I went into this show with very high expectations and it fulfilled every one of them. The musical arrangement are amazing and the performance is even better. Several times I had chills and a few times I even found myself choked up. There is something for everyone in this show. If you are a Beatles fan and don't see this show while you are in Vegas, you're an idiot.

5 Stars Lauren Bearer April 08, 2010

This is probably the most amazing show i have ever seen! I've seen it about 3 times now and it gets better each time. The stunts and the visuals are breathtaking. It's so beautiful and they did a very good job putting this show together. They also have a great selection of the Beatles songs.

I have seen three other shows in Vegas and none of them can compare to this one. I also enjoy how they interact with the crowd in the beginning it makes it more entertaining.

All in all The Beatles Love show is a MUST SEE! I would recommend getting close seats like the 5th row! You won't regret it!

Peace & love! :]

5 Stars Diana Haddaway April 08, 2010

This is the best show in las Vegas I have seen it 5 times and will be seeing it again this summer.don't miss out on such a fantastic show,you won't regret it.

5 Stars John M. April 05, 2010

Great show! Always something going on. We sat in the upper section and seats were great, we could see everything going on.

4 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

Everyone says you don’t have to love the Beatles to enjoy LOVE, and I agree with that for the most part. My cynical preconception was that it would be overtly political with flower power, spitting on soldiers, and mania worship, but I am happy to report that the messages were tastefully and poignantly done.

In the 90-minute performance, I had several moments of awe and delight with the sets, colorful stage effects, and sequencing. The opening, acts featuring the aerialists, the white cloud effect, and the dance of Yesterday were magical. These took up about 35 minutes.

The only thing that stuck out past those moments were the enormous amount of talent on stage wasted with the mashed potato, monkey, twist and various go-go dancing moves. My husband even said he could have done some of the dancing, which is a sign of how bad some of the dancing was. While their colorful clothing added to the routine, the dancer’s clothes should never be the point of the show and in some scenes, you admired the hippy attire more than the performance. Somehow I kept hearing South Park’s Cartman ask for the “hippy digger.” LOVE was fun, absolutely, but I had my fill about an hour in. Of course I knew it was all about the music of the Beatles, but had it been more about music of the era and included some Doors, Dylan, CS&Y, Hendrix, and Joplin, I might have been more enthusiastic.

Had I been a flower child from the era, a huge fan of the music, or unfamiliar with this style of theater, I would have been blown away. Lots of folks were singing along and obviously have meaningful memories of the period. Music is such a soundtrack to our lives, I feel this show gets higher marks than it should for that reason.

We stayed at the Mirage and took advantage of the half-priced $150 ticket offer, which made the show well worth it for me. We went to the 9:30pm on Thursday and sat in row O section 200 which gave an excellent view of the arena stage in both detail and panorama. The tickets included 2-4-1 drinks in the Revolution Lounge and I highly recommend going there pre-show. It is groovy man!

3 Stars Jaime March 31, 2010

It was good show. I'm a not a big beatles fan but I liked the music it put me in a good mood. Some of the performers did mess up and one of those rollar blade dudes fell down and it just ruined the feel for me.

5 Stars Sarah Louise March 29, 2010


5 Stars SEJerome March 25, 2010

Great show, a good mix of classic beatles and mashed up remixes. An excellent "gateway drug" for Cirque du Soleil. Left with a huge smile on my face

5 Stars Kramer March 25, 2010

Love "LOVE". Must see for anyone coming to Vegas. Will want to see again & again!

5 Stars John March 23, 2010

Incredible, had a great time, not a bad seat in the theater, must see.

5 Stars Lu March 16, 2010

Loved it, loved it , loved it. Can't get enough of this show. Performers are awesome!

0 Stars Ellen March 16, 2010

Best Cirque show ever!! Upbeat and music of Beatles always entertaining. Seen 8 times and will continue to see again & again. Have seen all Cirque shows and this is, with a doubt, the most fun.

5 Stars Victoria February 27, 2010

loved it!

1 Star Ek February 22, 2010

Not worth the money. Very little acrobatics, mostly dancing around to prerecorded music i'm a big beatles fan as well. Very dissapointed.

3 Stars Gene February 07, 2010

Appeals to a certain demographic, but not for everyone. There was less of a narrative to follow, so it can seem a little confusing at times. The show was less dynamic than KA and O the other two I have seen and I thought they were both better. Overall I thought it was over rated. Wouldn't pay to see it again, would see O again.

5 Stars Eric February 02, 2010

I need to call the Mirage and see if they found the piece if my brain that this show blew out. I've never seen anything like this show....it was amazing. Best show I've seen yet in Vegas.

5 Stars Andrea February 01, 2010

The best show I've ever seen. It's a must see when coming to Vegas!

0 Stars Joy January 12, 2010

Without a doubt, best show on the strip! Highly entertaining... Acrobatics are one of a kind... Very unique for Cirque. Must see, even if you're not Beatles fan you wil love this!

5 Stars Juston January 09, 2010

I saw KA last year and, although amazing and the set was fantastic, I had a terrible time staying awake, I was very tired, but yet again, I went to LOVE tired. But in this experiance, I had no trouble staying awake. It was amazing for me. I had a hard time following the non English storyline of KA. Not so here as they play through history and what was happening at the time through the wars and peace of the ara. The music was amazing and although I would say I like the Beatles I would not say I am a big fan, but I bought the sound track when we left as to remind me of this most excellent adventure. I would go and see it again in fact I have have seriously thought of going again this trip and sit in the upper seats to get a diffrent view.

5 Stars Eric from effing Vegas December 02, 2009

This is one of those shows that sticks with you long after you leave. Dust off your Beatles albums before you see it, cause I guarantee they'll be listened to afterwards. There are a number of Specticles throughout the show that couldn't be done anywhere else. The theater having been designed specifically for the show was necessary to pull it off. One of the best live shows I've ever seen, and well worth the time and money. Get there early, though, as the show begins well before the lights go dark.

5 Stars Trudy nevland November 01, 2009

Very fun. Front rows may be too low

0 Stars Jim September 25, 2009

Great show! It was like a dream. Very surreal. Can't wait to get back to Vegas and see it again.

5 Stars Gaylin September 09, 2009

Loved every minute of it and wasn't sure I would as I Hate circuses only went cuz of Beatles music but SO GLAD I DID

4 Stars Jeff August 12, 2009

Great music - not as much acrobatics as I expected from a cirque show, but very entertaining.

5 Stars Mark W from Chicago June 14, 2009

This is my favorite show in Las Vegas. I have already seen it twice and plan to see it again. The music is fantastic, the imagery is breath taking & the sound system is amazing. I am normally not a fan of cirque but I recommed this to all.

5 Stars Bee May 23, 2009

Great show for a beatles fan. I went on my last night in vegas and I couldn't get the songs out of my head. If you have seen a cirq show before don't expect fantastic gymnastics but do expect a few suprises that cirq Shows do not offer! A must see!

0 Stars jodie May 21, 2009

not sure what show last poster saw - this show was FILLED with acrobatics and was not just a bunch of people running around to Beatles music. This show was so amazingly beautiful - it was like watching a dream come to life.

5 Stars (null) May 13, 2009

Amazing show and well worth the ticket price

4 Stars Dave B. April 29, 2009

Loved it ! Went with a posse of cirque fans (I was a virgin) and they loved it as well.

1 Star 454alan April 24, 2009

Worst of the Cirques and I'm a big fan. Bad staging, no acrobatics. Performers just run around to Beatles music and expect applause.

4 Stars John April 21, 2009

Got offer from Mirage for 40% off. Really enjoyed. I would not reccommend lowest section because lots going on above. Would reccommend middle or upper sections for best view.

5 Stars Http://Www.Sunseatours.com March 24, 2009

After seeing almost every cirque show, this one made me laugh, cry, clap, scream, shout and dance along to every song and sequence. If you can see just one thing on your trip here see The Beatles: Love Cirque de Solei. You will NOT regret it. Even if you never really got into the music the visuals are astounding. HINT: on your return trip-Trip!

5 Stars Davie March 08, 2009

Fab show,it's amazing how they have managed to turn beatles music into a 5 star show

5 Stars Chris c March 05, 2009

I was not really a fan of the beatles before seeing the show but man I am now! The music and preformers go great together.

5 Stars Drew March 02, 2009

LOVE was by far the coolest thing I went to in vegas. Whether you like the beatles or not you will love this show. Can't wait to see again!!

5 Stars John February 15, 2009

Don't miss this one! Buy your tickets weeks in advance. Package deal for two tickets and two nights is what we did. I paid $360 for a Friday and Saturday night room and two great seats in the $150 per section. Great way to save and see the BEST show in Vegas!

4 Stars donnymac66 January 11, 2009

Went to the late show of Love in November. The music was great and the story with the 4 lads was brought to life beautifully by the Cirque performers. Definitely recommend.

4 Stars sageblue January 11, 2009

LOVE is the third CDS show I have seen and ranks near the top. The music is excellent, and the sheer scale of the production is impressive. There is never a lull and for 90 minutes you are entertained if not dazzled.

5 Stars Bob January 07, 2009

Very well staged. Acoustics outstanding! Lucky to have front row seats. View was perfect. Some reviewers favor back rows for more panoramic view. I doubt that there's a bad seat in the house. Unique Cirque show. Only downside is awefully slow will call window to pick up Internet tickets.

5 Stars Silvester Pucher- Phoenix Az November 15, 2008

Super Show..

5 Stars Jaime November 07, 2008

What a mind-blowing show!! The best cirque du soleil for the music fan. The Beatles music flowed perfectly with the performances.

5 Stars Fred October 21, 2008

Fabulous show!! My wife and I have seen it twice. A MUST for any Vegas trip!!

0 Stars Jeff November 03, 2007

I've seen it twice and it is by far my favorite show. Cannot recommend it enough.

0 Stars BRN July 08, 2007

Bottom-line up front: LOVE is the best show I've ever seen!

I saw it last summer during a "preview performance" and it was awesome. Have seen Mystiere, KA, Zoomanity, and other headliners and sideliners and for my money LOVE is the best.

The stylization of the Beatles music is incredible and my wife, sisters-in-law and I absolutely enjoyed every second of it!

I'd pay over $100 to see it again (and I'm a cheap bastard!)

0 Stars mike_ch February 11, 2007

I only saw the first half of this show because the hotel's security system went nuts and a comedy of errors occurred that involved stuck performers, audience shoutouts, and an entire theater section getting soaked as a finale.

The seats were some of the most expensive available, and I'll be going through the refund process and unlikely to return. I've seen every non-Zumanity CDS show on the Strip AND I grew up listening to Beatles music unaware of the meanings and references of the songs, so I'm not exactly out of the target audience, but this was just not good. The choreography was well done in one scene involving a group of women on wires flying around the stage weaving around and glancingly missing a guy on the stage. The rest of it was just... Eh. Maybe played too much for humor or something.

Would not recommend to others, however one nice scene and the fact that I only saw half the show means I can't give it the full stinker in good conscience.

0 Stars Hunter June 19, 2006

I really enjoyed this show. Combine some fantastic remixes and mash-ups of songs from The Beatles, with Cirque's amazing abilities and you get LOVE. I see this show as the most accessible of all Cirque shows. The costumes look like they are from 1960, not Mars as they do in some other CDS shows. The music is really great - the first time they've ever licensed anything for any kind of show through decades of overtures from producers. I saw the show while it was still in previews - at which state CDS surveys the audience after the show to get a feeling for what they thought... There were a couple of scenes that went on a little long but based on what I heard from other audience members, this was common feedback - my bet is that they'll trim in a few places. I highly recommend this show. To really get Cirque you also need to see a show like 'O' or 'Mystere' but in my mind, 'LOVE' is a don't miss Las Vegas show. The Mirage scored big time with this one.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 17, 2006

Just saw "Love." I've seen O, Mystere and Ka and must say that Love is the least impressive. The "soundscape" (as George Martin calls it) is fantastic- mixing scores of Beatles tunes into one another and updating the feel of the music (if that's not heritical)-- think the remixes of Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation" a few years back. As far as the show, if you've seen a CdS show, you will wonder where the WOW factor is. In Love there isn't a single amazing CdS treat. There are skateboarders (?) and a B trampoline act. that's about it.. Also, not too much Love either-- more of a mixmatched Beatles' history lesson- and a dark one at that. Starts in WWII Liverpool and then progresses. The "blackbirds" scene is embarassing. I'm sure it will be cut in the final show. Love also has some parts that just don't make logical, historical or artistic sense (like the African-American couple dancing a la 1985 to Lady Madonna-- and Lady Madonna here is pregnant (or at least looked so with her prosthetic belly). Must say that the Bed scene is fantastic: you are literally enveloved into a floating bed's sheet. For CdS see (in order) O, Ka, Mystere.... then Love. Maybe it will improve and be a quality show by the time it opens officially in late June. But the preview I saw (P McC was in the audience!) on 6/15 was disappointing.