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Show Ratings & Reviews O (Bellagio)

1 Star DnlVgs May 03, 2015

Repetitive, uninspiring, joyless, don't waste your time, in five minutes you've seen it all.

5 Stars DMSan May 01, 2013

Simply amazing! These people are soooo beyond athletes. It really is a must see. I've seen this show and the Beatles Love, both were exceptional.

5 Stars Leigh March 28, 2013

The show was amazing. A little pricey, but well worth it!

5 Stars Vegas Mate User October 01, 2012

AWESOME!!!! Just saw the show tonight and it was spectacular! The performers were amazing! I didn't want the show to end. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny!

5 Stars April July 01, 2012

We thought O was wonderful. The music was so cool; the way the singers and musician's were on sight performing with the acrobatics. The diving was incredible and the clowns were very funny.

4 Stars Brandon June 02, 2012

Great show but expensive

2 Stars Dorian June 02, 2012

"O", no, I can't believe I wasted my valuable Las Vegas time on this boar fest. I fell asleep mid way through. Not even close to being worth the extravagant ticket price. I thought "LOVE" at the Mirage was five times better.

5 Stars Jared May 16, 2012

AMAZING. you will never see ANything like it. best $200 i spent in vegas whole time, & i wanted MORE.

4 Stars Karen April 23, 2012

Good show I would recommend it to others.

1 Star Justin April 21, 2012

I saw the 10 o'clock showing of "O" and I was amazed at how horrible it was. Six out of the 10 people in our row were either sleeping or falling asleep. The show was tremendously boring and kids will not enjoy the show and neither will adults. To make matters even worse the lines at the entrance for getting into the show and for buying food were huge lines. This show is a tremendous waist of money and you would think MGM would want only the best. Try seeing LOVE at the Mirage instead.

3 Stars Mike April 19, 2012

Staff was nice, cool lights and music. Had a decent time, nice little place if your staying at NYNY but wouldn't go other wise unless I was in the area (not much of a club guy but still enjoyed it)

5 Stars Karen March 02, 2012

Saw this in Dec 2010. Paid $160 for a front row ticket. Worth every penny. The show was the highlight of the trip. There is a storyline but it is thin and hard to follow. My advice is don't try. Just enjoy the show. Every act is amazing. Enjoy each as a separate piece rather than trying to jam them together into something cohesive enough for your brain to follow. O is abstract art. Trying to follow and later summarize the story is an unnecessary waste of time and detracts from the experience. The show is beautiful to watch. The stage is one of the best parts of the show. It can go from solid to a deep pool in seconds. The performers are amazing! The music is also excellent. I bought the soundtrack and listen to it regularly. For those who say they fell asleep? That's crazy. I can only assume that you drank copious amounts of alcohol before the show and were then lulled to sleep by the soothing music. The acts are too unbelievable to sleep through.

1 Star Jeff February 03, 2012

I couldn't agree with the last post any more. This show is overpriced, depressing and makes absolutely no sense. I'm glad someone else agrees with me. Other cirque shows are great (i.e. Love), but O is horrible.

1 Star Mark January 30, 2012

I'm going to try real hard here not to sound like an ignoramus.

Was there a point to this show? For almost $200 a ticket, is a plot too much to ask for? My wife and I went, afterwards I turned to her and said, "What did we just watch?".

The performers are very talented, the set is amazing, but there is no explanation of anything that is ever going on. Ever. There might be something in the lyrics of the songs, but those are not in English, so who really knows. It's 90 minutes of randomly dressed people doing random things in random settings. Sometimes there are people literally just walking around for seemingly no reason.

Afterwards we went to the gift shop to find a program, hoping the answer was in there. Nope. No explanation. The only time I could find any kind of plot was when two ridiculous clowns were trying to keep their raft from sinking. Even then, I don't understand why they went to the bathroom in their grandfather clock.

We built our last night in Vegas around this show, skipping other things we wanted to do. Mistake. Unless you're an artsy person that can stare at completely random things with seemingly no meaning at all and pull something from it, skip this. Save your time and cash for other things in Vegas.

4 Stars Lisa January 28, 2012

Bottle service was very reasonable and the atmosphere was great!! I wish the dress code was enforced a little more. Best part is the music has words!!!

5 Stars Gregory T January 06, 2012

I sat front row to O, and it is a production to be remembered for a lifetime. It will captivate you from opening curtain to closing curtain. The performers are simply brilliant in their physical and artistic talents.

5 Stars Bob November 24, 2011

I've seen them all (except Believe) and hands down, this was the most enjoyable for me. I couldn't tell you what the plot was, but the stunts were incredible. Well done Cirque!

5 Stars TD November 21, 2011

Probably the best show of any kind we have ever seen. Highly recommend.

3 Stars Michele D October 09, 2011

The acrobatics were amazing, which is to be expected for a Cirque show. The clowns scared me though. Parts of it were captivating and parts were just ok.

5 Stars Jason October 09, 2011

Amazing show. Really can't say a negative thing about this and would recommend it to everyone. I liked it far better than Zumanity.

5 Stars Gloria September 30, 2011

This was great no disappointment with this show

5 Stars Mike September 26, 2011

Didn't quite understand the story line but the performance was simply breath taking!

5 Stars Simon September 17, 2011

This is the No 1 show to see in Vegas... to summarise up in a few words: Excellent, entertaining, spectacular, Wow factor... Need I say anymore? :)

5 Stars GHL July 28, 2011

Simply brilliant, amazing show, amazing stage and amazing athletes. Must see!

3 Stars Julie July 16, 2011

Thought it would've been better but still enjoyed it

4 Stars Prairie sailor July 12, 2011

Very good show. Sat fourth row center...awesome!

5 Stars Cody June 27, 2011

Truly the most amazing show I've ever seen in Vegas. They hit you with everything including the kitchen sink. Sexy, sensual, exciting and humorous. Almost too much for the eye to comprehend. Highly recommend you make the opportunity to see it. Paid the higher price for middle seating in the lower front of the stage and worth every penny.

5 Stars Damon May 29, 2011

Simply breath taking! Awesome show!!

5 Stars Harry May 27, 2011

Astonishing! Breathtaking! Funny! Spectacular! Even these superlatives are not adequate enough to do this show justice. From the beginning, and even before, O will have you mesmerized and delighted.

3 Stars Sarah May 17, 2011

The show was AMAZING. The box office, however, is completely incompetent. We called and ordered tickets with the drink coupon and price fix menu at the FIX restaurant. We called two days before arrival to confirm. When we showed up to pick up our tickets, we were informed the the price we paid did not include dinner and that we would have to pay an additional $55 per person. The money was not an issue, but the unapologetic crass way that the manager spoke to us was unacceptable. Mistakes are acceptable, horrible customer service is not.

5 Stars Kevin May 15, 2011

Amazing! Best show on the strip. Acrobatics were astonishing. Get seats on section 103. Best place to sit. The skin-tight, booty-licious outfits will make u feel out of shape and want to work out. The Stage converts to both a pool and a stage with hydraulic lifts that change throughout the show. Very impressive from start to finish. Worth every penny.

4 Stars Ashley21 April 13, 2011

One word amazing

5 Stars WhyWhyZed April 10, 2011

Great show, and the stage is Astonishing itself, pool, to land in seconds. One of the best shows on the strip, and the best in some form factors... But I personally preferred "LOVE". Although, this is still worth seeing if you haven't already!

5 Stars Michael Dutterer October 20, 2010

Probably the best show I've seen in Vegas (Mystere is very close). The show is amazingly beautiful and just fun to watch. Do yourself a favor and pay for the mid - higher price seats. DO NOT get balcony seats for this one, seeing the pool stage from above takes away from the show.

5 Stars Anto28 September 16, 2010

Possibly the best "traditional" Cirque show. Amazing aerials and an incredible custom water theater that has to be seen to be believed.

5 Stars Sanj August 23, 2010

If your in vegas this is the best show in the City ! We have seen it twice and will Stijl go and see it again 5 stars!

5 Stars Gabriel y Beatriz May 21, 2010

Increíble, el show es mágico

5 Stars Chelsea H May 15, 2010

If you like other Cirque shows then you'll be blown away by "O". The stage work, water stunts and acrobatics were amazing. The show paints a beautiful picture I don't even think I could dream up.

5 Stars Brian K. May 09, 2010

Another great Cirque show. We sat on the second row, right side facing stage. Wonderful experience!! Highly recommend!!

5 Stars Austin May 04, 2010

I've seen 4 times, twice near the very front, once about 10 rows up, center orchestra, and once from the very back of the balcony. I can confidently say that being up so close is a huge plus for this show, unlike other Cirque shows where you miss out on a lot of peripheral action.

Even though sitting further back gives you a chance to appreciate the stage and production in perspective, sitting up close makes you feel like you are a part of it. When a heavy rain falls onto the stage, you can feel the air and moisture wash over you. Not in a Sea World kind of way, but in that "I feel enveloped by this show" kind of way.

The music is beautiful, and the pacing moves quickly. My partner, who typically gets bored with this type of entertainment, was thoroughly impressed and engaged the whole time. And that says something.

5 Stars Martin April 25, 2010

Completely awe inspiring! I can't think how anything could top the skill, energy and creativity! Seeing O was the absolute highlight of our trip!

5 Stars Doug J April 22, 2010

Great show! Go, you will love it.

5 Stars Doug April 17, 2010


5 Stars Ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

The best show in Vegas period, case closed. Nothing even close and nothing you will or can see anywhere else. I am a New Yorker and I am telling you to see this show because you can't see anything like this anywhere else. Worth every dollar. Spectacular.

5 Stars Lucky February 03, 2010

Awesome Show!

5 Stars Jenny January 10, 2010

Amazing. Took my breath away. Pricey, but worth it!

5 Stars Guilhermo November 10, 2009

Amazing show!!!We went at 10-21-09 on our honneymoon!Worst each peny!

5 Stars Thomas October 08, 2009

Great show. Do not recommend sitting on the balcony stage right. Be sure to be in middle. Over all, amazing show.

5 Stars NPCIII October 07, 2009

Never thought I would like this show but it was fabulous. There are really 3 shows going on, in the air, on the stage, and in the water. I have never seen anything like this before and would recommend it for all ages both men and women. It was like seeing a circus act for an extended period of time, the performers are very talented.

5 Stars Ericpascale September 14, 2009

Tout simplement merveilleux! Merci Guy! Merci toute l'équipe!

4 Stars Al September 13, 2009

Excellent show. I highly recommend it. The stage itself was awesome. It had everything you'd want; acrobatics, fire, & water.

5 Stars Jonathan Phillips - Danbury - Essex - UK September 02, 2009

O.....the best thing I have seen with my eyes since I have been alive!

4 Stars Jon L July 26, 2009

A must see!!

5 Stars Angel June 13, 2009

This was my first show in vegas n I was so amazed of how well they performed my favorite part was da diving

5 Stars Shane June 06, 2009

Incredible show! Like nothing I've ever seen before. A must see show when you're in Las Vegas!

5 Stars Jprincess May 20, 2009

This is the 2nd time I have seen O and I found the second time just as enjoyable! I actually picked up on some things I missed in the first show. Wonderful show with so much going on at once and you wonder how they make it all happen so smoothly. A bonus is the live music and clowns that make you laugh throughout the shoe with their antics. A definite must see if you are going to Vegas! And yes, ticket prices are high but this show is worth every penny.

5 Stars Christina April 26, 2009

The best cirque show in vegas. This show is visually stunning and worth every cent.

4 Stars Aaron March 31, 2009

Well worth the money BUT a kind of bizzare show in my opinion. Here's some advice for potential viewers: Try to purchase seats near the middle, and more importantly, try to find ones under the balcony section (nothing too close or too far back or up). The show has a whole lot of stuff going all at once...add in the HUGE (but totally awesome) stage and you will be turning your head constantly to take in all the action. Theater is not that large but seats on far ends of the theater will have partially blocked views due to the stage being so "deep". The show itself is great. Like all other Cirque shows...O cast members have a lot of talent. I doubt you will be disappointed with this show.

5 Stars Mjd77 March 27, 2009

One of best on strip - very creative production show.

5 Stars Dan March 25, 2009

Best show I have ever seen

5 Stars Http://Www.Sunseatours.com March 24, 2009

Clearly one of the best stages ever! The flawless execution of the choreography makes this show one of the most entertaining productions throughout the world. Better then Broadway, West End, Hennepin Theater District, Los Angeles, and the rest combined!

5 Stars Hope March 04, 2009

Loved it!

5 Stars tjmann February 15, 2009

The best Cirque de Soleil show I have seen.. Amazing.

0 Stars Alex Nahabedian April 04, 2008

This is the best show ever nothing bad about it. ( way better than le Reve )

0 Stars Mrs M. October 08, 2007


Cannot recommend this show enough. It amazes from beginning to end. Would have gone to see it twice if I could have gotten tickets!!!Q

0 Stars Andrew March 03, 2007

'O'ver Rated!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 19, 2006

The show was absolutely beautiful, and is my favorite Cirque Du Soleil show to date! If you aren't into classical themes, acrobatics, or artistic visions, this is DEFINITLY not for you, as I've seen from other reviewer's opinions. Anyway, the element of water is very clever, and after almost 10 years, it's still one of the best shows in Vegas. Comparing "Le Reve" and "O" is like comparing "Alternative Rock" to "Classical" music, both are different, but both have water. I Like O better because of the elegant feel, but if you like the more effect-ridden "Le Reve" more, that' your decision. All in all, "O" is a great artistic vision on water.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 26, 2005

This was the most disappointing show I have ever seen. Really boring at times. You leave tired and disappointed. LeReve at the Wynn is so much better than the "O". Anyone who sees both shows will easily see why LeReve is ths "must see" show right now in Vegas!!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 11, 2004

Having watched three different Cirque shows, "O" is my favorite. Acrobats on water is like nothing I've seen before, and they do some amazing things with the stage. Be sure to go if you want to experience that child-like sense of wonder at seeing things you've never imagined or dreamt of before.

0 Stars Mizzou1 March 16, 2004

Sat in the first row on Sunday night March 14, 2004. Like the other reviewers have written, the show is spectacular. I was brought on stage with another guy in the first row for an in-between scenes comedy routine. Now, I can say I was in "O". I got my tickets by checking the Bellagio website 3 months prior to our show date. You have to get to the website as soon as they post for the date you want if you want the best. You only go around once - so, go for it!!

0 Stars kjhslg January 05, 2004

As MGM promised, play at any of their casinos will earn comps at other properties. We were comped tickets to O based on our play at Beau Rivage! Outstanding! The show was incredible. All the excellence you expect of a Cirque show, with the Wynn (now MGM Mirage) puch to the next level. Would gladly pay the $200 for the tickets, worth every penny.

0 Stars Hunter May 07, 2003

O is a must see spectacle. The interesting thing about this Cirque de Soleil production is that the production elements and staging are almost as impressive as the performers abilities. You will never see another theater like this. The stage floor is able to move up and down and is filled with water enabling the performers to be diving one minute and walking the next. All the performers are fully scuba trained and you can see why. This performance brings the art of water manipulation to a new level.