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The D Las Vegas

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The D Las Vegas

Derek Stevens


Four Queens | Fremont 


Show Ratings & Reviews Marriage Can Be Murder (The D Las Vegas)

5 Stars Leigh March 27, 2013

Had a great time at the show. The actors were funny and entertaining. The dinner was pretty good too. We had the choice between chicken or pasta.

4 Stars Richard September 30, 2012

Had a lot of fun there with my wife. If you don't like being called out to talk in font of everyone or being the butt of a joke this is not the place for you. If you don't mind that you will have a blast. The main host, Birdie, was the highlight of the show. She was hysterical and kept us laughing all night. Great time.

4 Stars Brandon June 02, 2012

Excellent show. The best dinner show I have been to. The food was alright, nothing spectacular.

5 Stars Amanda July 10, 2011

Loved this show!! My husband and I both had a blast and he usually doesn't like this sort of thing. Mimi is hilarious!

5 Stars Jessica December 24, 2010

This show was a lot of fun. My husband and I enjoyed it.

1 Star RP November 11, 2010

Save your time and money and don't go to this "less than average" show.

0 Stars Heath June 28, 2010

This show has moved to Fitzgeralds

5 Stars Jim April 15, 2010

Best show in Vegas! Very skillfully done and everyone feels involved. The script changes regulary and we will be going back.

4 Stars Anonymous January 09, 2010

Very funny, hilarious black box theater show. Highly enjoyable!

1 Star Heath April 27, 2009

I saw this show back in January and didn't care for it. The jokes are very corny, the 'plot' is disinteresting, the food is very mediocre and it felt too long. We were glad when it ended. 3 hours of our vegas lives that is wasted.

4 Stars Jaye March 14, 2009

This show is very interactive & hilarious. We really enjoyed this one. It's worth seeing.