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August 2, 2005

Mirage Renovation

Posted by detroit1051

The Las Vegas Review Journal describes some of the changes underway or planned at The Mirage:
* New or remodelled restaurants.
* "Upgraded" volcano.
* 15,000 sq ft nightclub, "Jet" and new "rock bar-chic lounge."
* Cirque du Soleil production based on the Beatles.

After 16 years, The Mirage needs updating, but the article makes it appear MGM is using the TI model to attract a younger crowd. I hope the former Mirage properties don't all become clones of each other, and I really hope the Volcano doesn't follow the pattern of The Sirens of TI.

To read the article:
Major Renovation Slated for Mirage


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August 2, 2005 7:42 AM Posted by Ehrlich

The Mirage really was, still is and is going to become the hotel with the best overrall enterainment. They had seigfried and roy with Gans and we all know what happened. But the new show based on the beatles along with danny gans is gonna make a great lineup. A lot of the renovations to the restaurants and the new establihsments coming in are essential being that renoir is nothing like it was with Stratta. A always liked Mirage as more of that family friednly place and where I could see whay TI needed to attract a younger crowd I don't think Mirage really needs a nightlife atmosphere when there is a saturation of nightclubs in las vegas. Most of the changes especially the aesthetic ones were just a matter of time and are important to the upkeep of the hotel. I went to cravings last time I was in Las Vegas and I didn't like it at all. The buffet it self was decent but I hated the room and it did not fit in well with naything that has to do with the Mirage. The room was uncomfortable, layed out terribly and it looked like a cafiteria with uncomfortable plastic chairs and plastic tables. The room looked like it belonged in an office building. But I'm assuming those were the intentions of Tihany who designed the room. Anyway no matter hwta I happens I will always prefer the old Mirage with Seigfried and Roy and with that fmaily Carribean vibe like Treasure Island.

August 2, 2005 8:33 AM Posted by Hunter

I think my regular readers know how scared I am that MGM MIRAGE will ruin the place... I guess we'll see.

The Mirage is still my favorite place to stay in Vegas but at least now I can head to WLV as well.

August 2, 2005 8:43 PM Posted by Mike C

Gyaaah! They're messing with Kokomo's? How can you top giant prime rib served in a dimly-lit room alongside the forest? It reminds me of that restaurant next to he pirate ride at Disney in that respect. Great atmosphere, they'll only screw it up.

Treasure Island did need some changes (though not THOSE changes) but Mirage was pretty much fine as they had it. They seem to want to make every property an upscale, "we can charge more for rooms" property. With things like Bellagio and Wynn and THEhotel, places like Mirage and MGM and Aladdin are supposed to come DOWN in price, and become the new mid-line resort.

I realize that Bellagio has a very high occupancy rate, but you can't overbuild EVERY hotel into the Bellagio super-luxury mold and expect the same thing will happen to all of them.

...... Sorry. I'm just kind of getting concerned that the choices for people who DON'T want to pay the highest prices on the Strip for a room are going down and down. I'm almost sort of hoping that Harrah's manages to "cheapen" Caesars Palace down to a hotel that Average Joes can afford. As it is, Average Joes have left NY-NY, Bally's, sometimes Monte Carlo/Luxor. Beyond that is the joints made for tightfists who don't spend any time in their room (CC, Excal, Frontier, The Ho) and I don't want to step down to those because everyone else is trying to upgrade themselves to $200/night status.

August 3, 2005 9:49 AM Posted by detroit1051

Mike C,
In Mirage's early days, I had lunch at Kokomo's every trip. It was really nice with the light coming through the trees from the atrium and the water babbling in the ponds. Service was excellent, and I always asked for the same server. She was friendly, professional and efficient and always recognized me even though I ate there only a couple times a year. She is now at Olives at Bellagio and is just as good.

It's too bad Kokomo's isn't open for lunch any more, but few restaurants are, even at Wynn. I read in the new restaurant issue of Las Vegas Life that Tableau at Wynn is now open all day to the public. When Wynn opened, it was limited to Suite Tower guests for breakfast and lunch.

August 3, 2005 11:40 AM Posted by detroit1051

The Las Vegas Sun provides more details on changes at The Mirage. From the comments about 25-45 year olds and their $9 Grey Goose drinks and nightclubs, I realize I'm too old for Mirage. Sigh.

August 3, 2005 5:51 PM Posted by socalduck

Mink? Stack? Jet? Polysyllabic words must not be part of the trendy formula. In five years, I'll wager at least two of these "hip" clubs are long gone.

The Mirage is dead. Long live The Mirage.

August 9, 2005 12:24 PM Posted by detroit1051

This week's Las Vegas Business Press has more on the planned changes at The Mirage. Scott Sibella, president (who came from TI) said Mirage will not change its customer base.
The article can be read at:

A side note, I'm wrapping up a week of business and pleasure in Las Vegas and Lake Charles, Louisiana. I'm checking out Pinnacle's new property, L'Auberge du Lac. I'll write up some notes after I get home Thursday.