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April 5, 2006

Macau Ain't No Vegas?

Posted by Hunter

Thanks to Mike E. for pointing us to an interesting thread at LVTalk, a Las Vegas message board.

The thread is about a recent trip to Macau and some impressions from a Vegas visitor. Interesting stuff.

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April 6, 2006 3:06 AM Posted by Chris

I was in the Sands on a Saturday evening a few weeks ago and I deliberately tried to take a mental note of the % of slots in use - and I reckon it was at least 60-70%. That said, Saturday evening is probably the busiest time for the Sands and on other trips the figure was probably less than 20%.

My father exclusively plays slots when he goes to a casino and both times he has played in Macau he has lost his money in an unnervingly swift fashion. He might as well be spending it on booze and a decent steak.

April 9, 2006 12:20 PM Posted by detroit1051

Washington Post printed an article on Macau April 6. Since you have to register to access it, I'll post a link to it here. 3 parts: