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Show Ratings & Reviews Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition (Luxor)

5 Stars Robert July 20, 2014

Excellent exhibition. 10 times better than the exhibition at Belfast

4 Stars Carol June 29, 2013

Enjoyed the Titanic Exhibition. Pretty interesting exhibit. Had a discount ticket which made it worth it. Not something for small children as there is a lot to read to really understand what those people went through. Unfortunately the couple behind us came with a toddler and a baby that were either running or crying, so it made it hard for others to enjoy walking leisurely through the exhibit.

5 Stars Marah March 15, 2013

I am very interested in the history of the Titanic. It was very fascinating. The big piece puts everything in perspective. I thought it was well worth the price!

3 Stars Richard September 29, 2012

It was neat to see what the rooms looked like but not really worth the money. The only thing that was truly cool was the "BIG PIECE". If you like the titanic story then you will find this interesting.

5 Stars NoDeuces June 20, 2012

I had low expectations for this but found myself entranced by different aspects of this exhibit. Other reviews on this app decry the artifacts but fail to mention the "the big piece". The largest piece recovered from the wreck. It is The Mona Lisa of this showing - it's 15 tons...in that regard I'd say it's the Damien Hirst shark ("the physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone living") of the showing. Recreations of third class quarters and state rooms really help you understand the luxury this ship. Loved it.

1 Star Levi May 27, 2012

Boring, uninteresting and pricey. Unless you are very interested in the titanic then don't go. Very boring. You won't learn anything new, and all the "artifacts" are just stuff like eyeglasses and bolts from the ship. If I want artifacts, I'll go to a museum.

5 Stars Leanna September 28, 2011

Loved it! They give you a boarding pass with a passenger and at the end you see if they survived. The grand staircase was my favorite, lots of cool artifacts and information. I also enjoyed the replicas of the staterooms and the promenade deck. There was also an iceberg you could touch so you would know just how cold the water was. The big piece was also really cool to see, it's huge but they show you what part of the ship it's from and only a tiny piece compared to the whole ship. Ticket was 28, totally worth it!

4 Stars Mike September 26, 2011

Awesome exhibit but like others say, not being able to take pictures is a major piss off because I wanted a shot of the 'big piece' and the only way to get it is $20 at the gift shop and our picture wasn't good enough with it in the background and it doesn't even show the full piece

4 Stars Tim A. April 14, 2011

My biggest beef with this attraction was the no camera or photo taking rules, and they don't fool around. Even when I had my phone out they assumed I was taking pictures and asked me to put my phone away (to be fair, I was ;-) ). They have a professional photographer taking pictures on the grand staircase and charging you for it and don't want to lose out on the revenue. Besides that, it was a really great experience. Tons of artifacts, and lots of props and ship area reenactments and some sound effects. Worth my ticket in my opinion.

5 Stars Ashley21 April 13, 2011


4 Stars WhyWhyZed April 10, 2011

If it wasn't for the price, the titanic exhibition would be 5 stars. A bit on the costly side. The attraction does give you a great understanding of what happened during the cold night of April 12th. Lastly, you get a registration card for a real individual who was aboard. At the end, you're able to see of you survived or not. P. S - my Guest didn't survive.

4 Stars Mike December 11, 2010

Very cool even though sad time in history. Disappointed no pictures allowed. Worth it went back and forth if i should go glad i did.

5 Stars JG November 14, 2010

Excellent and emotional exhibit. Well worth the stop here.

4 Stars Cody September 01, 2010

I loved the stories of the passengers. Very sad that it took a tragedy this major to make us realize that lifeboats are a necessity. Artifacts and displays were first rate. Very glad I saw this.

4 Stars G&J UK June 24, 2010

Was not expecting too much but we really enjoyed it. Lots to see. Liked the iceberg and the huge section of the ship on display. Liked the idea of the boarding pass you are given when you stat. Each has the details of a person who were on the titanic. At the end of the tour you find out if your person survived. It's a bit expensive but there a discount coupons in the what's on mags.

0 Stars S and A June 06, 2010

This was really interesting! It's incredible what they have been able to recover from the wreck. The big piece is amazing! Definately worth checking out. However just outside the exhibit there are people trying to sell time shares in a new resort, they are very persistant so avoid talking to them if you're not interested as it could ruin your experience of the Luxor.

5 Stars Jim April 15, 2010

Very impressive- audio recommended

5 Stars Sarah Louise March 29, 2010

Moving and brilliant

5 Stars NJ March 11, 2010

Me and my family went to this. Very cool to see all the artifacts. Very emotional too, I would go again in a heartbeat I reccomend this for anyone. My dad loved it and so did my 5 year old niece liked it too. There's perfume bottles they brought up you can still smell. Incredible.

5 Stars John March 06, 2010

My favorite exhibit in Vegas. Kid friendly, and very educational. You get to see pieces from the actual ship , including belongings of some of the victims. You also recieve a card with a persons name on it and at the end you find out if he survived or not.

5 Stars MandevilleMike October 06, 2009

Very well done!!!!! The sets were great!!! A MUST SEE!!! Loved the "big piece."

4 Stars Jim September 25, 2009

Impressive! Loved the big piece and the grand staircase. Also enjoyed the promenade deck.

5 Stars Karen August 10, 2009

Incredibly sad but fascinating

4 Stars Jamie April 08, 2009

Sorry to come across as tight, but again remarkably expensive!! Interesting, but if you are reasonably intelligent, and have a small amount of general knowledge, you will not learn much!!

5 Stars Deana B-Florida February 20, 2009

This was an unbelieveable attraction. My husband and I were moved to tears. Real artifacts, from clothing to the infamous white star line china...most amazing- bottle of champagne Moet and Chandon 1898 with champagne still in it from the Titanic! It will be at the Luxor till 2018!

0 Stars Neal Wright July 11, 2008

My family and I ventured to Las Vegas in late June and I really wanted to go and see the bodies exibit while it was set up in Washington D.C.(where I live) but I was unable to; so when I found out it would be in Vegas when we were going to be there I purchased tickets on Vegas.com. (A wonderful venue, I might add) I sure am glad I bought those tickets. These two exibits were great, the Titanic exibit was especially well laid out and constructed with a mock deck from the titanic and a real iceberg! I was impressed and you will be too.