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Happy Memorial Day to all y'all out there. I've got a little bit of hot info for those of you taking the day off to relax.

Steve Wynn, Chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts and recent Cotai land grantee went on the record with Macau Business magazine to talk in detail about the project and also a little bit about Las Vegas. Some tidbits:

- The property will cost about $3.5 billion to build.
- Construction starts in June.
- The land is setup for a single hotel - future expansion will be limited to smaller additions.
- The project includes a 300 meter (almost 1000 feet) long lake. It will be bigger than Bellagio's lake and feature more advanced water fountains that cost about $90 million to build.
- The hotel is in an 'X' shape with maximum 45 meter distances to guest rooms.
- Like Encore Macau, it's all petite suites and larger.
- It will include villas with outdoor pools like we've seen in Las Vegas.
- 2,000 rooms.
- Around 40 retail shops.
- No 'Alex' - he's sold on the idea that people like 'fun' dining and don't want to sit for ages and have Michelin Star food.
- The property will open at once. "We don't do phases"

When it comes to Las Vegas:

- He talks about Climax as if it's still happening in Vegas, though he does not say where. This is a pretty recent interview that seems to have been given after we had heard that the Climax club planned for the Alex space was scuttled due to soundproofing problems.
- Apparently a new show is being developed for Las Vegas that could also work at the Cotai property. New show? Interesting. Displacing Le Reve? Something permanent for the Encore Theater? Miss Spectacular re-born?

Anyway, lots of info here and while some of it was already public, nice to have a single source.

May 17, 2012

Vegas Gang #78 - May 17th, 2012

Posted by Hunter

Episode #78 is up!

Listen here:

This time on the show:

- Special Guest Roger Gros

- Echelon
- Wynn Cotai
- Stuart Mason

** Sure Bets **

Chuck - DIY Network - Bronson Pinshow Project
Dr. Dave - Internet Gaming Regulation Symposium
Hunter - Vegas Mate users
Roger - Boulder City, NV

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May 11, 2012

SLS Las Vegas, Part III

Posted by daveschwartz

It feels like I've started my own cottage industry talking about SLS Las Vegas. It's a topic that people seem to be interested in and that they feel strongly about, and I feel I've got something to say because I talked to COO Rob Oseland last week. I shared my thoughts on last month's press release right here last month. After the jump, I'll talk about what I've written and share a little something new.

May 7, 2012

Take My Vegas Mate User Survey

Posted by Hunter

So, I have this survey that I put out there, designed for Vegas Mate users. I just want to know a few things about how you use the app, what you like and what you're missing.

I know, I know - I hate surveys too. This one is really short and doesn't ask for any personal information of any kind. It'd be swell if you took 2 minutes to fill it out.


May 1, 2012

Wynn Cotai is a Go.

Posted by Hunter

Go go Cotai.

Here's what it's going to look like.

That is all.