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Here's @atdleft's report on the Vegas Uncork'd Grand Tasting - this one made me particularly jealous - sounds good!

He has photos on TwitPic that aren't quite embedding correctly so you'll have to visit them here:


I did it. I really did it. I pretty much made the entire rounds at The Grand Tasting at Vegas Uncork'd!

We were placed in the gloriously renovated Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis at Caesars Palace. Now this is quite the sight to behold!

Isn't this just regal? For a moment, I was even reminded of the Roman inspired pools at the famed Hearst Castle on the Central California Coast. Whatever your complaints are regarding Harrah's Entertainment and the way it has run Caesars Palace since 2004, you can't fault them for neglecting the pool(s)!

So are you now ready for the main attraction? Yes, my dears, it's time for us to dish on the dishes!

Let's start with the savory highlights:

- Guy Savoy's artichoke and black truffle soup really packed the flavor punches in all the right places! The accompanying crostini was also quite tasty.

- The beef served at Sage was super tender!

- The spicy beef and noodles from Lotus of Siam really were hot and spicy! But fear not, it was still mighty yummy.

- The sushi from Nobu was as stunning and delectable as ever.

- The lamb sausage topped with sundried tomato from Bradley Ogden was full of rich flavors, even if it was cold.

And my favorite sweets of the night:

- Bradley Ogden's butterscotch pudding was perfectly sweet and creamy and satisfying.

- Vosges' chocolate truffles were out of this world, and the coffee infused truffle and the sweet potato truffle were my two favorites there.

- Jean Philippe Patisserie's sweet creations were ethereal, and their mini napoleons were just divine!

And while I wish I could just be nice to everyone, I also think I would be doing a major disservice to you if I didn't mention the disappointing lowlights of the evening:

- Diego's crab with salsa did nothing for me, as the crab tasted like it came from a can and the salsa had virtually no flavor.

- Bar Masa's foie gras dish wasn't all that bad, but for foie gras I was expecting more... So I guess I won't be missing too much when I return to being an ethical and eco-conscious vegetarian?

- For some reason, I wasn't digging Craftsteak's beef too much... Was I missing something?

Fortunately, I ran into some great new friends last night who helped me immensely in providing second and third opinions when I needed them. @jsmeeker and David Ross from eGullet helped show me the way, along with a couple nice ladies from Seattle who "adopted" me when I was lost in line to get in. Oh, and I can't forget the new friends I met at the Bradley Ogden dinner and Joel Robuchon luncheon that I bumped into again last night! Oh, and Chef Bradley Ogden himself remembered me from Thursday night... AWESOME!

OK, that's all for now. However, the foodie fun isn't quite over yet... Stay tuned for a very special report from Mandalay Bay's "Better by the Bay" BBQ with Alain Ducasse and Charlie Palmer! And until then, bon appetit and "keep eatin' like you mean it". :-)

(And as always, remember to check my Twitpic and my Twiiter@atdleft for more on everything Vegas Uncork'd this weekend!)