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February 23, 2005

Wynn Las Vegas: Summary of What We Know

Posted by Hunter

As we get closer to the April 28th opening of Wynn Las Vegas, the hype machine is already kicking into overdrive. Wynn interviews and news stories are all over the press at this point and the company is airing a commercial during the Academy Awards ceremony next week.

While Steve Wynn has kept most of the details under wraps, we wanted to summarize what we know so far in case you haven't been keeping track at home.

Here's what we know...

Design Focus:

While designing Wynn Las Vegas the team wanted to make the place feel a lot smaller than Bellagio, despite the complex being about the same size. According to Wynn this place has "...nooks and crannies and hideaways...". Wynn often talks about 'designing from the inside out' vs his previous creations being designed from the perspective of the Strip as an audience. Under this paradigm, the guest is treated as the focal point of the experience instead of the passer-by. To learn the secrets of Wynn Las Vegas you have to head inside, and Wynn is banking on the fact that is just what you will do.


2,700 rooms and suites starting at 630 square feet. The hotel tower is being reported as 50 stories and skips floors 40-49 due to Chinese superstition. The rooms feature high-end bedding that is supposedly being custom made for the resort. Wynn has a deal with Gateway to provide flat screen LCD and plasma televisions for the resort. The hotel details several different configurations of rooms and suites that will look familiar to anyone who has stayed at Bellagio, The Mirage, or Treasure Island. The suites feature access to the VIP check-in lobby and pool area (more details below).


You may have heard that Wynn is largely turning his back on the concept of using big name celebrity chefs to lure diners to his restaurants. Instead he has decided to go after excellent chefs that haven't made huge names for themselves nationally and paying them big bucks to be in their Las Vegas kitchens five or six nights per week.

From an design point of view, expect many of the restaurants to open out over the resorts lake and mountain and to create 'theaters' of performance in the restaurants. For instance, the Japanese restaurant will look like something out of 17th century Japan when you are sitting in the restaurant. You will feel fully immersed and according to Wynn, it will be a first for any hotel anywhere.

His restaurants will not open up directly on to the casino floor but instead be separated by waiting rooms, lounges and other constructs. As Wynn says, "People know how to find the casino...".


We believe Wynn will have at least one nightclub when it opens but it's possible there will be more. We also believe that at least one additional club will be part of the 'Encore' expansion that is slated to open in 2007.


Steve Wynn's collaboration with Franco Dragone began in 1992 with Mystere. The Cirque de Soleil show produced for Treasure Island was like nothing ever seen on the Las Vegas Strip. 'O' followed Mystere and once again, the show was sold out every night for years. Dragone is no longer with Cirque but his link to Steve Wynn remains strong. The original name of the hotel, Le Reve will open in April and showcase a theater in the round where no seat is far from the stage. The facility is basically a circular cage sitting over a bowl - the water will run underneath and all around you, like nothing you've ever seen before.

Beyond that, the hit Broadway musical 'Avenue Q' will open in the fall in its own theater.

Beyond that, Wynn has mentioned the fact that he'll have capacity for additional shows with the Wynn Las Vegas 'Encore' expansion scheduled to open in 2007. He realizes that entertainment is a huge draw and a lot of fun to put together. As Wynn says, 'My marquee has space for four shows....'.


Like Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas will feature an assortment of high end retail. Expect stores from Brioni, Chanel, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Cartier, and Manolo Blahnik. Additionally, there will be an onsite Ferrari and Maseratti dealership and full service station.


The only Las Vegas Strip hotel with an 18 hole PGA level course. What else can do you want to know? The course is designed by Tom Fazio and Steve Wynn, the same crew that build Shadow Creek, the course will sit on over 100 acres directly behind the hotel and feature a full pro shop.

If you are a golfer, you will want to give the course a try. A huge waterfall at the 18th certainly won't turn you off.

The rumor is that the course will be named after the original property - 'Desert Inn Golf Club'.

Pools and Gardens:

Expect a pool complex that is a cousin to the one you see at Bellagio. Large open spaces with a lot of landscaping, private pools for suite and 'tower deluxe' rooms and spacious main pools are the signature attractions.

For a look at the pool deck along with the meeting facilities: Wynn Las Vegas Pool Deck Map.


Steve Wynn and his wife Elaine own a small but incredible impressive collection of pieces that will be on display at Wynn Las Vegas. Perhaps the most amazing of these is Picasso's 'Le Reve', Wynn's original inspiration for the resort.

Casino and Other Additional Features:

Gambling? Wynn Las Vegas will feature a 110,000 square foot casino with every major slot machine and table game. Hotel guests will be able to use their room keys as slot cards in any of the property's 1,900 slot machines, cutting down on the number of cards carried.

The poker room will feature 25 tables along with an electronic paging system to alert players when their tables are ready.

Much has been made of the use of RFID casino chips and table equipment in the casino. It seems as if Wynn Las Vegas will be one of the most high profile joints to use this new technology.

Wedding Chapels:

The hotel will feature two luxurious wedding chapels that overlook the pool deck.

VIP Amenities:

Guests staying in a Tower Suite or above will be treated to separate check-in areas, private pools and first access to tables at restaurants, shows, and more. Wynn plans to pamper all his guests by especailly those that are looking for a 'Four Seasons' level of experience.

What's Next?

Well, there's still a lot more to know about Wynn Las Vegas. We'll update this article a bit over the next few days based on feedback we get from our readers. Plus, more articles will be coming down the pipe as we get more information.


January Construction Photos at Flickr.


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February 23, 2005 11:07 PM Posted by Mike

Well done with the summary, Hunter. The Japanese restaurant sounds awesome. I got my reservations for early May for 2 nights, but after reading this, I wish I could extend it to 6 to see everything the resort has to offer.

February 24, 2005 1:46 AM Posted by prachin

wow! that's so exciting! thanks for all the great 411!

February 24, 2005 1:10 PM Posted by Rick

You might want to change 'wide' to 'wife' in this sentence "Steve Wynn and his wide Elaine own a small but incredible impressive collection of pieces that will be on display at Wynn Las Vegas. Perhaps the most amazing of these is Picasso's 'Le Reve', Wynn's original inspiration for the resort"

February 24, 2005 2:31 PM Posted by Brian

Good rundown of Wynn.......a lot of us Vegas aficiandos are really looking forward to see what Steve's latest creation will have to offer. Question: Have you taken any new pictures of the place over the past week or so? I realize that there's not a whole lot left we'll be able to discern with the mountain hiding everything, but it'll still be neat to see what the marquee looks like, main entrance, etc. Keep up the great reporting!

February 25, 2005 8:33 AM Posted by Hunter

Thanks for the 411 on the misspelling regarding Elaine Wynn. She's a classy lady and that was certainly not intentional.

No brand new pictures, sorry. We'll have some links to some aerial shots in the next few days most likely.

March 27, 2005 5:05 PM Posted by Ira Ellis

The Wedding Salons at Wynn Las Vegas will be the first and only wedding facility to offer High Definition videography of a guest's wedding ceremony, delivered on DVD as part of the standard wedding video/photography package. Unlike other hotel chapels, the Wedding Salons at Wynn Las Vegas will host only one wedding at a time offering guests a minimum of two hours in which to have their ceremony and time for two Master Photographers to memorialize the event. The highest quality albums have been designed to display the uniquely created digital images. We will even have our own graphic designer on staff to help us make every guest look their best as well as make every image a work of art.