Show Ratings & Reviews Mystere (Treasure Island)

5 Stars May December 30, 2014

This is my favourite show of this visit, totally worth the money, all the performers are charm and talented, I decide to watch all the CDS show after seeing this one.

5 Stars Karen December 23, 2012

Mystere was fantastic. We had amazing seats--front row center. My husband was singled out unexpectedly and became part of the show without warning. He was chosen as the "papa" and got to go on stage, wear a costume, and interact with some of the Mystere performers. The lady next to me thought it may have been pre-planned but it wasn't. If you want a chance at the same experience, definitely sit in the front row. The show itself was wonderful. Mystifying and exciting acts plus humor. The stage changed throughout--not as much as the Ka or O stages, but it was still neat. Don't expect a plot; just enjoy the acts. I loved the show and would definitely see it again. I would recommend it to Cirque newbies and veterans alike.

5 Stars Gregory T December 20, 2012

Mystere, much like O, is a production to be remembered forever. It was polished, humorous, clever, and captivating. The performers make your jaw drop in awe. Even the music was flawless.

4 Stars Salvegas24 November 04, 2012

I have now seen all the Cirque shows except Cris Angel which I have no desire to see. I thought Mystere was going to be a little "old" looking. I was pleasantly surprised that the show was incredibly fun, simple and less expensive. I asked if seats were open if we could be upgraded. About 15 minutes before the show started, a line formed before the 1st section and we were placed in the 2nd row!!! The show was so much fun but really strange. With a very loose storyline that followed a baby looking for her stuffed toy snail, the acts complimented the story nicely. All of the acts were amazing and none of them were slow moving or boring like Zumanity. For the price, you cannot beat the show.

5 Stars NoDeuces June 20, 2012

Loved Mystere. Talked into the tickets from the Half-price show kiosk...talked into upgraded 3rd row aisle seats. Fascinating show. Laugh out loud funny at times. Affordable.

5 Stars Bryce April 19, 2012

Amazing show. Got 35% off tickets and had great seat. Would totally recommend that you see it when you go to Vegas!

5 Stars Ashley March 15, 2012

Incredible!! Worth every penny!!

5 Stars Paladin7ds October 29, 2011

Amazing show, every act was mind blowing! From start to finish worth every penny!

5 Stars Thomas B June 29, 2011

Only the second Cirque I've seen, but awesome! Loved the acrobats, music, actors, etc! A must see in Vegas. Not a bad seat in the house, sit anywhere. Great show!

4 Stars Amber June 13, 2011

Was a good show. Story is hard to figure out but doesn't matter because the music and scenery is amazing!

4 Stars Liza April 10, 2011

My first Cirque show and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

5 Stars Michelle March 26, 2011

I loved it & want to go back badly :)

5 Stars Hoganswinger March 15, 2011

Wow!!! Blows KA out of the water. Such a great show.

5 Stars Pierre-Luc January 24, 2011

Excellent perfomance from the acrobats of the Cirque. Go see it!

3 Stars Vitaminz January 08, 2011

Dot get me wrong I rhinitis performers of all the Cirque shows are the best T what they do. I just didn't understand the plot, if there was one , to this show. An adult baby, some bird man, and a giant inflatable snail? Amazed at the performers, but left the show wondering eat the hell I just saw.

5 Stars Brandon January 06, 2011

Best Cirq show in my opinion and at a pretty fair price. Not a bad seat in the house

4 Stars Amz November 23, 2010

I'm told that this is classic original Cirque at it's best. The show is full of fantastic acrobats and looks great. A must see if you love Cirque

4 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

Great classic Cirque show. The original on the strip. Definitely worth seeing as tickets can often be had cheaper than competing Cirque shows.

5 Stars Michael Dutterer October 20, 2010

An extremely visually-pleasing show. The show is just fun from start to finish. Save your money and buy the lower priced ticket as there is not a bad seat in the house. In fact, I recommend sitting towards the back just to see everything that takes place on the stage.

5 Stars DrD September 17, 2010

This is by far my favorite Cirque show! Have seen it 4 times. People seem to be trying to overanalyze, searching for meaning or some kind of plot. It is a visual and auditory experience which creates a beautiful fantasy world to enjoy "in the moment"; a place to set aside the cares of "the real world" for a time and be immersed in the grace and splendor of Mystere. The performances are amazing.

4 Stars Capri Vegas August 22, 2010

It gets off to a slow start but it takes off and you get a good mix of acrobatics, lights, music and humor. Four stars, almost.

5 Stars David F. July 02, 2010

The Original! If you have never been to a cirque show, then this is a good introduction, otherwise you may get a feeling you have seen it before. A little slow at the beginning, but it soon warms up and the mixture of acts and art will delight you. Don't worry about trying to follow any story that might be in there and focus on enjoying the spectacle. I did not find the baby annoying, all part of the fun. Two hints, Be sure to arrive 30 mins early to enjoy the Pre-show and if your tickets are at the box office, be prepares to wait in long line unless you get there early.

4 Stars Tay April 27, 2010

Pretty incredible show, but if youve ever seen another circ. Performance, you won't be as dazzled with this one. I was however expecting a bit of boredom on behalf of the performers, sometimes u can see that... But these guys were on fire! Very energetic and proud it seemed. A must see if u stay at TI

5 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

This was our first Cirque show and chose it because of a good promo and we wanted a more "pure" Cirque experience than Ka or O. We figured start with a classic and work our way up.

I would describe this as an avant-garde variety show. It begins with a pre-show routine by what looks like a "mad conductor." The opening act is the MC who does some puppet work followed by the baby. There are a lot of mixed reviews on the baby but I thought it was hilarious. The acrobatics are extraordinary, of course, however some of the superfluous solo dancing females make better acrobats than ballerinas. There is a nice bit of audience involvement that I do not want to spoil and if you are seated in the first section you may have a performer or two climb over you. There is a large curtain call after the last acrobatic set and all of the performers take off their masks - I loved that!

Although there is enough occurring on-stage to keep anyone visually delighted, please take a little glance stage right at the vocalists. Those ladies are astounding and giving a lot to their performance even though they are obviously not intended to be the highlight. It took half the show for my husband to realize it was not a recording! The red rooster character was a delight to watch and you could tell she reveled in performing. My favorite bit was a Pas de Deux toward the beginning of the performance that had me in tears it was so breathtaking. I am always a sucker for the romantic duets though.

I am an old techie, so it is hard for me to get lost in the fantasy of live art. My eyes always seem to catch the crew moving the set pieces and noting when cues are late or early. This is my own idiosyncrasy but it does effect how I enjoy a performance. We also had near front row tickets which allowed us a great view for facial expressions - the performers were either enhanced or diminished by this. Also, I could hear a lot of foot steps, and had a poor view of the overall picture. I think my opinion would be the same no matter which seats I had, but the perspective might be slightly different.

2 Stars FrenchAero March 16, 2010

Cirque du soleil is amways nice to see, but this one is not the best.

5 Stars Diana March 10, 2010

My bottom review belonged to ZUMANITY! Not this one SORRY!!

5 Stars Bryan December 12, 2009

I went to show it's great show.

5 Stars Trudy nevland November 01, 2009

Amazing; fun for all ages

5 Stars Mike October 20, 2009

A fantastic show - high end performance and should be seen by anyone in Vegas! I'm interested in comparing the different shows, but this was memorable.

5 Stars Ericpascale September 14, 2009

Pour la famille, tres bon spectacle!

5 Stars Steve September 10, 2009

Have seen it multiple times. Fantastic! Great performers and live music. Highly recommended.

5 Stars Christina August 10, 2009

Amazing show, one of Cirques best!! Not a bad seat in the house. Even though it's an older show, it's better than many of the newer ones. This and "O" are my faves!!!

5 Stars Mel H. August 03, 2009

Love Mystere! We saw Le Reve also and Mystere was certainly the best of the two. Constant glancing at your watch like some shows. Would definitely recommend!!!

5 Stars Tx traveler June 03, 2009

Last week isaw this show quality in the costumes is fantastic! Worth the money do not miss this show!!

4 Stars Lisaloo May 08, 2009

Second time I see it and although it was amazing bits were missing from when I last see it.

4 Stars Http:// March 24, 2009

Fantastic and fabulous in every way!

5 Stars Mike January 09, 2009

Just amazing!

4 Stars Silvester Pucher- Phoenix Az November 15, 2008

Very nice show.!!!

4 Stars Karen November 09, 2008

Loved it. All seats are good. I was enthralled for the entire time

0 Stars LINDSEY January 07, 2008


0 Stars Mrs M. October 08, 2007

Made the mistake of seeing 'O' before Mystere... it just seemed dated in comparison, and we are still trying to figure out the purpose of the large inflatable snail at the end.
Very talented performers, but found this one over-rated.

0 Stars Jeff August 06, 2007

Best show in Vegas, hands down.

0 Stars Bob March 03, 2007

I got a 2-for-1 deal for Mystere tickets. After seeing the show, I would have no problem paying full price to see it again. The music, dancing, athleticism, and comedy were all top notch. I was especially impressed with the two brothers performing the human sculpture. GO SEE THIS!!!

0 Stars User June 23, 2006

I have seen Mysetre 2 times and both were fantastic experiences. The costumes, music and acrobatics are amazing. You will love it!! It is unexplainable, you must see for yourself. GREAT!!

0 Stars User March 12, 2006

We went march 9th on a thursday nite (10:30). Ticket cost was $ 60.00 and all seats are good.We really enjoyed.

0 Stars User September 17, 2005

This show is well worth the money. You will not be dissapointed. I will definately see it again

0 Stars User March 25, 2005

I think it's about time to stop gawking and be overly enthusiastic about the Cirque du Soleil thing .Mystere is a vey expensive,overrated show.It took me 4 years to decided to spend $95 to go and see the show,only because i was expecting to see what I at the end saw.Peole dressed weird jumping around while music play.There is no story to follow,no nothing,it's just jumping and making weird acrobatics.Was i disappointed?For 95 bucks a piece sure a I was.Will I go back to see the show with my fiancee?( I was single at that time)No!!,sorry honey,i will buy you a spa treatement,you will enjoy it better.
3 weeks after Mystere went to see "KA" at the MGM,a little bit better,but still I 'm done with Cirque du soleil.

0 Stars Adam12 August 11, 2004

Words cant really do Mystere justice, just buy the ticket and see for yourself.

0 Stars stevez49 July 25, 2004

The best show I have ever seen. Worth every penny I paid. I hope to see again soon.

0 Stars johninballard November 14, 2003

I just saw Mystere for the fourth time and it remains awinspiring, fabulous, terrific and on and on. I never tire of this show and I have seen a lot of them. Now they just have to trot up the street and slap Zumanity into shape...huge dissapointment.

0 Stars bobbycud July 08, 2003

Great Show! A must see.

0 Stars Paul July 02, 2003

Wow, what a show! I never thought any vegas act would be worth $70 a pop, but damned if this wasn't worth every penny. The music, the costumes, the performers were amazing, even for Cirque de Soleil. If you see one show in Vegas this should be it.

0 Stars cote722 May 20, 2003

WOW !!!! Outstanding perfromance. Love the music. Love the show. Just make sure you arrive early ...

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

One of the best shows in Las Vegas. When you see it, you won't believe it. An amazing display of human ability.

0 Stars drbertz February 28, 2003

Truly spectacular... A demonstration of physical prowess so potent it may motivate you to take up new-age gymnastics yourself. Don't see the the show if you are insecure about your body. These people are physical specimens of humanity, contorting and lifting and twirling body parts and people in ways that you thought only Ron Jeremy was capable of. Costuming is quite good, the presentation is amazing. Take the whole family (just don't make the Ron-Jeremy reference...)