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This past week I was able to try a few new restaurants and so I have some brief comments on what I thought. To give some background on my tastes, I'm a pretty simple eater into traditional restaurants and while I do like to splurge when I can, my day-to-day tastes are basic.

Cut (Steakhouse) at The Palazzo - Cut is a new restaurant from Wolfgang Puck, located at The Palazzo in the atrium that connects to The Venetian. We were seated right on time for our reservation and overall service throughout the meal was excellent. They offer quite a few variations on the beef - both American and Japanese and many sub-variants. They're good at explaining the relative merits, as well as suggesting sauce pairings and other dishes. My New York from Nebraska was basically prepared perfectly. I also had some mashed potatoes that were addictive as hell and finished with a killer take on banana cream pie. I easily recommend Cut to anyone looking for a good steak, though Delmonico down the hall still has an edge IMHO.

This is not a good place for vegetarians. Very few alternatives.

One strange thing, common to both Cut and Table 10 - the decor of the restaurant seems several degrees cheaper than what you'd expect based on food, prices and service. Both places felt more like 'mall restaurants' than other high end joints like Delmonico, Carnevino, Prime, etc...

Nove (Italian) at The Palms - I don't make it over to The Palms that often and when I do, it's almost always just to eat. I love Italian food and was looking to try something new so we ended up here.

The restaurant is located near the top of the Fantasy Tower which guarantees a great view of The Strip. We weren't next to the window but you can still easily get a nice look.

The menu has a lot of simple, traditional Italian dishes. We had a pizza and salads to start and I followed with chicken parmigiana. All of the food was really, really good. Incredible mouth watering and addictive.

Service was present but not overbearing and the overall decor and vibe was comfortable and casual. I would come back to Nove pretty much anytime.

I did have a slight altercation with an employee as we were leaving. I may or may not write that up later but he didn't work for the restaurant so no points off for them.

Table 10 (American) at The Palazzo - I've eaten at quite a few of Emeril's restaurants in both Vegas and New Orleans and I've never been disappointed.

Table 10 was another winner - great food. I had jambalaya which was full of chicken and shrimp - tasted great. Also, the 'cheddar beer' soup was awesome. I finished with sorbet that was good but was nothing special.

Service was strong. I spilled water all over the table and they were in there faster than I could snap my fingers cleaning things up.

Regarding decor, see my note above. Sorta a strange trend but unmistakable. The kitchen is open to the dining area so you can watch them work, plus you can see across to Wynn Las Vegas and Encore.

For any of the above restaurants, please feel free to leave questions in the comments and I will try to answer.


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May 2, 2008 5:12 PM Posted by Dr. B

'I did have a slight altercation with an employee as we were leaving.'

I love hearing about altercations, what happened?

May 3, 2008 11:15 AM Posted by John

There's a pretty cool video review of Nove Italiono at this page

The video has good shots of the interior, the Palms Fanatasy Tower, interview with chef Gino Bernardi in the kitchen prepping a few dishes, also a wine steward shows some collections.

Kind of a commercial treatment but good quality video.

May 3, 2008 11:20 AM Posted by Mike P.


If I'd known we were both in town at the same time I'd have bought you a drink. Maybe next time.

I'd call the decor at Cut minimalist rather than cheap, but I'm no expert at sizing up how much places like that spend on interior design. The (real) Kobe and American Wagyu steaks were some of the best we've had anywhere, at breathtaking prices I have to add.

May 4, 2008 3:23 PM Posted by Hunter

I agree that Cut was less cheap looking than Table 10 and maybe 'low cost' is a better way to describe both places than 'cheap'. Basically I was struck by what I thought was an incongruity between the food/service and interior design. Just seemed off to me.

I really enjoyed both restaurants.