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A few quick notes for this Friday...

According to Norm! in the LVRJ, Wynn is trying to rescue his floundering nightclub, La Bete:
Norm at LVRJ

Wynn's Hiring Chief Discusses Ramping Up For The Opening (LVRJ)
Arte Nathan Talks

Could Lake Tahoe Have Scuttled the Harrah's Caesars Merger? (LVRJ)
FTC Looks At Tahoe

Gaming Win Down From March; Still Sets Record (LVRJ)
Gaming Win April 2005


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June 10, 2005 8:42 AM Posted by detroit1051

Interesting comments on the houskeeping staff challenges. I'm sure things will be running smoothly when I'm there. However, the housekeeping glitch and the nightclub problems make me wonder whether Steve has the management depth he needs. When Bellagio opened, Bobby Baldwin headed up the project, and I'm sure Steve left most operational issues to him. I don't know of a Baldwin type at Wynn. Also, Dan Lee was with Wynn until 1999, after Bellagio opened. I'm not familiar enough with Marc Schorr to know how strong he is.
The anecdotal reports on the mirrored elevator cabs all cracking could indicate a reluctance of management at all levels to tell the emperor he has no clothes.

June 10, 2005 8:52 AM Posted by Hunter

Marc Schorr ran The Mirage for Steve after Baldwin went to run Bellagio - he's competent... Actually, except for Ron Kramer and Marc Rubenstein. most of these guys were Mirage Resorts brass... John Strzemp ran TI for Steve, etc...

Granted, Baldwin is very good at his job and Lee is doing well running Pinnacle...