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Show Ratings & Reviews The Mentalist (Planet Hollywood)

5 Stars Jane Public October 14, 2011

This guy us right spot on, dose not pull punches, he was accurate, impressive show, I would go again

5 Stars Dustin and Autumn June 27, 2011

Great show we loved it

4 Stars Graham December 10, 2010

A long queue (which upset my pregnant wife) but a funny and impressive show in intimate surroundings. You get the impression that Gerry "The Mentalist" McCambridge has a bee in his bonnet about the popular TV detective show that shares the same name. Specifically, he leaves you with the impression that he's somehow connected with that show (he's not - he had a magic show broadcast in 2004 also called "The Mentalist". Not that you'd know that from the words he uses on stage where he keeps saying he was the "creative inspiration for the hit tv show 'the mentalist'.) He needs to get over the name dispute - he's too talented to let this sully him I think. Great great show and recommended nevertheless.

5 Stars Amazed July 16, 2010

This guy was not only very talented but he was also very funny! The show was very enjoyable...def worth the long line wait...but be careful what you are thinking while you are in line bc that's when he's backstage preparing for the show! :()

5 Stars Stacy July 12, 2010

I saw this guy on TV with Criss Angel and thought this stuff was impossible. After viewing the show, I now know it is not set up, he is the real deal. And you know its real because he tells you how he does it after he fools you.

5 Stars David Baez October 27, 2009

This a spectacular experience. Definitly worth the money. If you are sceptical about tricks and try to figure them out, this guy will blow you away.

5 Stars Adam October 14, 2009

My wife dragged me to this show kicking and screaming. I left a HUGE fan. This is one of the beat shows in Las Vegas.

5 Stars Tom September 06, 2009

Remembered this guy from TV performing cool tricks. Even better in person. his assistant was hot !

5 Stars Steve C March 13, 2009

Saw this guy in TV and thought "no way" can he read minds without camera edits. Well, he does!!!! He blew us all away!

5 Stars Bobby S. January 20, 2009

The Mentalist is by far the best "hidden secret" show in Vegas. The showroom is intimate and the show is amazing!!!