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December 15, 2006

Bellagio: December 2006

Posted by Hunter

We checked into Bellagio earlier today after an almost three year lapse since my last stay. While a full trip report and a podcast will follow, I can say right now that I have been very impressed with the personalized, attentive service that I've seen since we arrived.

Not only did I get a call from the concierge before we arrived but since then they have been able to accommodate several requests thrown their way. Everyone has been extremely pleasant and our Spa Tower room is very nicely decorated and includes a great view.

Generally, I am very, very impressed so far. Coming in, my wife was saying that she wished we were at Wynn Las Vegas but after a few hours here, she's lost all sense of regret.

We've got some friends coming in later tonight (they are at the Barbary Coast) and I've got a few meetings setup over the next few days which I am looking forward to, even if there were a few folks that weren't able to make it. This is shaping up to be a fun weekend. I'm certainly enjoying myself... Signing off from Bellagio - Hunter.

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December 15, 2006 10:23 PM Posted by Adam F

Bellagio was alot of fun last time i was there. The Spa Tower rooms are completely amazing. Anyway have a great trip :-)

December 16, 2006 5:21 AM Posted by megan hillegas

Bellagio salon suites are amazing, but I just wanna know where all these hotels get their unsigned pieces of artwork in the room tower hallways. Who makes them? I've seen similar get ups at many hotels. Actual original paintings, but no name/signature date.. Does the management just have their kids do it? or are they sold in bulk to look like they are originals, when in fact they're not?

December 16, 2006 8:35 PM Posted by BrianFey

You lucky dog you! I wish I was in Vegas! Get some good shots of PCC for us!

December 16, 2006 9:03 PM Posted by mike_ch

They aren't chruning out 1,000,000+ in most cases, but they certainly aren't one of a kind either.

If you ever want to try something different in Vegas, try the used casino furniture warehouse on the corner of Highland Drive (stripper bar district behind Industrial) and Desert Inn. When I visited it about 16 months ago, they had a ton of portraits/pantings from hotels.

December 17, 2006 7:47 AM Posted by detroit1051

Hunter, when you put your thoughts together for the trip report and podcast, I'd like to understand your comment that the "Spa Tower room is very nicely decorated." Bellagio's rooms and suites, imo, are very last century. They don't have the clean, fresh look of Wynn rooms or Caesars' new Augustus Tower rooms.

December 18, 2006 9:31 AM Posted by detroit1051

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