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With the resort opening in just over three weeks, I thought I would recap the restaurant information here for those that haven't seen it.

The prices break down as follows:

  • $ - Under $10
  • $$ - $11-$15
  • $$$ - $16-$20
  • $$$$ - $21-$30
  • $$$$$ - $31+
  • Alex (French) $$$$$ - Open for dinner, James Beard winning chef Alessandro Stratta moves from his previous home, Renoir at The Mirage. The restaurant seats 162 and overlooks the pool. Most likely a prix-fixe menu with optional wine pairings, this will be one the most high end restaurants in the resort.
  • Bartolotta (Italian) $$$$$ - Open for lunch and dinner, James Beard winning chef Paul Bartolotta has been a midwest fixture for years. This restaurant will feature fresh seafood and seats 226. It overlooks the Wynn lake and mountain areas near the shopping promenade.
  • The Buffet (Buffet) $$$ - Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this buffet seats a whopping 574 and is located near the Wynn Theater. Expect prices to be similar to what is being charged at Bellagio and expect this buffet to rival or surpass that previous achievement.
  • Daniel Boulud Brasserie (French) $$$$$ - The only 'celebrity' chef on site Daniel Boulud is well known for several New York City restaurants. Open for lunch and dinner, this restaurant is located on the lower lake level and seats 304.
  • Corsa Cucina (Italian) $$$$ - Featuring pizzas from chef Stephen Kalt, this 118 seat restaurant is open for lunch and dinner near the main entrance.
  • Club House Grill (Variety) $$$$$ - Located inside the Wynn Country Club, this restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for up to 100 guests. Update: Jimmy Snead reportedly is no longer with Wynn Las Vegas.
  • Okada (Japanese) $$$$$ - Located on the lake above La Bête, Okada features Japanese cuisine from James Beard award winning chef Takashi Yagahashi. Open for dinner, this restaurant seats 207 and is named after Wynn's financial partner in the resort.
  • Red 8 (Asian Bistro) $$$ - Near the Tower Suites check in, Red 8 is a combination of Hong Kong style dim sum and Cantonese noodle dishes. Open for lunch and dinner, the room seats 86.
  • SW (Steakhouse) $$$$$ - Award winning chef Eric Klein brings the classic American steakhouse to Wynn Las Vegas. Open for dinner, SW seats 284 and is located on the lower lake level.
  • Tableau (Variety) $$$$$ - American cuisine with some original flair, prepared by chef Mark LoRusso. Breakfast and lunch are available only to Wynn Tower Suite guests, while dinner is open to tall. This restaurant features 134 seats and is located just adjacent to the Tower Suite elevators.
  • Terrace Pointe Cafe (Variety) $$$ - This restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, overlooks the pool. With seats for 486, we expect this to be a 24 hour facility.
  • Wing Lei (Chinese) $$$$$ - Open only for dinner, this Cantonese style restaurant seats 152 and is located near the Tower Suites entrance.
  • Zoozacrackers (Snack Bar) $$$ - Located near the sports book, a quick way to get a snack.

Along with these restaurants, there are several bars located throughout the property.

  • B Bar - Located near the Tower Suite elevators, this is an ideal meeting place.
  • Parasol Up/Parasol Down - Near the main lake terrace, featuring live music in the evenings.
  • Sugar and Ice - Located in the Wynn Esplanade.

Wynn Las Vegas will feature two main nightlife options when it opens. The addition of the Encore project in 2007 will bring even more options.

  • La Bête - A full fledged nightclub, La Bête will feature bottle service and lake views.
  • Lure - Wynn's 'ultra-lounge', Lure is located near the Tower Suites elevators.

Hopefully this rundown has been helpful. We'll have more details after the resort opens.


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April 5, 2005 8:06 PM Posted by dr_al

Wondering - at Bellagio, it's virtually impossible to see the fountains from inside the property unless you're at one of the restaurants, or at Fontana. Is Wynn LV going to be the same way, just minus the copious outside viewing?

April 6, 2005 5:02 AM Posted by Brian

Might have to change the names of one of the restaurants already. Today's R-J reports that Jimmy Sneed is leaving.

April 6, 2005 7:50 AM Posted by socalduck

From everything I've seen and heard, it sounds as though the lake/mountain attraction is something only the paying guests will be able to fully enjoy.

April 6, 2005 7:55 AM Posted by socalduck

The Las Vegas Review-Journal just reported this morning that Jimmy Sneed has been let go due to "creative differences." Looks like they will be ordering up some new signage and menus...

April 11, 2005 3:04 PM Posted by Freesha

We'll be staying at Wynn on opening night and the next night. As Okada was full, I made reservations there for the second night and settled for SW on the first. Marlia, is very friendly and offered us a window view. She said she's doing everything she can to accomodate guests of the hotel. My suggestion is reserve early!

April 15, 2005 5:42 PM Posted by Tori

Freesha, I assure you, you won't be "settling" for SW...My husband, Eric Klein, is the chef. His food is exquisite -- and it's not just steaks. I know you will have a wonderful time.

April 18, 2005 8:20 PM Posted by Freesha

I was just kidding about the settled part, Tori...I know it's going to be incredible!! The other girls are excited too. What's your favorite dish that Eric makes? Should we have dessert? Hope to see you there!

May 1, 2005 2:32 PM Posted by Adele

Stephen Kalt's cuisine is far more than pizzas. Your comments make Corsa Cucina sound like a pizzeria. Although the grilled pizzas are exceptional, his Mediterranean/Catalan food is outstanding. He is much missed in New York.

May 2, 2005 6:50 PM Posted by Tori

Freesha, his pastry chef Vita, is terrific. I love the kugelhopf glacee -- a very traditional Alsatian dessert, that she's made all her own.

As for Eric's dishes, I have lots of I'll let you find your own. Just don't miss his crabcake or pear salad and make sure someone at your table goes beyond the beef and tries his fish -- both the loup de mer and dover sole are exquisite.

It was a tight opening -- and everyone's exhausted. Volume is high and expectations higher. So far from what I've seen and heard, things are improving nicely each evening. It's tough to take a new staff and get them up to speed on your food in 2 days... and that's basically what had to happen in every kitchen.

So go, be kind and patient, relax and enjoy yourself -- all they want to do is make sure everyone leaves happy. It's a beautiful dining room (all of them are...), with a terrific team of professionals who genuinely care and working very very hard. And yes, I'm extremely biased, but it's the truth.

May 3, 2005 10:07 AM Posted by Freesha

SW: When we arrived for our reservation, our table wasn't ready. We told our hostess that we'd be in the bar and we ordered drinks. We hadn't eaten all day and after waiting about a half hour, my sister asked the bartender if she could have some nuts or bread. He asked if she'd like a crabcake and brought one right over. We each had a bite and all agreed that it was the best crabcake we had ever tasted. One of the girls went over to the hostess and asked when our table would be ready. She said "Oh, I forgot about you!" Although the reservation was for a window seat and I had made it weeks ago, she brought us to a table toward the back, where we could not see the water features, telling us that she gave our table away to someone else. We were hungry, so we sat down anyway and ordered. I shared the caesar salad with my siter and the other girls shared the pear salad. I had fillet thermador which was excellent. If you like medium rare, order medium, which I did and it was perfect. It was served with Main lobster and spinach over potatoes. Dinner for 4 (no dessert): $300.00 Crabcake: $18.00

May 3, 2005 10:37 AM Posted by Freesha

Okada: Well we chalked up the management at SW to opening day and looked forward to Okada the next night. We had reservations for a table overlooking the water features. I saw around half the tables were available, but the hostess led us to a back room that looked like it hadn't been completed yet. The walls were bare. There were several round rental-like tables that were unset. I told the hostess about our reservation and she told me that Mr. Okada was having a private party there that night and the bare room was all she could do for us. After the SW experience, we felt like Wynn's restraunts were treating us like second class citizens and the girls wanted to leave, but I convinced them to go to the sushi bar, which was empty. The hostess looked upset, but sat us there anyway. I ordered hot saki, and the waitress said they didn't have any, so we ordered beer. After the waitress brought our drinks, the manager, Martin, came over and although he did not apologize, he did offer a complimentary glass of champagne. He could clearly see that we were not drinking champagne, but offered nothing more and left. When we finished, the dining room was still only half full. Sushi for 4 (2 rolls ea.)with one beer ea: $150.08