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Harrah's Las Vegas

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Show Ratings & Reviews Million Dollar Quartet (Harrah's Las Vegas)

5 Stars Brian Nichols January 02, 2014

Quite easily the best show in Vegas. Consummate performances from the whole cast. Forget acrobats singing in unknown languages. This is definitely worth a look. If we were staying longer we would go and see it again.

4 Stars 360 Vegas Mark September 27, 2013

Very entertaining show especially for fans of at least one of the performers featured. Tickets were reasonably priced and cast available after the show for meet and greets. Not entirely historically accurate but easily forgivable for the sake of entertainment value. Fun.

4 Stars KerenNMark September 27, 2013

A fun show. Impersonators were good (although I can't judge Carl Perkins - had no idea who he was). Jerry Lee was funny and Elvis respected the younger man. I don't think Cash looked much like Johnny, but he sounded good. Best hits if all 4. Reasonably priced. Would recommend.