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June 26, 2006

Caesars Palace

Posted by detroit1051

The Las Vegas Review Journal has an interview with Jimmy Wike, VP Table Games Operations. He speaks well of his employer, Harrah's, as one would expect, and sounds very supportive of Harrah's ability to bring Caesars back to its glory days. I found interesting his comments that Caesars is expanding games to appeal to different demographics and has actually reduced the number slots in favor of tables. He also discusses Harrah's corporate policy of emphasizing superior customer service.

The article may be read at:
RJ Article on Caesars Palace


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June 26, 2006 6:43 AM Posted by mike_ch

Having spent last night until 1:30 in the morning at mid-strip, I have my doubts that Harrah's is really going to be able to plus Ceasars effectively. They're continuing to cut corners at Bally's/Paris and it's becoming to get obvious when you sit down at a restaurant and your waiter hands you two menus, one in the old style with the thick covers and actual spine containing wines, and Harrah's new menu made with folded over paper laminated and stapled together.

And to further burst the "24 hour dining is required for a gaming license" bubble, the former 24 hour cafe at Paris has changed to 11A-11P every night. I have no idea if the same is true at Ballys, but that's a ways walk from their casino anyway. I also don't know if that affects room service, but with this and the now lousy buffet, at least I have an idea of the direction Harrah's is going with these properties.

On an OT note, Bellagio is now in a better state than I've seen it in years, even though there's some visual inconsistancies still around. The current conservatory presentation is short on flowers, but the most gorgeous display I've ever seen in that room, including during the Wynn period.