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December 7, 2012

Vegas Gang #85 - December 7th, 2012

Posted by Hunter

Episode #85 is up!

Quick Note: For some reason, our recording here went pretty off-kilter. It required a lot of editing and tweaking to make it listenable. Sorry for the worse-than-normal sound quality. We're not sure what happened.

Listen here: Vegas Gang Podcast

This time on the show:

- The Trippies
- An Important Announcement about Two Way Hard Three
- Chuck's LVH Stay
- Bill McBeath and Aria
- Bill's / Drai's Plans
- Online Poker in 2012

** Sure Bets **

Chuck - Celebration Day - Led Zeppelin
Dr. Dave - Dave Brubeck / Steve Lacy
Hunter - Paper for iPad

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December 9, 2012 10:04 PM Posted by Jeff in OKC

I have listened a couple times to this great episode and want to thank you guys for another top notch effort.

I hope to comment more than once on this show as the thoughts come to me, but the most important thing I want to say now is that you three have recovered from the loss of a year ago, and have a great flow amongst yourselves. I thought this a couple weeks ago while I was listening to a recent episode, but I forgot to comment then (and regret it now).

A thought regarding the Bill's changeover is wondering why Caesars isn't utilizing George Maloof in some key fashion? Seems to me that he almost single-handedly created the populist beautiful people segment of the last decade. And not using him reflects the typical arrogance of the Loveman regime.

December 13, 2012 8:23 PM Posted by Eric

Great show, as always. Hunter, the loss of TWHT is a shame, but your reasoning is solid and I understand a need to focus one's energies, for sure.

A thought about the Bill's/Drai's changeover. Once the conversion is complete, "Drai's Boutique" or whatever it's called will essentially be a nightclub/dayclub with 200 hotel rooms, more or less. It won't have a whole lot else to offer -- the property is too small to have more than one or two restaurants, for example.

And so, someone like me, not interested in the nightclub scene, probably won't ever set foot inside. And that's OK. I prefer not to interact with d-bags whenever possible, so I'll stay away.

Contrast this with Wynncore or Cosmo, which have other points of interest, and so those of us interested in the hotel room product, the restaurants, the casino, etc. in those properties have to fight through the d-bag crowd. People that stay at Wynn, Encore, Cosmo, etc. have to deal with nightclub noise from certain floors/towers.

I like the idea of a hotel solely for d-bags. Maybe it will draw some of them away from Cosmo, Wynncore, Venetian/Palazzo? Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

It will, of course, affect its neighbors, especially Flamingo. I have stayed there a dozen plus times, several times in south-facing rooms, looking over the top of Bill's towards the Bellagio and the south Strip. Those rooms will have a big liability once the rooftop club opens next door. Sigh.