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It looks like one of my favorite Vegas Web sites,, has rolled out a new version - and this isn't just a face lift!

Along with all the irreverent Vegas content they've been sporting since their original launch, the new version allows hotel ratings, personal profiles and what looks like a stab at some 'social networking' features, ala Vegas-style.

Of course, I also operate a site devoted to Las Vegas ratings and reviews... So, what do I think about this new stuff? I think it's great. So far it looks like they've done a good job and if nothing else, the 'competition' will inspire me to finish the long incubating new version of, an upgrade that works to feature the content more prominently and simplify the ratings and review process.

So, congrats to Chuck and everyone else over there - it's great work. Who knows, maybe we can even do a project together sometime.

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April 24, 2006 6:59 AM Posted by MUCKCAT

I'd imagine you've come across this site but I've not seen you mention it. It's called

It's a really great resource for the latest on all types of development taking place throughout Vegas. Great interactive maps. Up to date construction photos.

Well worth checking out.