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We went for a last minute trip to Las Vegas this past weekend and I decided to go out and take some photos to keep my friendly readers up to date.

The good stuff - October 2005 Photos - The Mirage, Wynn, Bellagio and More (My RateVegas photo gallery still has some issues - Flickr for now)...

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Wynn Las Vegas - Still no major changes at Wynn Las Vegas. Items like the glass rails in the villa atrium, a walk up area at the 'B Bar', closing in the high limit salon and changes at Corsa Cucina still remain on the to-do list. The property is looking good though I did notice that the carpet has lost a lot of color from folks walking through. We didn't stay here this time but we did play here for a few hours and the dealers were great - funny, accommodating to players that didn't know all the rules and courteous. Wynn has the best employees in town. One change that is underway - Wynn and Company Watches, which was next to the Tower Suites entry, is gone. According to a security guard, the area is being converted into an expanded VIP entry for the Tower Suites - they are expanding the VIP VIP area.

Bellagio - Wow. Things are going downhill fast in the interior design department. Replacing the keno area is a new 'Salon Prive' for high limit action. Inside, this room looks pretty nice. The problem is that from the outside, it just doesn't fit. Not only is it too big for its space, the colors and design match nothing else inside Bellagio. I was visiting with my wife and a friend and both were surprised at how mismatched the area looked. Compare this to the spot at The Mirage and you wonder how it could be the same design team (MGM Mirage Design Group).

The Mirage - I stay here often and this was another trip to the hotel that transformed the Strip. We were in a Tower Suite this time, which is a fantastic room. We were on floor 'A', which is the 26th with a great 'Pool View', all the way down the Strip. This view is now pretty much blocked by Caesars' Augustus Tower. The high limit room at The Mirage, opened since June, is in full swing and getting some good play. The new slot area, formerly the baccarat area, is almost done. Carpet is down and they are just waiting for the slots to come in. This could be open any day now. Service was good as was turndown. Many of the restaurants are offline as they are upgraded and changed over to new formats. Between now and December, The Mirage won't be a good place for fine dining. The new options do sound pretty interesting though, so I'm excited about it. The nightclub is supposed to be turned over to management on November 16th. I spoke to a project leader and he laughed - it's gonna be late and they know it. The theater's conversion from Siegfried and Roy's zoo into a Cirque venue is well underway - massive construction is visible on the roof. The Mirage remains a top joint and in a year will be significantly upgraded from last year's model.

KA - Cirque de Soleil's latest show at MGM Grand. There were three of us in our group and I was the only person that walked out and said the show was good. I liked it, though it the top Cirque shows will ALWAYS be 'Mystere' and 'O', in that order. Actually, I think this show (and the lackluster response to Dragone's 'Le Reve' at Wynn) proves that the 'Cirque era' is ending. There aren't any more concepts or variations they can explore. There is a (very profitable) place for Cirque, but I hope that the upcoming show at The Mirage is the last. Still, 'KA' is an enjoyable experience.

The Venetian - Had dinner at Delminco, which is always a good time... Not much to say about The Venetian, I've slammed them enough times. What I don't understand is how they can let a $1B+ property fall apart. Walking into The Venetian, a large portion of the tile overlay over the main entrance is gone, exposing the concrete. This is why I laugh when Adelson claims he owns the finest hotel in Vegas (and the reason I dumped their stock - I still hold WYNN and IGT).

It was a good time weekend. We're already planning the next one, and it will be another trip to Wynn's 'tower suites' area - you can't beat 'em.


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October 4, 2005 12:33 AM Posted by Mike E

Thanks for the report and the pictures Hunter--they look great! I wish The Mirage were left untouched, but it seems like MGM/Mirage is actually doing a pretty good job with it so far. Too bad I can't say the same about Bellagio.

Wynn is looking great too although I'm surprised they haven't "privatized" the high limit area even more. Last time I was there, the small private gaming area with the two Baccarat tables between the high limit room and high limit slots had black curtains that weren't there previously. Needless to say, it seemed to be working as it was packed. I wonder why they still haven't made such a simple addition to the main high limit room.

Did you hear any info or see anything being done in and around La Bete?

October 4, 2005 2:23 AM Posted by Rob

RE: The missing tiles above the main entrance to the Venetian.
This was evident during my visit 4 months ago - this is the type of maintenance plan you'd expect at Circus Circus - not one of the Strips allegedly top resorts.

October 4, 2005 4:45 AM Posted by detroit1051

Hunter, thanks for the report and photos of Bellagio's new high limit table area. It really is a large, sharp-edged box that sticks out into the casino with nothing to tie it in to the Baccarat Lounge next door or the casino as a whole.

Your photos of Wynn's Suite Tower atrium show the velvet ropes are still there instead of a railing. I had heard that several people had fallen into the little pools when Wynn first opened and there were no ropes or railing.

I forgot to mention the red carpteting in my Wynn report. I noticed the same thing you did, especially as I walked from the parking garage toward Red 8 on the main walkway. It really has gotten much less vibrant in just five months. Wonder if Steve will have to replace it soon?

I've had a feeling for some time that MGM Mirage is subtly trying to shift me from Bellagio to The Mirage. I just got an offer for three nights in a Penthouse Suite plus a healthy amount of Free Play at Mirage in October. The offer is tied in with the opening of the high limit slot area. I've heard October is very soft in Vegas. This may be the reason for the generous offer. My Bellagio offers are not what they once were. Maybe I'm no longer worthy of Bellagio. (lol)

October 4, 2005 9:03 AM Posted by Hunter

Forgot to mention that I actually saw and talked to Steve for about 5 minutes. He was very cordial and my wife thought he was charming...

He was wandering around the casino about 2am in a tuxedo.

October 4, 2005 11:31 PM Posted by Mark K.

I've seen the plans for the STACK restaurant at the Mirage and I must say it looks like a twin of FIX at Bellagio. Here's the link:

October 5, 2005 11:20 AM Posted by Sean Simpson


great report as always. I have to agree with you about the Venetian. I was not as impressed with the property as the first time I was in it, about 5 years ago. To tell you the truth, my friends that saw it for the first time described it as a "dive". I did not take them to the nicer parts, such as the canal shops, but even still: Venetian cannot claim to be one of the top hotels. Especially when it sends out advertisements for $100 rooms. Makes it comparabale to Monte Carlo...minus the loud plumbing.

As an aside, I'm heading to Niagara Falls this weekend, and plan to do a litle sortie to the new Fallsview Resort and Casino. A little gambling, fine dining, winery tours, and a musical at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake = 1 fantastic weekend!

November 4, 2005 11:59 PM Posted by David Decker

If you get a chance see "O" it is amazing
Second choice Mystere

Zumanity was just ok....


Good resource for Cirque Shows