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Planet Hollywood

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Show Ratings & Reviews Vegas! The Show (Planet Hollywood)

5 Stars Srscotty February 25, 2014

We have seen lots of shows in Vegas. This one was definitely the best. Great variety. Even though some of the impersonations fall short, the talent of the singers are remarkable. This is a must see.

5 Stars Gregory T December 19, 2013

This show is a gem, and honestly I was shocked how refined a production it is. It was upbeat, humorous, and clever. And just for me, the ladies in the show were all really attractive, classy, and talented. The interlude acts were also a riot. It is easily the best value show I've seen in Vegas.

3 Stars Salvegas24 October 28, 2013

Overall, the show was a good value and I would recommend it for the price but other shows are flat out better. The narrative of the show was uneven and the feel was a bit flat. However, this is coming from someone that is very familiar with Vegas history. In many ways, it was like watching a movie after having read the book and feeling like a lot was missing. Most notably, no Liberace? The show could be great but as of right now, it's a solid B-

5 Stars Rose July 30, 2013

This show made my Vegas trip! I had never been to Las Vegas and wanted to see something authentic. This show gave me that and more! It was very impressive! The actors who portrayed all the greats who have come and gone were amazing!! Very believable. I see this one again and again.

5 Stars Sally Petterson June 25, 2013

The show was great from start to finish. Non stop entertainement. Would recommend this show to all my family and friends, I would love to see it again when I come to Vegas. The singing and dancing was great

5 Stars Maria J June 10, 2013

Vegas the Show was a blast! The singing & dancing is excellent & very entertaining. Plus, the members sometimes interact with the audience which is fun & keeps you on your toes. I highly recommend seeing this show if you are in Vegas!

5 Stars Courtney w, May 22, 2013

This was probably the best show I've seen yet! Now, this is what Las Vegas is all about! After seen the show it made me really appreciate Vegas as a whole. Good Job!

5 Stars white.dragon March 29, 2013

Great show! I loved it from the start until the end. Very high energy!

5 Stars JaneyF October 02, 2012

love this show! came with the family (ages ranges from teens to great grandma), and everyone loved it! i had a feeling it would be something that was family friendly, but it was a huge hit with everyone in the family! love all the songs and all the dancers :) highly recommend!

5 Stars D May 29, 2012

Great show. Was a last minute decision and very happy we choose this show. The talent of the cast is amazing. Has everything you want in one show.

5 Stars Joe-Z May 07, 2012

We went to this show last night and I can't recommend it enough!! Absolutely fantastic, the cast were amazing and one of the best shows I've ever bein to!!

5 Stars Deezil February 06, 2011

Seen this show last oct absolutely loved the trip down memory lane or lv boulevard should I say great story fantastic cast first class show