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The Venetian

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Show Ratings & Reviews Rita Rudner (The Venetian)

2 Stars Steve June 27, 2012

Not terribly funny if you are under sixty. Just seemed like a really long, lame bit from the old Johnny Carson show. Go see Carrot Top

5 Stars John July 12, 2010

Great show!

4 Stars Tracy July 10, 2010

Good show slightly dated material (back to HBO special). Good clean humor. She continues to be rated #1. Recommend it.

4 Stars Shaun April 04, 2010

We loved her!

5 Stars Capri Vegas January 26, 2010

Rita's has a both feminine and delicate wit that hits the nail on the head just when you think she's missed it. The show is pretty clean but in no way oversanitized. A perfect show for gay men and their mothers.

5 Stars Martin B August 30, 2009

Voted comedian of the year for the last eight years in a row.

1 Star Http://Www.Sunseatours.com March 24, 2009

Kill the lights. Stop this show. Not funny anymore.