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Show Ratings & Reviews Terry Fator (The Mirage)

5 Stars JG June 15, 2012

One of the best shows in Vegas. A great talent with very humble career start. Unlike Stuart, I appreciate everything Terry Fator does for our US serviceman. I've seen his show twice and will see it again in a couple weeks.

2 Stars Stuart Poyner May 16, 2012

A good 20 minute act over stretched to fill a full Vegas show timescale. He is probably the best singing comedic impersonating ventriloquist in the world - but there aren't many to choose from - with good reason. Over sells his charity work (isn't that meant to be kept private?) and as a non-US person I don't appreciate being invited to stand and applaud the US military during a light entertainment show.

4 Stars Joe K December 29, 2011

An enjoyable show. Terry has a lot of heart and talent. He doesn't take himself too seriously and is genuinely funny. My only quip is the high cost...but then, that Vegas these days.

5 Stars Barbs@Wayne July 16, 2011

July 5,2011. Totally awesome show!! So talented , still thinking about his show, bought his video watched him Agian when we got home. You rock TERRY FATOR!!!

5 Stars E July 09, 2011

WOW! Never thought I would like this show but came out amazed at this guy's talent and heart. Clearly see why he won that competition but he seemed very genuine and just puts on a wonderful show. Reminded me of Wayne newton almost 20 years ago.

5 Stars blackjack5 June 25, 2011

Terry Fator is a must-see! He is very talented! I didnt think he would be good with puppets until I saw.

5 Stars Harry May 27, 2011

Terry Fator and his cast of characters is one of the best shows in Vegas. The show changes often, with topical jokes thrown in and characters coming and going. Not only is Terry Fator incredibly talented, he is genuinely likable. This is a "must-see" show, one you will never forget.

5 Stars Katrina March 25, 2011

Terry Fator is absolutely amazing! My husband and I saw him in April of 2010 and we plan on seeing him again this August. Tickets are quite expensive, but in my opinion it's worth every penny! Great show for all ages.

5 Stars Michael March 12, 2011

Very funny show!! One of the most talented singers I've seen!!

5 Stars Daniel September 10, 2010

Best show in Vegas! Worth every penny! You will leave asking "Who is Jeff Dunham?"

5 Stars Mr&MrsCorlett September 06, 2010

What an entertaining show- very very funny, the band was great and terry fator is very very talented. Awesome singer. Fun night from start to finish.

5 Stars Jeff in OKC August 23, 2010

Did not plan on enjoying this show. Only went to make wife happy. Shocked by how great he was. Classy, humble w/o false modesty. Won me at start when he said "take all the pictures and video you want. It doesn't bother me." I laughed, I cried, I loved every minute. Best entertainer on the Strip, IMO.

5 Stars Bill Crumbakerr August 12, 2010

My wife thought I was crazy for wanting to see a ventriloquist in Las Vegas but she loved his show. We have seen just about every major show in Las Vegas and his was the most fun. Terry is an outstanding singer and a great comedian. He did the best Roy Orbinson I have ever heard. If you only have time and money to see one show see Terry Fator.

5 Stars Nathan M July 28, 2010

Flat out awesome. Entertaining in so many ways.

5 Stars Mike July 28, 2010

Without question the best show I've seen in Vegas. I've seen 6 shows in 2 years including 2 cirque shows and BM group and none of those come close. The best entertainer I have ever seen. Extremely humble. All proceeds from his souvenir shop goes to military. I really do not think he is lucky to have a strip show in Vegas. It's the other way around. As for the gentleman who said it might be in the top 15, what the hell am I missing? Go see it. Go to 1/2 price tix and get a good deal on same day as well. But if you pay full price you will still get your moneys worth threefold. Enjoy.

5 Stars Bill July 16, 2010

When we watched Terry Fator win on America's Got Talent we knew we had to go see him live. Have seen two shows & I can tell you this, don't miss him! You will not be disappointed. Bought his DVD & now we enjoy his show at home. What an incredible act & Terry is just a great common guy.

5 Stars Geo July 07, 2010

Fantastic! What an amazing talent!

5 Stars Brian K. May 09, 2010

Great show!! One if the best I've seen in Vegas. A very down to earth guy. Highly recommend!!

5 Stars Sylvia M. April 28, 2010

Terry Fator is awesome! His show is so funny and his talent is quite impressive! I never once saw his lips move. I definitely recommend the show! My favorite character that he did was the turtle! So cute!

5 Stars Pat April 27, 2010

Amazing show, can't wait to see it again!

5 Stars Lucy April 12, 2010

Totally amazing, will definately see again

5 Stars Big Time July 27, 2009

Wow!!! What an amazing performance, a 2 hour show that can entertain anyone... Terry is a very humble and appreciative entertainer that even signs autographs after the show til the last fan is taken care of.

5 Stars Daniel May 31, 2009

I know it's an old cliché but if you only go to. See how in vegas make it this one. Absolutely brilliant from start to finish!one s

5 Stars (null) May 27, 2009

Best entertainer Im vegas! More than puppets this was totally Terry Fator has the talent! You do not want to miss this show,a must for every vegas visitor! Ps his new assistant is hot hot hot !!! Tx traveler

5 Stars Chris April 19, 2009

Fun show. The worst part is that it seemed to go by too fast. Decent price for the tickets and don't think there is a bad seat in the theatre. Would reccomend to anyone wanting some laughs, some spot on impersonations and a great time. Also he was willing to meet and sign autographs for everyone in attendance.

5 Stars Vegasluvr April 19, 2009

Guy was hilarious. How anyone can do all that without moving his lips is beyond me.

5 Stars Dan March 25, 2009

There is no wonder this guy won America got talent he rocks

4 Stars Gord L March 16, 2009

I entered the theatre thinking that I wish I could be somewhere else. I was there because my wife wanted to see Terry Fator. A puppeteer in Vegas, on stage for 90 minutes in his own theatre.
Whose crazy idea was this?

Well, to my surprise, Mr Fator is a very talented puppeteer, comedian and
an accomplished singer. The production
values are very high and with the hugh
screens on both sides of the stage, the
insanely funny puppets can be viewed
comfortably from any place in the
theatre. There is no bad language during
the show but a lot of adult content which is very funny but may not be
suitable for children.

In the end I enjoyed this show and would recommend it. It may not be the
best show on the strip but it probably is in the top 15.