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According to multiple sources, including the The Strip Podcast and the Las Vegas Review Journal, the next Cirque de Soleil show will be at Project CityCenter and be based on the music/imagery of Elvis.

Ok... Another CDS show on the Strip? So far we have Mystere, O, Zumanity, Ka and now Love, not to mention Cirque-esque shows such as Le Reve and even Celine Dion's show. How far will this go? Can they keep filling theaters with new shows? Personally I think that moving to shows that are more grounded in a central theme/identity such as Love and whatever this Elvis show will be is a smart(er) move. I'm not an Elvis fan (though I'm a big Beatles fan) so I'm not that excited for an Elvis based show.

What do you guys think? Are CDS impenetrable?

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May 26, 2006 11:53 AM Posted by mike_ch

Sure, why not. There's certainly more than enough magic acts (especially that includes those hypnosis gigs that bounce from hotel to hotel) around town. There's already about as many Broadway plays. AQ/Spam count together as one, Hairspray, Mama Mia, Phantom, The Producers makes six. Mystere, O, KA, the boobie show, and Love are five, so let's just toss Le Reve on for good measure since it's so similar and you have six.

I don't think Celine's show counts because any stagecraft magic that's in there revolves around her in the center of the stage wailing away. I have yet to hear any Cirque fan go rushing off to Celine's show because they thought it was another Cirque show masquerading as a concert.

The sheer number of shows may require Cirque to drop prices a tad, but they're all structured anyway, so they'll drop evenly. O is intentionally priced higher than KA, which is priced higher than Mystere. So if they all drop their rates a bit I wouldn't mind.

May 26, 2006 11:59 AM Posted by mike_ch

By the way, it was established here last year that I thought I'd rather drown in the Bellagio lake than see the water dance to Elvis tunes, so I think my position on a Cirque show would be quite clear.

However, considering that Elvis' image has been so played out in LV already, I wondered to myself if this would be the Sands Macau show. Yes, it'd be very foreign, but it would be considered a touch of Vegas somewhere else. This would be doubly so if Love doesn't really draw as expected and they become afraid of these kinds of shows, that revolve around a legendary music act.

May 26, 2006 12:32 PM Posted by Mike E

Interesting points, Mike. I didn't think for a second how many of the other types of shows there are around town (and I really like your name for Zumanity :-)). I think CDC stands out because comedy, hypnosis, musical theater, etc. are common shows you could see in most all major cities on any given night. CDC, on the other hand, might have just one show that's currently on tour throughout the states, but there's a strange (and successful) saturation of them in Las Vegas. I hope I'm making sense.

May 26, 2006 1:00 PM Posted by Andy

I really don't like the idea of Elvis and CDS. I can only listen to one Elvis song (Viva Las Vegas) and after that he gets down-right annoying. This is all just my personal opinion but I just don't think Elvis comes even close to the Beatles.

I was so happy to hear that Myst�re will only get a facelift and not get replaced. It's a classic and it's so good.

And for the record, CDS has been sticking with the same pricing structure for all of its new resident shows. They all use the $150, $125, & $99; except "O" and LOVE have lower bracket seats because of limited view: $93.50 and $69.

May 26, 2006 6:59 PM Posted by mike_ch

Hm, perhaps I shot my mouth off. I very specifically remember somewhere reading about Cirque's pricing being equivelant to each show's position on the totem pole. About how you would not want to charge more for the older Mystere than you would KA despite the popularity of Mystere because it would send a hidden message to the consumer about the quality of KA, and how neither of those shows should cost more than "O" because it's supposed to be the top of the Cirque food chain. Guess that was a bunch of rubbish.

Point is, if the saturation causes them to cannibalize their own audience, prices will come down across the board. There's still plenty of people coming to Vegas who haven't seen these shows, and wouldn't mind to except for the cost.

June 5, 2006 3:53 AM Posted by Rob

An interesting article on LOVE via the attached link.

Despite being a huge Beatles fan - I was dubious about seeing this show - but the creative approach to the music looks like this could be a must see.,,2774-2204590,00.html