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Show Ratings & Reviews Zumanity (New York New York)

5 Stars DDD July 06, 2014

Saw this show with my girlfriend. Loved it. Definitely would recommend.

3 Stars Michael Simonds April 08, 2014


4 Stars Jennifer M. February 26, 2014

This was my first show in Vegas and was intrigued by the sensual overtones. The show was entertaining! Funny, somewhat acrobatic, but the eroticism is very low key. I expected sex overdrive with this being Vegas and all, but not that much. An entertaining show. Good drinks.

4 Stars Tracey August 18, 2013

I saw this show with my mother and sister June 2013. Ok so, sister felt a little weird watching the show with mom, and mom didn't realize the main host was a drag queen until the end, but wow! The Cirque part of the show is, always, amazing. This is not for the faint of heart. A segment with BDSM, some nudity, and a whole lot of sexual reference with unabashed humour....we were in stitches with laughter, gasps with OMG laughs, and in awe of the acrobatics and costumes. The stage set up was very cool. I actually cant wait to see this again with hubby. Having said that, if you DONT want to be drawn reluctantly into the show, a safe place place to be is upper balcony. If you CHOOSE to sit in front 10 rows, then accept the fact you will likely be drawn in and go with it! :D Hilarious. Beautiful. Amazing. Go see it :)

5 Stars Carol Miknenas May 30, 2013

I found the show mesmerising from start to finish. Even in the entrance to show the performers were seen dotted around the foyer in character and felt like you were walking through a fantasy land! The acts were amazing. I particularly enjoyed the two women in glass bowl. My god, they are bendy! It was the most unique, entertaining and enjoyable show I have seen in a long time. My friend thought it was awful but I loved it. I recommend you go and see for yourself.

2 Stars Stuart Poyner May 06, 2013

Sensual only if compared to disney world. Forced audience interaction that was not funny. Annoying banter from the 'comedy couple'. Drag queen compare was second class. This is Vegas. I expected something a bit more daring than the occasional breast and scary bare chested man.

3 Stars Salvegas24 October 29, 2012


In July of 2012, my wife and I reluctantly decided to see Zumanity. Ok, it was more my idea. I figured we would continue to build our Cirque portfolio.

The show features some beautiful men and women that performed some spectacular feats. However, the "sensual" side of Cirque felt more awkward and slow than sensual or exciting. The cross-dressing diva host was very funny and the skits were an entertaining distraction to some of the weird performances including a contortionist that seemed misplaced in the production.

I must commend the hula hoop performer which was one f my favorite cirque acts.

If you are looking for a Cirque show, see Love, O, Ka or Mystere instead which are significantly better.

For a sensual show, I'm still looking.

4 Stars Brendan Dentino August 28, 2012

I was able to get third row seats the morning of the show and I was glad I did. It was a remarkably mesmerizing show. First, the crowd involvement is endless, which provided some of the funniest moments of the show. Second, there is far more nudity than I thought there was going to be, though, I can't say I'm disappointed about that. Being close up lets you really be amazed by the anatomy and movements of the performers, both clothed and nude. Truly remarkable bodies doing insane things. And third, if you are military show your ID!! 35% discount

5 Stars Lynn August 01, 2012

Love the show. I would even go see it again.

3 Stars Trish April 19, 2012

Enjoyed it, didn't seem over the top for a married couple. Different. Wish there wasn't three or four things going on at one time cause it makes it hard to watch everything.

3 Stars Scott January 30, 2012

It's acts that are not quite good enough to be in a normal clique show, but since they perform almost nude they work here. The show context was not over the top. But the performances just don't wow you like other cirque shows.

5 Stars Brandon November 16, 2011

Great show. A lot more fun than we were expecting. Crowd interaction was pretty fun. Small theater. We sat in the second row but I don't think it matters for this show since the theater is so small. Highly recommend it

5 Stars Gaylin October 16, 2011

Great show and Edie is phenominal

5 Stars Monique October 10, 2011

Great show loved every minute of it :)

4 Stars Jason September 28, 2011

Great show. My wife and I had a great time. Very crude/sexual humor throughout the show. Great time!

5 Stars Marcy August 17, 2011

This show was GREAT! My husband and I had so much fun. Very sexual and also very comical. Lots of audience participation, especially down front, where we were. Don't sit down there if you don't want to be a part of the show! Very entertaining. It was the highlight of our trip!!!!

3 Stars Matt August 10, 2011

Good show not the best one I've seen, but still how bad is watching chicks with no clothes on do amazing acrobatics.......

5 Stars Clint August 08, 2011

Great show! Acrobatics were awesome and there were some funny skits! Warning though you must be comfortable with your sexuality..

5 Stars Clint August 07, 2011

Great show! Acrobatics were awesome and there were some funny skits! Warning though you must be comfortable with your sexuality..

5 Stars LaylaB August 06, 2011

Best show on the strip! Very exciting and entertaining. Other shows have always put me to sleep and never kept my attention!

2 Stars Jamie June 28, 2011

Acrobats were amazing but went a little too long. Some of the in between skits were funny. Went with a large group and some sexual scenes made us uncomfortable and we have all been married 10+ years. I would never see this show again. Seems more for newlyweds or people into orgies. Lots of craziness going on!

4 Stars Jay May 20, 2011

Great show. Can't complain. Better than some of the other Cirque shows.

5 Stars Andrea May 16, 2011

I saw this show with my boyfriend last July during my birthday trip. It was absolutely amazing. As an aspiring Sex Therapist, this show is just THAT much better if you're a couple who has been together for a while & you two want to be a little adventurous & spice things up a bit. It's really fun! I plan to see it again when I go back to Vegas in 2 weeks.

2 Stars Dave May 01, 2011

Don't waste your time. It's as if some semi-talented (and very horny) people decided to throw a show together and somehow convinced cirque de soleil to put their name on it. The small redeeming value of the show were the "clowns" the comic relief between the"main attractions". I found myself anxiously waiting for these toned so I could see what the "clowns" would do next! Skip this and go see KA instead!

5 Stars Grant T. March 07, 2011

The best show I have ever seen in Vegas! Fun!

5 Stars Jessie James March 06, 2011

WOW! Amazing! Very sexy, jaw dropping, and so funny. Worth every penny! I'm already planning my trip back to Vegas so I can see this show again!

5 Stars Just Married February 15, 2011

Great show ! Very very entertaining! Alot of different characters that kept your attention!!! Wife liked the men! Something for every adult!!

5 Stars Paul January 30, 2011

Great great show! I love how they covered most fetishes. Sexy and fun.

4 Stars Pierre-Luc January 24, 2011

Good show, but go see Kà, O or Mystère first.

4 Stars Mikey January 14, 2011

Very good cirque show.

5 Stars Trav December 18, 2010

Been to the show twice with friends. Will go again. Best show in Vegas! A must see!

5 Stars Shay November 28, 2010

Absolutely awesome show. If you have an open mind about sex & sexuality, this is a must see.

5 Stars Sarah October 13, 2010

One awesome show!!!! Hot hot hot!!!!

5 Stars Laura June 23, 2010

Hot! While I can partially agree with other reviewers in that there's not enough "cirque" or not enough sex, I still enjoyed the show.

5 Stars AllieB June 12, 2010

My husband usually falls asleep at the shows I drag him too. Lol but he really enjoy this one. It was a wonderful show with lust and comedy. We loved it. Would recommend this one as a must see!

4 Stars Bob May 02, 2010

Enjoyable adult cirque show. I thought it was actually rather tame. Fun--especially for couples. Not as technical as other cirque shows, but unique and a Vegas must see.

4 Stars Frank Campbell April 30, 2010

Cool show. I enjoyed it alot but all I can say is have an open mind. Be ready for anything.

4 Stars Martin April 25, 2010

Glad we saw this the night before we saw O. As the first Cirque show I'd ever seen, it was fun, sexy, sassy and a sensual. Favorite part were the water nyphs! Definitely worth the money.

5 Stars John.K April 21, 2010

Great show!!! if your the type who likes to get pulled from your seat up to the stage get seats near the stage.

5 Stars Mel April 20, 2010

Great show!!!!! Must see!!!

5 Stars Jessica April 20, 2010

Can't stop raving about it. Pre show humor was great. Show was amazing. Lots of adult humor so appropriatey targeted for 18+. I went with my boyfriend who is skeptical with cirque, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably the favorite part of my trip. Very sensual...not sexual. Looking forward to seeing other cirques but it will be hard to top this one. I'll definately see it again next time I'm out.

4 Stars Sasha April 15, 2010

I ended up at this show a few years ago on my first "strip" vacation to Vegas, I went with some friends who got our show tickets and I was just along for the ride. I think this was one of the only cirque shows that wasn't dark the nights we were in town. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I ended up with a special set of memories from that trip due to this show that I will never forget. Know that this is a racy show, but it is quite amazing between the crass.

2 Stars Alex Johnson March 20, 2010

I expected more from a Cirque show. The acts did display amazing feats of athleticism, but did not provide a sensual experience. The dancers were rarely actually nude, but rather wearing body suits. Most of the acts consisted of acrobatics using various aparatus hanging from the ceiling. It seemed like several of the dancers, particularly the males, were thrown in just to show off their muscular bodies, and the filler skits between acts were not all that funny. I don't think this show compares to some of the other Cirque shows.

5 Stars Diana March 10, 2010

For adults but great me and my husband loved it!

5 Stars Jonathan March 09, 2010

Amazing!!! Sexy, fun, exciting! My fiancé and my friend.and his girlfriend loved it. A Must See!!!

5 Stars Erica February 15, 2010

Loved the sexual side of cirque de solet. Very entertaining!

5 Stars Yoli January 03, 2010

This show was excellent. Very sensual and exciting at the same time. Definitely a show for couples. A must see when in Vegas.

5 Stars Jessica October 08, 2009

Loved this show. It was a very sensual show that kept me entranced. I had great seats with a full view of the stage.

1 Star Kwguy September 21, 2009

Hated it.

3 Stars Mel June 21, 2009

This is definitely a show for couples! I suggest paying for good seats if you want in on the action. This show was super fun, beautiful visuals, and great performers. At times it was a little raunchy. It is certainly an interactive and audience pleasing show!

5 Stars Jprincess May 20, 2009

Wow. This was my 3rd Cirque show and I absolutely loved it! If you are a couple or singles with a racy side this is the show for you. Topless girls perform acrobatic acts that are sure to get the heart pumping and well equipped hunks are sure eye candy for the ladies! The show is filled with lots of laughs and humor too as they get the audience involved in their fun. A winner and I will see this again next time I am in vegas! Try the cocktails too, a real treat!

4 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

Not the best Circ show but one that is worth your money. It is truely a different side if Circ they are not lying. The cocktails are expensive but good.

5 Stars Jaye March 14, 2009

Worth every dime. Very sensual and sexual. There is something there for every sexual orientation. Don't miss this one!

4 Stars Mike February 17, 2009

Sexy and fun - definitely worth the money!

5 Stars Chris g December 27, 2008

This was the only Cirque show in Vegas I had reservations about seeing, but I'm glad I did. The sexuality is pretty strong from the start, so it would help if you were a person or couple who is open-minded; if you weren't ready to rock the Casbah, you will be after the show. The best scene comes pretty early, as the two topless water nymphs do some truly erotic and acrobatic moves in a giant fishbowl. It's a very hot and memorable scene. Then, a scantily-clad schoolgirl will make you gasp with her hula-hoop antics. She's so beautiful and athletic. Don't worry, the girls are taken care of too, with a buff jean-clad cowboy. It's a great show if you're straight, gay, or whatever- there's bound to be something you'll like. There's also a lot of audience involvement if you pay for the expensive seats. Don't say you weren't warned! I don't agree with the people who say that Cirque shouldn't attach their name to this show. It's athletic and artistic in equal measure, with quite a bit of sex thrown in. Underrated and enjoyable. I'd see it again.

4 Stars Silvester Pucher- Phoenix Az November 15, 2008

Very nice show!!!..

2 Stars From Portsmouth October 23, 2008

I thought when it reads adults only that it would have been much better than this. Wasn't that impressed have seen better sexy shows in vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 07, 2006


0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 10, 2006

They say not your typical cirque type show. They were right because it was nowhere as good as the rest. As far as the sexy side, it is not over the top. It acutually is done in a very provacative and interesting way, BUT

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 06, 2005

I wasn't offended by the sexual content, but was offended by the fact that Cirque Du Soleil allows their name to be placed on this show.

There was very little in the show that was worthy of the Cirque name and reputation for quality.

This was primarily a dance show and there are better dancers in many other shows in Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 27, 2005

We have been big Cirque du Soleil fans for many years (being Canadian) and have enjoyed ALL their Vegas shows since 1997. Also have seen their travelling shows throughout Canada in the summers. We LOVE Cirque. We are also a fun, open-minded late 20's/early 30's couple... this show was FUN for us. But not in a typical Cirque way. Yes, it is a DIFFERENT side of Cirque, but if you don't take it too seriously or expect a huge production like O or KA, you just might have a laugh. Also, if you go with an open mind and an attitude as if you were going to an adventurous new night spot (in Paris maybe), you will get a kick out of it. This show is not for kids, nor is it for the prudish or sexually closed minded. Its nearly worth the price of admission to go and watch the reactions of the older and/or prudish people in the audience. We saw several older men in couples get offended part way through the show and stand up to leave (and drag their wives with them) when they saw two of the male performers kiss. FUNNY THOUGH, those same men didn't storm out earlier when two of the female performers swam nearly naked together simulating much more intimate acts...hmmm the male psyche... go with your lover, go with an open mind and don't pay for the couches or upgrade your seats. You won't miss a thing from anywhere. Its a good time and a good value for what it is.... and it just might give you some ideas of what the two of you want to do later in the night. What happens in .... (that's overused..... but have fun!)

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 17, 2005

I expected more from cirque de soleil. This was a poor sex show with a couple of acrobats. I could have gone to a cararet show for a lot less money.

0 Stars JBF August 02, 2004

When they say "adults only" they mean it.. and it may not mean all adults. If you are easily offended or conservative about your views on sexuality, don't go !! However, if you want to see a show that is somewhat a cross between burlesque and circus side show with a liberal helping of sexuality of all stripes (and I do mean all stripes), you're in for a jolly good time. If you buy seats near the front, be prepared, you could be called onto the stage to be part of the human zoo.

0 Stars sunny729 March 20, 2004

As a former dancer I was pleased. This show is Beautiful. If you have sexually hang ups don't go. If you are looking for clean cut family fun, you got the wrong ticket. But if you are a fan of the human body and all of it's wonder you must see this show. My husband and I saw it 3/11 for our anniversery and we are still talking about it. We even downloaded the screen saver.lol This show delights in sex and all of it's fun, wonderful, and beautiful parts. It talks of love in every color, shape and size. They invite you to join them, and make you laugh. It was like going to a very well hosted party. The only bad part was that it ended.

0 Stars Hunter March 10, 2004

'Zumanity' is Cirque de Soleil's third permanent production show in Las Vegas, following the massively successful 'Mystere' and 'O'. While 'Zumanity' shares much with its brethren down the street, it is a unique creation that can stand on its own.

The first thing you notice as you enter is the plush theater that has been converted for this production. Formerly housing Michael Flatley's Irish dancers, the changes are dramatic.

'Zumanity' is similar to 'Mystere' in that the performers are the obvious focal point of the show. Compare this to 'O' where performers share the spotlight with an incredible production facility. At the same time, 'Zumanity' has a clear voice and flavor of its own - this is not your mother's Cirque de Soleil.

Much has been made of the adult themes presented. It is clear that this show is not for those under 18... Beyond that, I don't see what all the fuss is about. The content is by no means pornographic (not even close) or obscene. It is an interesting exploration of human sexuality combined with some amazing dance maneuvers. I don't recommend this show to the prudish - you must be able to laugh at 'dirty' jokes to enjoy this show.

Are you looking for something different to see when you are in Las Vegas? Tired of magicians, comics, blue men and circus clowns? Already seen 'Mystere' and 'O' and interested in 'another side of Cirque de Soleil'? I am willing to bet that you haven't seen something like 'Zumanity' before...

0 Stars choum February 21, 2004

I would not recommend this show to anyone. Waste of time and money. Good aerial acts but that is all.

0 Stars johninballard November 14, 2003

I have never been so dissapointed. I have seen Mystere 4 times, "O" twice and every road show that comes to Seattle and was so looking forward to seeing Zumanity. I could not believe what I was seeing. I am far from a prude but the show lacked taste. Joey needs to go back to Greenwich Village and practice. There were several bright spots but all in all it was a major waste of time and money. Besides, after looking at the expensive program there were several acts we didn't even get to see. Could also have done without the vaudvillian pilgrims and the preshow guy who thought he was gods gift to women. So save your money and go to a stip joint or The Thunder from Downunder.

Bring back the costumes, the tumblers and good taste...............

0 Stars joe November 05, 2003

Not only was this the biggest waste of time and money they should do everyone a major favor and close this show. It is NOT a work in progress as the LV media like to say, that is because they can not pump enough energy, entertainment value or creative ability into it. This dog just won't hunt and should be put to rest.

0 Stars brian9549 September 18, 2003

This show is really for adults. I liked the fact that they kept the music and the action pumping (no pun intended). Have only seen other Cirque productions on TV but this one is well done. The MC is a little annoying but that dancing is good and the acrobats are amazing. The theme of the show is pleasure and sexual expression. I think that a lot of people go into this expecting a typical Cirque show and when they don't get it they are disappointed. I went in not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised.

0 Stars icanjuggle September 04, 2003

Lousy show by any standard. How a perverted and cheap show such as this could be produced by Cirque du Soliel and find it's way into a major Las Vegas Hotel is beyond me. I felt embarassed for the performers who act out the sick fetishes of the creators.
A waste of time and money.

0 Stars mccorma August 25, 2003

If you are looking for Cirque acrobatics and action, save your money and skip this show. There are a few "moments" but otherwise this show was a major disappointment. If you like Cirque guys wearing G-strings and the girls topless, you will be happy. Otherwise, I can't recommend this show to anyone looking for the Cirque experience, go see Mystere or "O" instead.

Basically this show involves a guy in drag talking alot on stage, interspersed with some floor dancing and a few other oddities. I could never really understand the point of it and kept waiting for it to "get started", you know, someone to drop from the ceiling on a trapeze or something. The big "finale" involved the cast groping each other on stage, while the host led the audience in feigned orgasmic sounds. Afterwards, the host went around and asked audience members "did you come??" I didn't "come" to waste $150 but that's what happened, and others grousing on the way out evidently agreed. Take your hard earned money elsewhere.

0 Stars Arkarch August 19, 2003

Heralding a trend toward more adult entertainment, Zumanity seriously pushes the envelope in showcasing the full spectrum of human sensuality and sexuality. . Nearly all boundaries are crossed, but with a level of style and fashion and intensity that is incredibly unique.

The Cirque "Acrobatic" skills, while not the focus in this show, do serve to accentuate and heighten the experience. Light comedic moments, including a British comedy troup, keep the show from getting too heavy.

I did find some of the skits / jokes going on a beat too long, and perhaps the show could use a bit more Cirque, but the show stands well on its own, and just from seeing the first show, they have a good start.

Be warned! This is not a traditional show. But if you have an open mind, this is a fun new experience for Las Vegas.