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February 19, 2006

MGM MIRAGE May Develop Three Sites in Macau

Posted by Hunter

According to this article, MGM MIRAGE may develop up to three sites in Macau. The first site, the MGM Grand Macau, is under construction now. Who knows, we may see a 'Mirage Macau' or 'Bellagio Macau'.

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February 19, 2006 9:42 PM Posted by Chris

I was in the Sands Macau on Saturday night and there were so many people it was almost impossible to move, let alone get anywhere near a table. Even 80-90% of the slots were being used. On the other hand, maybe 20-30% of slots at the recently opened Grand Emperor had players and apart from a few big/small tables there wasn't a great deal of action at the tables (ditto Greek Mythology). Also not a lot of traffic at Fisherman's Wharf, although it was quite a cold evening and not particularly conducive to strolling around outside. It is obvious that the Sands is still the place to be in Macau. Will be very interesting to see how successful Wynn is in both taking market share away from Sands as well as expanding the market. We ended up heading to the bar at the Mandarin Oriental which is always good for some live music and drinks on a Saturday evening, although they could do with restricting the number of mainland Chinese hookers.