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Show Ratings & Reviews Penn and Teller (The Rio)

3 Stars Andrew August 20, 2014

I've seen every trick before from their TV appearances so it lost the "wow" factor. The patter was good with plenty of audience interaction. Worth seeing if you can get discounted tickets. Get there early to see if you can spot the occasional special guest in the warm-up jazz group.

4 Stars Cody June 01, 2014

Lots of fun!! Excellent illusions and very funny. Enjoyed the show.

5 Stars Timm October 16, 2012

Was there Oct 2 and thought the show was great. My only issue was, at times, Penn was difficult to understand, whether from talking too fast or from a lousy sound system. Perhaps it was just me? Anyway, loved the show.

5 Stars James S May 31, 2012

I love these guys. Get there early, before the show they let everyone up on the stage to examine a item used in the show. That trick leaves me totally stumped! Our seats were middle priced, and some of the tricks were to far away and hard to see.

4 Stars Chris May 12, 2012

Very entertaining show, and very funny. Penn and Teller also meet everyone to sign autographs and take pictures after the show.

4 Stars Timm April 24, 2012

Saw the show 2 years ago and enjoyed it. If it bored you, I would suggest... Something mindless? Maybe a guy doing bad impressions or scantily clad women with feathers strutting about?

1 Star Derek W. April 20, 2012

This show was a snoozer, glad the Tix were comped. Old material, kept waiting for it to get better then it was over. Not at all worth the $$$ if you are paying.

5 Stars HrN March 11, 2012

Highly recommended!!! I have seen them twice and they do not disappoint. Fast paced and never boring. Unlike some shows in town, Penn and Teller seem to draw a more well behaved audience making for an all around more enjoyable experience for me.

4 Stars Eddie October 13, 2011

Great show, dont get your tickets for this from tix 4 tonight though. All their vouchers get you is upper, upper, upper deck. Great meet and greet after the show for free, for everyone. Def would go again.

5 Stars Big Orange September 11, 2011

Great to finally see these guys live - I was NOT disappointed...worth the trip out to the Rio..,great magic - they really are at the top of their game - and make sure to stick around to get ur photograph taken with them....cheers Penn & Teller - a great night out

4 Stars Eldonjon72 August 05, 2011

The show was quite good - but my wife said she enjoyed the Mac King show better, and personally I wish they'd keep their political views out of the show. I thought it strange that, during the "flower cutting" routine that I could see the assistants hands off stage pulling the strings...they need to place that guy further back.

4 Stars Bobby Kendall July 14, 2011

Loved this. One of the best shows in Vegas for sure.

4 Stars Kevin May 05, 2011

These guys are at the top of their game. This magic show reveals the true art of their trade and it's worth seeing for the price. It's a funny show with a few libertarian political jokes, and some fantastic and beautiful magic. It's classic and old school magic at its best. They showed how many of these tricks are done as well as revealed the methods of fake psychics and amateur/theater magicians. Even after they tell you how a few of these tricks work, you're all the more amazed at their talents and how they pull this stuff off. From sawing the lady in half to catching a bullet, this is the only REAL magic show in Vegas.

4 Stars Liza April 10, 2011

Loved the show! Very entertaining duo. Good clean fun.

5 Stars Rob Toppo March 08, 2011

Great show. High recommended. If you want to see magicians who do more than just disappear and reappear all the time ( Criss Angel), then check these guys out.

5 Stars Rick March 03, 2011

Penn and Teller are awesome. The magic is elegant, they have fun with the crowd, and their piano player is amazing. If you're an intellectual, you will love this show. If you're looking for stupid "Jersey Shores" entertainment, you won't find it here. The show is thought provoking and entertaining. Penn and Teller also come out after each show and meet the fans. We got their autographs and pics with them. Also, Teller speaks... Who knew!?

4 Stars Pierre-Luc January 24, 2011

Good show! Penn and Teller are entertaining and reveal their tricks! They also make you think about different topics.

4 Stars Las Vegas for Cheap January 12, 2011

Penn & Teller is not for everyone but it is a quality show. If you like magic and enjoy thinking outside the box this is a must see. The magic tricks go beyond traditional magic shows as they put a special twist on each trick. I agree with the earlier review about being preachy but at least they make you think about things. The price is very cheap too. Look for buy one get one in the booklets in taxis or in your hotel room.

2 Stars Capri Vegas August 23, 2010

You do need to be a Penn and Teller fan to really enjoy this show; if you are then add two stars. Otherwise, this show is a mile off the strip and that's a long way for a show that is not Vegas-y at all.

5 Stars StacyC August 18, 2010

Just got back from Vegas and thought these guy are great:) they seem to really care about there audience and giving them a great show and they do the meet and great thing- which I wish more performers would do!!!!

1 Star Mark W from Chicago August 09, 2010

The dullest show I have ever seen in Vegas. I appreciate the witty social commentary but it was too much talk and not enough action. They do go out into the lobby to greet everyone interested but I really didn't like this show.

5 Stars Deidra August 01, 2010

They are very talented and I enjoyed it. The theater is huge.

5 Stars JamieB June 28, 2010

Great show. Very funny and entertaining. It isn't some silly magic show- it is clever and they are quick-witted. If you like their show BS at all, you will probably like the show in Vegas. Afterward they both came out and took pics with anyone who wanted to, and yes, Teller talks during that time. :)

1 Star Vegas Lover June 12, 2010

I was underwhelmed with this show!! I expected so much more! It was boring, political & preachy, not at all entertaining! In fact my friend actually fell asleep!

0 Stars S and A June 06, 2010

Amazing! This will leave you saying, how did they do that! Was fantastic meeting them after the show!

4 Stars Mike May 30, 2010

Pretty good show.gets a little preachy at times. Not that many tricks. Commericals for it made it look better. Still good and you can meet them aftee the show

5 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

I'm not as big a fan of P&T as Russ but I wi say that I thoroughly enjoyed this show. I love their "no BS" policy to magic and the show was hilarious. Also really enjoyed the meet & greet they do after every show and they stayed until all pictures were taken and butts rubbed.

5 Stars Russell Sauve March 27, 2010

First off, I am an unabashed P&T fan so my opinion is very biased. I've met them, worked with them, and seen them perform multiple times. They are extremely professional and their show is awesome every time!

4 Stars Dazza December 08, 2009

Both my girlfriend and I loved the show. The best show we saw in Vegas

5 Stars Lara November 15, 2009

Even better than I was hoping! Some old tricks, some new ones - plus current topical bits. They hang out after the show as long as there are fans - best money I spent on this trip.

4 Stars NPCIII October 07, 2009

Show was great, I have seen some of the act before but they do entertain. Both Penn and Teller stayed after the show to meet fans in the lobby, they are both very approachable and humble. I had my picture taken with both, I highly recommend this show.

5 Stars Ryan September 09, 2009

The best show of many I saw in Vegas and they really give back to the fans by going to the hall and taking pictures and signing autographs after the show also there show starts earlier with some good music and cheap beers $5. Well cheap for Vegas!

5 Stars Danny August 11, 2009

Excellent show. Well put together and well reheased, as it should be after 8 years on the strip. Oh, and they come out after fo a chat and photos, which is cool and very unpretentious!

5 Stars John O'Brien April 10, 2009

Fantastic show. I can't wait to see them again!

4 Stars Wigs009 March 15, 2009

Quick witted. Enjoyed the show alot. They are very personable and genuine. They also keep their act fresh.

5 Stars tjmann February 15, 2009

A great show. Very funny and entertaining, and they both appear to enjoy performing, unlike David Copperfield. I would definitely go and see it again.

5 Stars Jeff January 07, 2009

Not your typical Vegas magic show, but I love everything about it. From Penn's commentary to Teller's amazing tricks, it is one of the elite shows in Vegas.

5 Stars Trevor October 22, 2008

Absolutely amazing! Witty comedy and awesome tricks at an affordable price. Definately will go again. :)

5 Stars Colin October 20, 2008

What can be said about these guys that hasn't been said before? Fast, funny, and thoroughly entertaining. Penn & Teller provide a perfect show for anyone who doesn't fit in with the average Vegas tourist - most of whom are quite happy to be Cirque-du-Soleil'd to death.

Make sure you arrive an hour before the scheduled start time to enjoy some live jazz performed by Mike "Jonesy" Jones and Penn Jillette. Also, this is your opportunity to participate in a later trick in the show - from inspecting boxes to signing an envelope, get there early and don't miss an opportunity to stand on a Las Vegas stage.

While Penn & Teller may not be everyone's taste, it's a great opportunity to see these living legends of magic in the city that was made for entertainers like them.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 01, 2006

Very disappointed in this show, expected a lot more for the price. I enjoyed the Mac King afternoon show much more. Too many unfunny jokes.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 05, 2005

Was not impressed. Not that we did not enjoy it, but it is not one we would recommend to friends. There are better shows in Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 30, 2005

I happen to be a big P&T fan, so I'm biased in their favor already. You should know, though, that while Penn promises not to blaspheme, he also promises to use lots of other "bad" words and does, so if you don't want your kids hearing all sorts of things that get represented by shifted numbers (@#$%^&*) you'll want to not bring them in.
Penn and Teller give away the secrets of their tricks. During the preshow you can catch Penn on Jazz bass (he's pretty good.) You'll be invited up druing the preshow to inspect the boxes used during the show. Then Teller will show you exactly how to escape from one. (I won't give it away except to say that even I could do it.) This duo plugs for freedom, for America, and for Harry Houdini's legacy. I find them very funny indeed.