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April 28, 2006

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas Breaks Ground

Posted by Hunter

Yup, they did it today, April 28th, the anniversary of WLV's opening, Elaine's birthday and the Desert Inn's opening.

I should have some pictures soon but basically it was the board of directors moving some dirt with shovels...

Encore's logo looks like it is written in script, like 'Wynn', probably his handwriting, with a nice little 'at Wynn Las Vegas' underneath. Very 'Treasure Island at The Mirage' (but the opposite in terms of relation) if you ask me.

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April 28, 2006 9:11 PM Posted by Mike E

Can't wait for pictures!

I look forward to watching this place mold from nothing as I did with WLV.

April 28, 2006 9:22 PM Posted by Mike E

Despite the typo on Wynn's name at the end, here's a good article with an even better video:

April 28, 2006 10:52 PM Posted by Andy

They are really sticking with the name: "Encore?" I like it but I have always thought of "Encore" as just a working name.

April 29, 2006 1:15 AM Posted by Hunter

It seems like Encore is really the name.

I too thought it was a working name but it seems they have grown fond of it.

April 29, 2006 2:38 AM Posted by Mike E

I actually like "Encore", but that's probably my fondness of music talking. On a completely unrelated note, when the floorplans of WLV's meeting facilities had just come out, I remember the rooms were named "Chopin", "Ravel", and other famous composers. I wish those names stuck.

I could be wrong here, but WLV's name changed from "Le Reve" well into construction and Steve was really sold on that name so you never know.

April 29, 2006 5:49 PM Posted by mike_ch

I hate to sound like I'm picking at the place when it's just getting started, but script fonts are ugly and quickly to become outdated for something more simple. I figured it was the sign of an earlier time when they did it with Mirage, made an exception for WynnLV because it's supposed to appear to be his self signature (is it really?) but not this time.

I'm hoping maybe they don't want to give away too much of the "image" of the new resort yet, but simple, clearly-readable text such as in Apple or Volkswagen's marketing media is everybody's favorite new design, not script.

May 7, 2006 1:30 PM Posted by Hunter

Interesting note from Jeff Simpson in the LV Sun on Encore's rooms:

"Don't expect Encore, Wynn Resorts newest project, to rest on Wynn Las Vegas' laurels. Although Steve Wynn's not publicly revealing design details about Encore's interiors, he did show me the look of Encore's standard hotel rooms in mockups at Wynn Las Vegas.

Although I agreed not to describe exactly what I saw, I can say that Encore will again raise the bar in terms of design and function, and that properties built at the end of the last century - think Venetian, Paris and Mandalay Bay - will be knocked another spot down the pecking order of great Las Vegas properties."

May 7, 2006 2:35 PM Posted by Mike E

Thanks for the link, Hunter. Where do you think this mockup is? Maybe in the corporate offices? I can't imagine they'd close an Exec suite or something in the main tower to display it (not to mention Encore's tower is supposed to be wider).

May 7, 2006 2:47 PM Posted by Hunter

Just like when they built WLV, they build full scale room mockups and also some of the public spaces. There was an article in Cigar Afficiando in 2001 or so that had pictures of Wynn standing in his mockup casino for 'Le Reve'. The shots were taken at angles that prohibited a lot of detail but it is amazing to see how similar WLV is to the parts of the mockup you can see.

These room photos were taken of those models for WLV:

Doing these mockups takes a lot of space. For WLV they were in a warehouse on what is now the driving range. My guess is that either they are using part of a convention room for this purpose or they put this stuff in a temporary building somewhere on site (though I didn't see any of these when I was looking last week).

May 8, 2006 4:31 AM Posted by detroit1051

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