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October 1, 2012

VIMFP Passbook Passes Available

Posted by Hunter

The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic is less than two weeks away and as part of the planning process (and really just cause we're pretty nerdy), we've created Passbook 'passes' for each of the events.

Passbook is a technology added by Apple to the iPhone and iPod touch in iOS 6 for managing things like tickets, loyalty cards and the like.

Our passes are available for free on the VIMFP Web site. To add them to your Passbook, visit that page from your iPhone or iPod touch and tap the Passbook icon beside each event. You'll be asked to verify that you want to add the pass and then you're off and running. If any of the event details change (such as the venue for the cocktail meet-up), you'll be notified automatically via a notification.

For folks running Android, there are some third party apps on the Play Store that support this functionality.

NOTE: You don't need one of these passes for entry to any of the events. Attendance is free and open to all.

March 19, 2012

VIMFP 2.0 - October 13th, 2012: Save The Date

Posted by Hunter

We've got a date!

Can't wait to have you join us for the second annual Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic. See you there!

March 8, 2012

VIMFP 2.0: October 2012

Posted by Hunter

The headline says it all: 'Save The Month'.

The second edition of the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic will commence in October. We're still nailing down which weekend but we wanted to give you as much info as possible so you can start blocking out what will surely be the best trip of your life.

More to come!

September 13, 2011

Family Picnic: Discounted Rates Available

Posted by Hunter

Picnic Goers - we now have discount codes for Planet Hollywood, Paris Las Vegas and Bally's Las Vegas. Using these links you can knock a few bucks off the rack rate at these hotels.

Thanks to Caesars Entertainment for providing these deals.

Planet Hollywood

Paris Las Vegas

Bally's Las Vegas

September 4, 2011

Family Picnic: 10/22/2011 @ Planet Hollywood

Posted by Hunter

The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic has a confirmed venue: The Mezz @ Planet Hollywood. For those unfamiliar, this is part of the area upstairs that overlooks the casino, a perfect spot to host our shenanigans.

All the details are here, on the fabulous poster Chuck made for the event. There's also a VT post on the topic here.

Expect the unexpected: Vegas Gang LIVE, VT Match Game, Stump Dr. Dave and more... It's your chance to come out and have a hell of a lot of fun with your fellow Vegas addicts. We can't wait to see you there.

The kind folks at Caesars Entertainment are providing some room deals and we'll have the links for those shortly. It's looking to be a popular weekend in town so I'd recommend booking sooner rather than later.

Planning to come? Let us know in the comments. Not planning to come? Shame on you.

May 28, 2011

Where Should the Vegas Internet Mafia Have Its Picnic?

Posted by daveschwartz

Now that we have a date (10/22/11) for the first annual Vegas Internet Mafia Picnic, speculation is building about which hotel the VIMP braintrust will deign to grace its presence with. Naturally with an event of this significance, there's a considerable veil of secrecy around the high-powered negotiations that are taking place at this very moment.

Since I'm not directly involved in the complex back-and-forth that's currently on-going, I'm free to publicly speculate about where the VIMP will end up pitching its tent (yes, it's going to be that exciting of a weekend). Here are seven distinct possibilities:

Flamingo: Hosted the final (for now) Podcast-a-Palooza last year; we might get some overflow wedding guests, too.

Cosmopolitan: The newest with the mostest on the Strip, for the foreseeable future. Special bonus: the Cosmo will have the mother of all door prizes, a completely comped weekend (RFB) at one of its swanky clubside bungalows. The winner won't be picked randomly, as in the past. Instead s/he will be the one who guesses correctly the exact number of hours and minutes that Chuckmonster has to wait before his room is available.

Tropicana: Currently setting the Vegas eating press all abuzz with its spectacular opening party for Nikki Beach, this would be a great chance for the resort to show off its new look. Unfortunately, no one invited looks good in white.

Sahara: For a special one-night-only event, the fencing comes down and the VIM invades! Tragedy ensues, however, when Sam Nazarian, true to his word, secures a construction loan and chooses that weekend to implode the place to make way for the SLS Las Vegas, which opens on December 15, 2014.

Wynn Las Vegas: Yes, its social media star has been fading, but the resort offers the perfect venue: a repurposed Alex, which is just right to accommodate the raucous but eminently discerning Picnickers. It could happen.

Bellagio: The atmosphere is electric (and quite cramped) as the revelers push out the construction crews for an evening and take over the in-progress Hyde Lounge.

Vdara: Paul Carr guest stars as we take this weekend to highlight what is truly one of the Strip's under-appreciated gems.

Wherever this event lands, this much is clear: even five months out, excitement is building, and casino executives are working themselves into a frenzy out-bidding each other for the right to hold the gathering. Keep checking the official Vegas Internet Mafia Picnic website for updates.

The headline says it all. Well, almost. The date is October 22nd.

Details will be forthcoming on the official page.

October 22nd. Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic.

Bring your own mayonnaise, bitches.