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November 17, 2006

Downloadable Slots

Posted by detroit1051

The LV Sun has an interesting article on downloadable slots. There is growing concern that operators might manipulate payback percentages based on market conditions and who is playing at the moment. A quote in the story from a Gaming Board member is especially concerning. Is the fox guarding the henhouse?
"Nevada's regulations require that machines have the same payback percentage for all players - in other words, that VIPs don't get preferential treatment. But some regulators appear open to giving casinos leeway to tweak odds as long as they pay back the minimum percentage required by law.
"That's a decision that should be left to operators," Gaming Control Board member Mark Clayton said."
Slot Manipulation Possible


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November 17, 2006 12:20 PM Posted by mike_ch

Casino operators already can and do change payout percentages, although changing is a process which also includes sending word to the NGC.

While technology will allow casinos to make their changes without having to open up the machine, I can't imagine the NGC loosening their oversight to the point that slot percentages are changed hour by hour.