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April 25, 2005

MGM MIRAGE Acquires Mandalay Resort Group (Updated)

Posted by Hunter

MGM MIRAGE announced today the completion of their acquisition of Mandalay Resort Group for $7.9 Billion.

Expect additional announcements regarding specific property heads soon.

MGM MIRAGE now owns the following Las Vegas properties:

Mandalay Bay
MGM Grand
Monte Carlo
The Mirage
Treasure Island
Circus Circus

There are also some non-Vegas properties (like everything on the way in on the 15) and non-Nevada properties as well. Yikes!

Update: Many people keep asking me when the slot clubs will be integrated. I fully expect this to happen but it will take some time. While I am sure that both companies have been working on possible synergies for the past few months as it was obvious the merger was a done deal. Even then, the slot clubs are complicated, mission critical applications. To integrate them properly will take careful planning and some time and that could take anywhere from 6 to 18 months to complete.

Second Update: MGM MIRAGE has announced several management changes:

  • Bill Hornbuckle becomes president of Mandalay Bay.
  • Felix Rappaport becomes president of Luxor.
  • Renee West becomes president of Excalibur.
  • Mike Puggi becomes president of the Primm Valley Resorts.
  • Randy Morton becomes president of Monte Carlo.
  • Bill McBeath continues as president of Bellagio.
  • Scott Sibella continues as president of The Mirage.
  • Tom Mikulich becomes president of Treasure Island.


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April 26, 2005 11:05 AM Posted by Michael Casey

Based on the ridiculously high rates for the basic room at MGM, and the fact that they NEVER have weekend specials, I fully expect the days of inexpensive rooms at THEhotel, as well as $50 Jacuzzi Suite upgrades at the Luxor (via their email specials) to soon disappear. This is a sad day for Vegas.

May 9, 2005 12:33 PM Posted by c. boyajian

Great site. Happy to have stumbled onto you. Thanks

May 9, 2005 4:50 PM Posted by Zurga

Hi Hunter,

Wonderful review. Thanks so much. We're staying there w/o 5/15. My main concern is the crowds - I should have expected that. I heard that Taxi drivers are refusing to go near the place due to congestion. I'm thinking now that this might be a mistake??

Thanks again!

Lyman Zurga

May 10, 2005 1:27 AM Posted by Manager

Actually, having been at a quarterly meeting today, I can reliably inform you that the integration of the players' clubs will likely be 1-2 years away. Many decisions are still to be made, not least of which being the name of the new combined club, and the technologies involved are completely incompatible.

Furthermnore, until the FTC and the respective gaming boards approved the deal, nobody at MGM Mirage was allowed to talk to MRG and vice versa.

March 2, 2006 11:26 AM Posted by alice grippaldi

We had the worst experience at the Luxor. I will also be writing personally to Felix Rappaport. The room was more than dingy and on the second floor almost street level. This after waiting an eternity in the line to check in. After asking for a new room in the tower we found customer service is not a priority here. We found ourselves in a seventh floor room with a view of the other building to the left ,a view of the pyramid in front and a view of the roof looking down. The room was filthy. The bed pillows were not covered with pillow cases and the room remained dirty for the entire stay. Also We do not enjoy the sound of jack hammers at four in the morning. You would also think that the desk would answer their telephone. God forbid We had a medical emergency. No one answers the phone!!!. We booked this hotel after hearing it was a four star rated hotel. NOT!!! We travel to Vegas at least twice a year. We will never stay at the Luxor again. Give me the Mirage any time. The Mirage in October was being re-modeled. Not once were We inconvenienced.
Sorry I needed to vent. We returned home late last night and I thought others should know.
Thank You Hope you share this with many others.

March 31, 2006 11:01 AM Posted by Susan Lande

My husband and I checked in Luxor Las Vegas on 03/26/2006 and since then everyday we�ve had problems with our stay and no one seems concerned. Customer Service IS NOT A PRIORITY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

After waiting in line for about 2 hours to check in on 03/26/2006 I asked for a NON SMOKING Suite when I checked in I was given a smoking suite on the 22nd floor. I almost suffocated in there.
The room was not clean the couch was filthy and we were not given the $250.00 shopping coupons as their advertisement promised I went back down to ask for the room to be switched.

03/26/2006 I spoke to Mike in Check In and asked for a room with a view, he put us on the 15th floor.NO view it was overlooking construction.
The room was so hot we found out the air was not working due to the construction, the shower tiles were cracked and around the shower head there was a huge hole around it about 3 inches around the shower head.

I again had to have the room switched.

03/27/2006 room switched again to 12316 Bell hop moved our bags and left some in the room .. which I had to hunt down the next day with lost and found.

When we got to room 12316 the light bulb in the bathroom was burnt out. I had to call and have that replaced.

03/30/2006 I asked the lady that cleaned our room at 115pm for more towels and she yelled at me and was very rude. She wanted to know why I wanted more towels .. we were only given two and with showering at night when returning to our room the next morning they are still wet.
She argued with me we were given 3 towels I had to show her we only had 2.

03/30/2006 We paid for internet connection in our room at approx 1pm.
Later that night we tried to retrieve the code using MENU on the remote control to view the code on the TV the feature does not work.
Around 900 pm we called GUEST Services and reported the issue and we told someone will be up shortly to take a look at this.
1030pm after I called again someone finally showed up to tell us that someone else will have to comeup to take a look at this on 03/31/2006 we arranged for 10am visit.

03/31/2006 I�m still waiting on the TV to be reprogrammed and fixed it's now 11am.


In the past we�ve stayed with LUXOR everytime we vacation to LAS VEGAS.
This is the first time we�ve had so many problems and no one seems concerned about it.


April 17, 2006 12:22 AM Posted by Dawn Stoker

We stayed at the Mandalay property and didn't have clean washcloths after our first day there- is that the European plan? They didn't give us washcloths in Germany last year... that trend must be spreading. Hmnn... The Eurobath! The room however, was spacious and nicely decorated. The bathroom was beautiful. The mattress and linens were very "hotel" standard though... if someone can spend a lot of money on their hotel room, they usually will own a nice bed at home, and the difference in respective comfort does not compare well. Overall, Mandalay is a beautiful property, and the free tram makes it convenient to the MGM Grand where the monorail begins. Service was, for the most part, courteous, with the exception of some agents in independent offices within the complex.