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August 10, 2005

Caesars Augustus Tower Set to Open

Posted by Hunter

Next week Caesars Palace plans to open the Augustus Tower, a 949 room luxury hotel tower. Designed to be the best that Caesars has to offer, the rooms include plasma TVs, large bathrooms and floor to ceiling windows. Along with the new tower, the hotel has opened a new lobby and a restaurant from chef Guy Savoy.

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August 11, 2005 5:58 AM Posted by Andrew

I really hope these are the final times of the long years of "Caesars Palace hotel,casino & construction site".I love the new Caesars.

August 12, 2005 3:17 AM Posted by Tommy C.

When I go to Vegas, which is twice a year, I stay at Caesars. I usually pass through $250,000-300,000 in joker poker machines. Shouldn't this give me RFB?

August 12, 2005 6:14 AM Posted by Ehrlich


For better or worse it will be a very long time untill Caesars is not ever a construction site. Half of the land on the property on the Forum shops side is still undeveloped. As the old towers continue to age Caesars will aslo have to really update them and continue to make efforts to try and make guests feel as if there not walking through a large long and never ending hotel. However, the new tower looks good and it really brings the hotel guest to a different part of the site. There is now one specific area devoted to hotel rooms. Again however, if any of these guests whish to go over to the forum shops or the Colliseum there faced with long walks.

August 13, 2005 3:44 AM Posted by Mike C

They've also opened a second 24 hour coffee shop since it's apparently such a crawl to Cafe Lago from the Augustus Tower.

I think that pretty much says all that needs to be said regarding Caesars floorplan, honestly.